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The agency was locked up tighter than a fortress. With a wide electric fence lining the perimeter, guards blocked every possible entrance with guns. The building inside was locked tight with electronic locks, facial recognition, codes and passes that only the authorized could get through.
Kazuya had parked the truck well out of sight and was looking over the agency. He knew the protocols and if there was one thing he could trust, it was Koichi’s adherence to them. When security was breached or an agent went rogue – which didn’t happen a lot – the first thing they did was send agents out to find them. They then went about handling things like clearance passes and erasing their information from the databases but that was never a quick fix. More than that, the guards were usually the last to find out about it because of how sensitive the case was.
In Kazuya’s case, he could trust that since nobody knew anything concrete yet, the guards probably didn’t know he was no longer on their side.

He needed a car. Kazuya needed to look like the agent he was and go in as if he was still one of them. He turned back to the truck and got back inside. Driving on until he found a rich enough car parked in a petrol station. The owner was probably inside which gave him a minute or so.
Kazuya parked the truck, grabbed his weapons bag and jumped out of the truck. He raced to the car and to his great luck, it was unlocked. Just as he opened the door and sat inside, the passenger door opened as well and Kazuya looked over to see Jin sitting right beside him.
He gaped “Jin?! What the fuck are you doing here?”
“I followed you,” Jin informed him “Did you really think you were going to do this alone?”
“I can’t do it with you!” Kazuya exclaimed.

Jin looked at something over Kazuya’s shoulder “Better start the car, the owner just spotted us.”
“Hey! That’s my car!” a man bellowed as he came running out of the shop.
Kazuya locked the doors and pulled a thin wire from his pocket to pick at the ignition. “Fuck fuck fuck, he muttered under his breath, “Come on…”
Jin watched as the man came up to the door, he tried pulling it open but Kazuya had locked it. The man thumped the window “Get out of my car!” he bellowed “Get out-“
The car roared to life and Kazuya stepped on the accelerator. Jin let out a whoop as the car tore out of the petrol station and out onto the road.

Jin laughed, he watched over his shoulder as the man shrunk in the distance and turned to Kazuya “You little car thief.”
Kazuya couldn’t help but smile. Usually his car thefts were more...smooth but the sudden appearance of Jin had thrown him off. He turned to Jin “You need to find somewhere safe to hide and stay there until I get this done.”
“No. I’m coming with you,” Jin replied “I could be useful.”
“You’re not an agent,” Kazuya pointed out “You don’t know how to fight, you don’t know how to use weapons-“
“Did you even sense that I was in the truck with you?” Jin argued “Did you even notice that I’d followed you here? Aren’t you supposed to be able to pick up on that stuff?”

Kazuya frowned. Jin had a point.
“And if you’re the best the agency has, and YOU can’t sense me. Then they can’t either,” Jin finished “I’m coming with you.”
Kazuya growled. He didn’t have time for this. He had to get inside the agency whilst he still had a window of clearance and he didn’t have time to hide Jin.

He pulled over and turned to Jin “Get in the trunk.”
“What?” Jin frowned.
“Get in the trunk. The security officers will not let me in if I have someone with me and they don’t have heat sensors. So get in the trunk, don’t make a noise and when I’m let into the underground parking lot, I’ll let you out.”
Jin smiled, he got out of the car and Kazuya followed him. He opened the trunk for Jin and watched as the other climbed in. Jin looked at him “You will remember to get me out of here right?”
Kazuya had contemplated leaving Jin in the trunk and doing his mission but the thought of Jin suffocating in there or something stupid like that seemed less tempting. He nodded and shut the trunk, locking Jin inside.

He went back to the drivers seat and leaned back when he sat down. Damn Jin. Kazuya had no idea how he was going to pull this off now. Sure, Jin was stealthy and for some reason, Kazuya wasn’t able to sense him but that didn’t make Jin invincible or invisible in a building full of agents.
He took a deep breath and drove back to the agency. Kazuya patted his pocket to make sure his pass was still in there as he drove to the gates and stopped when the guard held up his hand.
“Agent K,” the guard hummed “Back at last. Successful mission?”
“As usual,” Kazuya drawled, handing the man his pass “How’s your wife?”
“She’s better now, thank you,” the guard hummed and gave him back his pass ater he’d taken a look at it “She said to tell you that the medicine you found for her is working like a charm. She’s starting to look more like her old self again.”
“I’m glad to hear that,” Kazuya smiled.

The gates opened and Kazuya drove inside. He drove towards the entrance to the parking lot and leaned out to punch in the code. Kazuya drove on and took the first spot he could see. He sighed. One obstacle down, several million more to go.
He popped open the trunk and got out to open it and help Jin out.
“You will do exactly as I say,” he warned Jin and closed the trunk again. He turned to the man “You might be sneaky but that will not save your ass from a bullet.”
Jin nodded “I just want to help.”
“When I say run, you run. When I say hide, you hide,” Kazuya continued.
Jin sighed “And when you say jump, I jump. I promise I’ll do what you say.”
Kazuya didn’t have a choice and they didn’t have the time for this. He nodded and turned to the door “Stay close to me then and don’t say a word. If someone comes up to us, you let me do the talking.”
“Fine,” Jin smiled.

He followed Kazuya to the elevator and Kazuya felt a migraine coming on. He couldn’t be sure if it was his illness or Jin that was causing it.
Probably both.
As the elevator went up, Kazuya pulled a small knife from his weapons bag and lifted Jin’s shirt. He stuck it securely in his belt and pulled the shirt down to cover it.
“For protection,” he muttered when Jin looked at him.

When the elevator landed on the 11th floor, Kazuya walked ahead and Jin stayed close. The hallways were white, tile floors, white bare walls and Jin huffed “Just what I expected from a place like this.”
“Shut up,” Kazuya muttered.
He led Jin down the hallway towards the data room. Kazuya paused outside and turned to look at Jin “Stay out here and keep an eye out. If you see someone, press this button.”
He pointed to the red button next to the door “And keep your head down. Anyone attacks, use the knife. Got it?”
“Button, head down, knife,” Jin recited “Got it.”

Kazuya turned around, he punched the code into the door and with a loud beep, it let him in. The data room was a massive room filled with one huge computer. The hardware lined the walls, letting out quiet beeps every now and then as Kazuya made his way through the room and found the person he was looking for.
“Hi Nakamaru.”
Nakamaru, who had been hunched over the main computer, jumped at the sound of a voice and looked up in surprise to see Kazuya. He paled “K…Agent K!” he blinked “You’re not supposed to be here.”
“I assume you’re working to get my clearance erased,” Kazuya hummed “Nice to know I can rely on protocol.”
“Agent K, if Koichi knew you were here…” Nakamaru warned and Kazuya sighed.
“Put your hands on your lap, don’t press the panic button,” he warned when he saw Nakamaru’s hand straying towards the red button under his desk “Nakamaru I really don’t want to have to shoot you.”
Nakamaru swallowed hard but he slowly put his hands on his lap.

Kazuya smiled “Now, I need information and if you’re not going to get it for me, I’m going to knock you out and get it myself.”
“If Koichi found out I got it for you, the consequences for me would be severe,” Nakamaru warned “I’m supposed to fight you.”
“Hard way it is then,” Kazuya pulled his gun out. He flipped it to the other side and rammed the butt of it into Nakamaru’s head, knocking the analyst out immediately.

He gently pushed Nakamaru off his seat and onto the floor before taking over. Kazuya tapped into the security system and hummed as he went around the backway. He didn’t have Nakamaru’s clearances and Nakamaru was right. If Koichi found out Nakamaru had helped him – even with a gun pressed to his head – then he’d punish him. He was unlikely to hold Nakamaru responsible if the man had been knocked out.
Kazuya sighed. This was probably going to take longer than he had but the agency’s information database had everything. Information about the agents, the clients, the investors, everything. As such, it was also the most protected hub in the entire agency. It held everything.

Just as he was tapping into the investor information, Kazuya’s sight wavered and his breath came in short. He frowned. These symptoms were familiar but this wasn’t the time for them to start hitting.
He needed his medication. Kazuya realised with a slow sense of horror that in all the excitement, he’d completely abandoned his pills.
Shaking his head, he continued tapping into the database. He pulled a USB out of his pocket and plugged it in to transfer the information he found. As he watched the information processing, his vision wavered again. This was followed by a massive wave of nausea and Kazuya gasped.
Shit. Not now. His hands were shaking, his legs were shaking and everything was blurring. Kazuya heard the distant beep of the transferring completed and reached to pull the USB out. He slipped it into his pocket and closed his eyes.

Medication. He needed his medication. There was a chance it was still in his apartment but he couldn’t take the risk of going back there. He could chance a visit to the medical unit but Koki fought better than Nakamaru.
Kazuya breathed and opened his eyes when the nausea passed. His vision returned and Kazuya took a breath. Later. He’d deal with his illness later but right now he had to get them out.
A sound buzzed through the room and Kazuya looked up. Jin. He picked up his bag and stepped over Nakamaru as he hurried over to the door. He came out just in time to avoid a shot to the head.
Kazuya looked up. Koichi was holding a gun to Jin’s head. His vision wavered again and he had to grab the doorframe to keep himself up “Koichi,” he huffed “Should have figured you’d find us.”
“Wasn’t hard,” Koichi muttered “Your boy here isn’t exactly up for defending himself either.”

He pressed the barrel harder into Jin’s head and Jin whimpered a little. Kazuya sighed “Told you not to come.”
“I’ve kind of stopped listening to you,” Jin breathed and whimpered again when the barrel pressed harder against his head.
“Now,” Koichi sighed “Why don’t we go back to my office and talk about where Maya and her secrets are.”
“You’re not going anywhere wi…” Kazuya’s sight wavered again and his stomach flipped. He grabbed the doorframe again and tried to breathe. Everything was spinning.

He heard Koichi laugh “Oh,” he chuckled “Maybe I don’t have to kill you after all Agent K. How is that illness of yours?”
Kazuya wanted to get a weapon, he wanted to protect Jin but he could barely see. He took a deep breath and lifted his head. His vision cleared and he saw them. Koichi, Jin…and Koki.
Koki slammed a heavy metal box on the back of Koichi’s head. Koichi dropped right away and Jin struggled out of his hold. He raced to Kazuya just as Kazuya’s knees gave out.

“Kazu what’s wrong?” he asked, hands shaking a little. He did just have a gun to his head for the first time in his life.
Koki looked over the two of them and sighed “Well…I just signed my death warrant…” he looked at Kazuya and frowned “He’s getting worse.”
“What’s wrong with him?” Jin asked and Kazuya wanted to get out of here but his sight was still wavering too much.
“I suggest we talk about that when we’re out of here,” Koki spoke. He went to help Kazuya up “I assume you got what you came for?”
“Yes,” Kazuya whispered “Koki, my meds.”
“Wait, who is this?” Jin asked, he looked at Koki “Who are you?”
“Kame, open your eyes,” Koki asked “I need to see the whites of your eyes.”

Kazuya’s head was aching but he opened his eyes and looked at Koki. Koki muttered a curse under his breath “You haven’t been taking your medication, have you?”
“What’s wrong with him?!” Jin asked, now panicking.
Koki looked over him and shook his head “You need your medication. Since I’ve gone ahead and clobbered the head of the agency, I daresay I’m in as much shit as you. So where ever you’re going, take me with you.”
“Fine,” Kazuya gritted his teeth. His vision cleared again and when he felt strength returning to his legs, he stood up again. He took a deep breath and looked at Koki “Get as many supplies as you can carry and meet us underground in ten minutes. Any longer and the alarms will sound.”

They looked down at Koichi on the floor and Jin winced.
“Are you gonna…kill him?” he looked at Kazuya “He is the head of the agency.”
“He’s a pencil pusher. Killing him won’t change anything, they’ll just replace him and I won’t kill someone when I don’t have to,” Kazuya replied. He patted his pocket “Anyway, I got what we need. Let’s get out of here.”

“Underground, ten minutes,” Koki promised. He dashed off down the hallway and when he was gone, Jin turned to Kazuya.
“Can we trust him?” he asked.
“We have to,” Kazuya nodded and led the way “Let’s get out of here. I don’t want to be here when they find out what happened.”

They made their way to the elevator. The way down was unusually easy and undisturbed and when they got back to the car, they sat down and frowned.
Jin turned to Kazuya “That was too easy.”
“Way too easy,” Kazuya muttered. He wanted to think that it was just pure dumb luck that they’d succeeded but he knew better. It was almost as though the agency had let him win this one.

Jin looked around, he listened out and frowned “Do you hear that?”
Kazuya looked up “Hear what?”
“Ticking…” Jin mumbled.
Kazuya paused, he listened out and he heard it too. It was faint, light and if he didn’t stop breathing, he wouldn’t hear it. He glanced at the rear view mirror and groaned “Jin. Head down.”
“What?” Jin looked up but Kazuya grabbed his head and forced it down to the seat.

Next thing Jin knew, a hail of bullets was hitting the back of the car. He screamed and scrambled to curl up at the bottom of the car, watching as Kazuya grabbed two guns from the red bag and jumped out of the car.
“Kazu!” Jin screamed but he didn’t dare get out. He was unarmed and whatever was shooting at them would shoot him first.
Outside the car, Kazuya did a quick count. 15 of them, agents. They’d been waiting for him. Kazuya growled.
“I’m giving you ten seconds,” he called and pulled up his red bag. He pulled out a grenade and when the agents saw it, all of them took a step back.
“You won’t…you’ll die too!” one of the agents called.
Some of them were running, others stayed but none of them looked sure he wasn’t going to do it.
More of them running, there were only 4 left now.
The four remaining looked very unsure Kazuya would actually do it. They also knew that if they tried to shoot him, he’d shoot first. Or throw the grenade and they’d all die.
Two of the four ran off and Kazuya sighed “One.”

He didn’t throw the grenade. He took out his gun instead and shot the two remaining in the legs. With a scream, the men fell and Kazuya ran towards them, disarming them both in seconds.
“Woo,” Koki called from where he was standing at the elevator “Wouldn’t want to get on your bad side.”
Kazuya picked up their guns and packed them into his bag “Let’s get out of here. There’s more of them outside.”

Koki rushed to the car and jumped into the back. Kazuya sat in the drivers seat and reached over to keep Jin’s head down “Stay down and don’t get up,” he warned the man “Cover your head with your hands too.”
“What?” Jin whimpered but he hurried to comply.

Kazuya pulled the car back and chucked the bag at Koki “You shoot from the back, I drive.”
“Oh yay, gunwork,” Koki drawled but he pulled out a gun and pulled the window down as Kazuya drove to the door and punched in the code.

The door opened and as Kazuya already knew, they were surrounded. Armed agents were everywhere. The guards at the gates were on the alert now and the dogs were out. Kazuya sighed, the only thing they were missing was the helicopter.
He did a quick count “35 on the right, 35 on the left.”
“Too many,” Koki gritted his teeth “Plan B!”
Kazuya looked at the gates. The agents surrounding them were armed, guarded, they had the dogs out and he sighed “Plan B…” he glanced down at Jin, who was still curled up with his arms above his head. He turned back to Koki “Got all your medical supplies?”
“Yep,” Koki readied his gun.
“Antibiotic cream?”
Koki looked up “…you’re not gonna-“

Kazuya slammed his foot down on the accelerator and Jin screamed. The force of the movement threw Koki right off his seat as well as Kazuya tore out of the building and onto the field. Shots fired immediately and Kazuya gritted his teeth. He steered the car towards the gates.
Maybe he hit a couple of people, he didn’t really know. His foot was down on the floor so hard he could break through the floor. The guards screamed and jumped out of the way as Kazuya drove so fast the car busted through the gates. Kazuya panted, he’d tried to keep his head down as much as possible and it was just as well he hadn’t been shot in the head but as the car tore down the street, he felt blood trickling down his arms as he made sudden right and left turns until he felt far enough to pull to a complete stop.

Jin looked up “Kazuya, your arms…”
“I was more concerned with my…” Kazuya looked down and sure enough, he saw the blood marring his shirt. His chest. He coughed and Jin scrambled up to grab him “Kazu!”
Koki came out from the back of the car. He brought his bag with him and ran around to Kazuya’s side to help him out of the car “Come on,” he spoke “We need to switch cars to lose the agency.”
“Kazuya’s been shot!” Jin squeaked.

“It’s not that bad,” Kazuya wheezed but he honestly couldn’t tell just how bad it was. He knew he’d been hit and he knew the agency could not take the chance to use the guns that could kill him. He knew where Maya was and they wanted that. But the bullets they’d used, whilst they wouldn’t kill him, they would hurt him.
Koki helped him up and Jin grabbed the weapons bag. He followed them out and reached to grab Kazuya.
He followed Koki to another car parked on the side of the road. Just like Kazuya had, Koki picked at the ignition as Jin packed Kazuya in the back. He threw the weapons bag down and closed the door as he leaned over Kazuya. He turned to Koki “Is he going to be okay?”
“Tell you what,” Koki spoke as the car roared to life “You drive. I’ll fix him.”

Jin was frazzled. In the space of about ten minutes, the agency had been alerted to their presence, Kazuya had been shot and now Koki had joined them. Jin didn’t even know if he could trust him but he wasn’t being given much of a choice.
He swapped places with Koki and glanced over his shoulder as he watched Koki peel Kazuya out of his shirt. Kazuya slumped back and Jin whimpered when he saw Kazuya’s eyes close.
“Is he going to be alright?” he couldn’t help but ask.

Koki looked up “Drive and I’ll do what I can.”
Jin took a deep breath. He was shaking. He started driving and tried to keep his hands from shaking but he was terrified. As he heard Koki working on Kazuya, he forced himself not to look. Kazuya was covered in blood and Jin couldn’t focus.

Jin drove out of town, he didn’t say a word, leaving Koki to work in peace. After about one hour of driving, Koki finally spoke up.
“So, tell me about yourself.”
Jin looked at him through the rear view mirror “Sorry?”
“Well Akanishi Jin,” Koki glanced at him “You’re famous in the agency. The well-known weakness of our very own Angel of Death. I have to admit, I’m rather curious myself.”
Jin frowned “People know me?”
“No. Not everyone. Only certain people in the agency know about you,” Koki turned back to Kazuya and kept working on him “But since I think we’ve got a long drive ahead of us and Kazuya’s not going to wake up anytime soon, we might as well have a little chat.”

“Just tell me,” Jin pleaded “Is he going to live?”
Koki hesitated. The truth was that Kazuya wasn’t going to live. Not so long as the poison kept tearing through his system like it was. But it wasn’t his place to tell Jin that. He’d taken care of the wounds and in any case, Kazuya wasn’t going to die from those.
“He’s going to feel like shit when he wakes up and he’s going to need a lot of rest but he won’t die,” Koki assured Jin “But you’re lucky I’m here. When I heard Kazuya had gone rogue, I figured he’d turn up at the agency sooner or later.”
“Why did you help?” Jin asked, turning his eyes back to the road.
Koki glanced back at Kazuya. He took this moment, whilst Jin wasn’t looking, to let real concern appear in his eyes. For years now, Koki had been the agency’s doctor and he was the best they had. He knew his stuff and just like Kazuya, he hadn’t started out with the intention of working for the agency.
It just…happened.

Then when he met Kazuya…
Koki forced the emotion from his eyes and cleared his throat “I’m a friend,” he told Jin and turned around to smile at him “And I don’t like the agency anyway.”
He wasn’t lying.
Jin smiled and went back to driving. He was feeling better now that Koki had reassured him that Kazuya would be fine. “Well…it’s a long drive.”
“I’m all ears,” Koki smiled and got back to work.


Z/N: Welcome back!
Well...welcome back to reading :) It's been awhile since I updated this one, but like all my multichapters, there are half chapters littering my hard drive and half finished oneshots too. They're just all over the place. I'm leaving for Japan in a couple of hours and at the moment I'm running around like a headless chicken. Getting last minute stuff done and all the while going 'AAAAAGGGHHHHHHH I HATE PLANES AND PACKING AND ALL THIS CRAP!!!!'...but for KAT-TUN, I'll do it.....

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I was waiting for this!! (ok, I'm waiting for everything)

Poor Kazuya, no time to rest XD Pi and Maya would freak when they know Jin ran off to Kame.
Kokkiiiii I miss him so much <3 In RL or AU, he's such a lovable character

It was surprising to see Koichi go down just like that. Thought he'll pull an 'i'm the last boss' in this fic XD (or is he not really dead)

Now we need Akame fluff :3
I ask that every time XDD Such fics are the best for fluff incorporating XD

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Double update! Well I thought I might as well considering the fact that I was leaving and I knew I'd be busy when I returned (yeah, I was least I know my timetables...)

No rest for the wicked unfortunately! Luckily Jin doesn't seem to want to leave Kame anytime soon. As for Koki, lol, well he had to be here.

Koichi may be the boss but I doubt anyone would be able to withstand a metal box on their head. He probably wasn't predicting that Kame might actually have an ally there.

Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm not big on the fluff but I can give angst!

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I hope from Japan follow updating and tell us everything, absolutely everything the last concert, I just post photos on my facebook profile but soon if I have time I will write some stories in my livejournal, I'm lazy to write, sorry......
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you take the time to answer each message that is rewarding for us as readers, Thank you and it is good and you are back at home >.<........ I hope you have an update soon of some of its many fic...ARIGATOUUUUUU

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New chapter! Thank you! This fic is so exciting =D

Now our little dream team is up against the rest of the world...more or less.
I am so thankful, that you let Koki stand by their side! Do I get a tiny little hint for KoKame or is it just my mind playing tricks on me? I am looking forward to the answer in the upcoming chapters! <3

Thank you again!

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I'm glad you liked it, thank you!

The dream team certainly is up against something pretty damn powerful and the resources on their side....let me put it this way, I wouldn't bet on them. Personally the odds look like 99999999999 to 1.
As for Koki, lol, well that one you'll have to judge for yourself.
Thanks for reading and commenting!

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OMG I've been wanting to read this story and I just finished reading all 4 chapters and I love it I love this so much I think I love it as much as judgement call and that was my 1st fanfic. I hope you update soon!

And I saw ur post about 10ks and i hope you had a good time and one more question do u think it's worth it to get the alarm clocks Coz I've been procrastinating about it

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lol wow thank you! Judgement Call was a loooong time ago, I can only hope I've improved since then.
As for the alarm clocks, I went and bought them right away so really, I'm probably not the best person to ask if you were planning on saving money ^_^

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