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Title: Nightfall
Author: [ profile] mazauric
Pairing: Akame/Ryoda/KameOthers
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A global epidemic of fevers, viruses and deaths has rendered the world helpless. When the sun went down and didn't come back up, the world was cast in eternal darkness. Humans react strangely to light deprivation and at night, the dead come out to play. In the midst of this, Kazuya's mission to survive and find his brothers comes with heavy decisions and even heavier costs. Especially when love is put in the mix.
Disclaimer: My life would be so much cooler if I had a hand in anything to do with these guys. But I don't, I'm a fan and everytime they release something I'm happy but poor.


Nightfall: Chapter Eleven
Ueda Tatsuya
For once, the entire camp was gathered in the mess hall. Genji, his main entourage and all the residents of the camp were seated in an orderly fashion. All eyes on the two boys in the center of the hall. One looking down at his feet and the other glaring steadily at the leader of them all.
“So,” Genji finally broke the silence “You’re the famous Ueda Tatsuya. I’ve heard a lot about you.”
“Same could be said about you, Genji,” Tatsuya replied coolly.
“All good things too,” Genji continued with a small smile “You were from the institution. The school where I got my last recruits. The head of the school spoke very highly of you, spoke of your survival instincts. Your pure will to stay alive and your resourcefulness. They spoke of a student with pure potential-“
“Still they’d rather blow up the school than use all their ‘potential survivalists’ to combat the zombie invasion ahead,” Tatsuya cut in boredly.

Sitting in the crowd, Ryo was nursing a nosebleed. Next to him, Koki was watching the scene, riveted. He turned to Ryo and leaned in “Has he always been like that?”
“Preddy much,” Ryo mumbled with his hand on the bandage over his nose.
“Whenever you talked about him, you were always going on about how beautiful he was and how much you miss him.”
“He id bootiful,” Ryo argued.
“Well…I have eyes and yes, that’s attractive,” Koki nodded “But you never mentioned he was…well…”
Koki didn’t even have words for it.

“So you and your friend have found my camp then,” Genji continued, his eyes glancing at the shivering Junno before turning back to Tatsuya “I assume you know what kind of camp this is.”
“An elitist camp, yes I’m aware,” Tatsuya answered calmly.
“Every man and woman pulls their own weight,” Genji instructed “Supplies are distributed evenly, the community only survives as a whole.”
“Yes I know,” Tatsuya answered “And you turn away anyone who can’t pull their own weight. Such as children, mothers, babies, elderly…anyone who might be a drain on your resources.”
Genji’s eyes flashed and he nodded “Yes. You can judge all you want, Ueda Tatsuya, but the world of morals and ethics is gone. We live to survive, we have no room for empathy anymore. Not when the dead walk amongst us.”
“There’s surviving and then there’s humanity,” Tatsuya answered “And there’s honour in both.”

Genji glanced at Junno and Tatsuya snapped “Don’t look at him. Look at me. You’re dealing with me!”
The crowd around them murmured and Ryo glanced at Junno beside Tatsuya. He frowned. It had been a long time since he’d seen his lover and he wasn’t even sure they could still be called lovers, considering he’d been the one who’d left the school for the camp but still…
Did Tatsuya have a new boyfriend?
Ryo’s stomach clenched with anxiety at the very thought.

“We can accept you,” Genji told Tatsuya “You are a person who can survive just like us and you can pull your weight. But your friend there hasn’t looked up this entire time. He’s standing there, he’s shaking, he’s not one of us.”
“I don’t give a flying fuck about your rules,” Tatsuya sighed “The fact is that the zombie apocalypse is not going to ease up. The sun has not risen in months, the zombies are increasing more and more, sooner or later your little camp is not going to withstand the army of undead coming for all of you.”
Genji frowned and Tatsuya continued “You need numbers. You can’t afford to turn away anyone who might be able to make your camp stronger and you know that. You also know that turning me away would be a very big mistake.”
“We’re not turning you away, we’re turning him away,” Genji clarified.
Tatsuya smiled “You’re not reading me properly. Try again. You turn him away and I’ll leave too. Good luck with the massive army of undead coming this way.”
“You’ll both die then,” Genji shrugged “It’s either stay here without him and live, or leave with him and die. Out there, you have no fence. No gates. No weapons and no resources, you won’t last.”

“You are not the only port of help in Japan, Genji,” Tatsuya reminded him “I can survive just fine and keep him safe while I’m at it. Do you really want to take that chance?”
“We’ve done fine so far without you,” Genji shrugged “Who’s to say this army of undead is a bluff?”
“You’ll find out soon enough, with or without me,” Tatsuya promised.

Genji looked a little concerned. He turned to confer with the people closest to him and as he did, a round of murmuring settled over the mess hall. Ryo watched Tatsuya’s back apprehensively and looked at the way Tatsuya inched a little closer to Junno.
Koki tapped him “Why is he so pissed off at Genji? He just got here, Genji hasn’t done anything to him and he already knows what kind of camp this is.”
“I think I had something to do with that,” Ryo spoke after taking the bandage off his nose “He never accepted this camp. We survive here, we turn away people, including children and babies. Look what just happened with Hina, she’s pregnant and now she’s out there on her own and that’s because of the rules of this camp.”
Koki nodded, he did understand that. It had killed him to see Hina walk off alone into the darkness like that. But he still couldn’t understand why Tatsuya was so angry about it all. Why he’d come here when he was still angry about it all.
“He’s pissed because you left him to come here?” Koki guessed.
“Bingo,” Ryo hummed “He never approved. Tatsuya knows how to survive, but he’s not capable of leaving someone behind when he can help them.”
That was one of the reasons Ryo had fallen in love with him in the first place.

“Tatchan,” Junno mumbled, turning to look at his friend “Just let them do this. They’re not going to accept us both and there’s no sense in both of us dying. Just let me go-“
“Shut. Up.” Tatsuya hissed through gritted teeth and Junno looked down.

Finally Genji and his advisors turned back to Tatsuya and Junno “We’re on the fence about this. On the one hand we could use all the able-bodied fighters we could get. And you’re clearly not a stranger to doing whatever it takes to survive,” he nodded at Tatsuya “But on the other hand we are well aware that you’re a dangerous person to have on the wrong side of us. Given the fact that you’re already pissed at me, I’m willing to bet that we’re not on your good side.”
“I won’t run off with your supplies if that’s what you’re implying,” Tatsuya replied, seeing right through what Genji and his advisors were so concerned about “I’m no thief and even I can see that doing something like that would put innocent people in danger. Not everyone here is a self-serving cocksucker like you.”
A murmur broke out amongst the group and Genji eyed Tatsuya for a moment before sighing “Fine. Two weeks stand-down. You and your friend are granted to stay here for two weeks, you’ll do the jobs we tell you to do, you’ll never be around the supplies unsupervised and if, after two weeks we deem you both useful, you can stay.”

The crowd was still murmuring but it was clear that this was Genji’s decision and thus, was one to be taken seriously. Genji looked up “Nishikido, Tanaka, take these two to the dorms and set them up there.”
Tatsuya looked up, watching as Ryo approached him and carefully guided him out of the mess hall and out to the lit paths that led towards the dorms.
“A self-serving cocksucker?” Ryo asked Tatsuya once they were out of earshot “There was no need to call him names. He’s just trying to help and he’s not that ba-“
“Correct me if I’m wrong but on my way in, I think I saw a pregnant girl walking out alone, was that his doing?” Tatsuya glared at Ryo and Ryo couldn’t help but stop. That had been Genji’s doing.
Seeing the answer on Ryo’s face, Tatsuya shrugged his hand off his shoulder “Thought so.”


They were placed in the same dorm as Ryo and Koki. Tatsuya sat in the middle of his small cot and looked around the dorm room. There were at least six other men in there with them but they were all on rotation. Because everyone took the watches in shifts, nobody ever slept at the same time and Tatsuya suspected that it would be the same with him and Junno.
Junno was sitting next to him on the cot beside him, Ryo had learnt to keep his distance and was leaning on the doorframe whilst Koki was pacing the room, trying to sort the shifts out to include Tatsuya and Junno.
Koki turned to Junno “Can you shoot? Like with a gun? A real gun?”
“Don’t patronize him,” Tatsuya muttered.
Junno just shook his head “No I can’t,” he admitted.
“Okay…” Koki hummed in thought, a little confused about what to do with the poor boy “Can you fight?”
He looked at Junno and noticed how the other was still shaking “Hey, we’re not going to bite.”
“Hard,” Ryo added with a small smirk that Tatsuya caught right away.

“Shut up Ryo,” he snapped.
“You shut up, what the fuck are you even doing here?” Ryo asked, he pushed himself off the doorframe to look over his ex-boyfriend “Seriously. You’re pissed off, your friend there is useless as fuck, what did you come here for?”
Tatsuya glared at Ryo but Koki had to admit to himself, Ryo had a point. Tatsuya clearly didn’t approve or agree with Genji’s policies. He knew what kind of camp this was, so why did he come here?

If it was just to let everybody know how much he disapproved of the entire camp, then that just made him the asshole.

Tatsuya didn’t answer and instead went back to looking at Junno. Ryo sighed and nodded “Okay, so then why don’t you tell us about him?” he nodded to Junno and looked over him “You’re new. Don’t remember you at the school.”
“He arrived after you left,” Tatsuya replied, this time rather calmly “I was asked to look after him.”
“Not much of a survivor are you,” Koki hummed “Maybe we could put you on kitchen duty.”
“I can cook,” Junno looked up hopefully “That’s something I can do.”
Ryo eyed the boy but didn’t say anything. Junno wouldn’t last here and he knew that. This camp demanded that everyone pay their way, pull their weight and Junno may be able to cook but he couldn’t fight. He couldn’t handle weapons and by the looks of it, everyone here intimidated him. He turned his eyes to Tatsuya and found himself wondering just what the other had gone through since he’d left.

He’d never been able to forget Tatsuya. Even though he’d left him at the school, he’d asked him to come. It was Tatsuya who’d told him no. But Ryo hadn’t forgotten him. Seeing him again now only made him love him as much as he used to.
But he wondered…just what had the world done to his ex-boyfriend?


Tatsuya was placed on watch duty with Koki whilst Junno had been placed on permanent kitchen duty until they found something else he could do. Tatsuya stood up on the watch towers and watched as down below, they opened the gates to let the hunters out.
“Every three days, hunters go out to collect whatever supplies are out there,” Koki told him as the group disappeared into the darkness “They’re to report back the following day. It’s a hard job because resources are drying up fast.”
“Soon there won’t be any at all,” Tatsuya hummed, his eyes watching the group until he couldn’t anymore “All natural resources like plants and vegetables died with the sun. We’re surviving on man-made resources and there isn’t nearly enough to keep us alive any longer than four years at the most.”
“Depressing statistics,” Koki shrugged and handed Tatsuya a shotgun “Only use when necessary. We don’t want the undead knocking on our fence all night.”
“Have you ever had to use these?” Tatsuya asked, he checked the ammo and set the shotgun aside.
“Once, had to shoot a little girl who’d turned,” Koki admitted “I was on watch with Ryo but Ryo can’t shoot children.”

Tatsuya couldn’t help but smile. He remembered that small fact about Ryo too. Ryo was a survivor, he’d do whatever it took. He shot undead right between the eyes and didn’t blink but when it came to children – even dead ones – Ryo couldn’t do anything.
It was nice to know that small piece of humanity was still in him somewhere.

“So you’re the famous Ueda Tatsuya,” Koki sighed as he took his seat and faced the outdoor area he was guarding “I’ve heard a lot about you from Ryo. He didn’t mention you were so angry though.”
“He missed a vital part out then, I’ve always been angry,” Tatsuya huffed as he sat down “Usually at him.”
Koki laughed “He is annoying isn’t he? But I’ve gotta ask, Ueda. Why did you come here? It wasn’t for him.”
“What makes you so sure about that?” Tatsuya glanced at him and turned his eyes back to his area “Maybe I missed him.”
“You haven’t said two words to him alone since you came here,” Koki shrugged “If I had a lover that I hadn’t seen in a long time, I’d at least react more than simply punching him in the face.”
“Maybe that’s how I express my love,” Tatsuya sniffed and Koki laughed.
“I’m glad you don’t love me then!” he giggled.

Tatsuya looked over the darkness and when Koki had finished laughing, he looked at him “Though seriously Ueda, why did you come here? You know Junno doesn’t belong in a camp like this and since you hate the rules here so much, you don’t belong here either and you know it.”
Tatsuya scanned the darkness and shook his head “We had nowhere else to go,” he admitted “The school we were in blew up. The director must have planted a bomb in there which meant he meant for all of us to die with him. All this time we were told that school was going to train us, make us better soldiers. Teach us to survive the outdoors but instead we were just bait. They never planned on teaching us anything, they just wanted as many breathers in that building to bring as many undead as they could. Then when they had enough, they blew up the school.”
Tatsuya shook his head, his eyes darkening at the thought “We were just the bait.”

Koki frowned “How many survived?”
“Don’t know,” Tatsuya admitted “It’s likely that it was just Junno and I. I don’t think many saw it coming. Not even the tutors.”
He still remembered the way his ears had rung for at least an hour afterwards, the explosion had instantaneously killed everyone he’d met there and all the undead unfortunate enough to walk towards the people trapped inside. At first the explosion hadn’t made any sense to Tatsuya but the more he thought about it, the more he realised this conclusion made sense.

“In a way I get it,” he admitted to Koki “The world is dying. Without the sun, mankind only has a limited time left on earth. We can’t survive without natural resources and soon enough, our resources are going to dry up. We’ll have no food, soon we’ll have no water either and we’ll die. They know that. Everyone knows that. So why not build a huge building and blow it up to take the undead with you?”
Koki thought about Nakamaru. How he’d killed himself once he realised he’d been bitten and would die anyway. He bit his lip and shook his head “I’d rather go down my own way. Not because some dickhead decided to use me as bait.”
“My thoughts exactly,” Tatsuya shrugged “But sometimes I wonder if it would have been better if I’d left Junno there. He can’t fight, has no survival skills…in this world he is going to die anyway. At least the explosion would have been a fast way…he wouldn’t have even seen it coming.”

Koki was quiet for a moment before he sighed and turned to Tatsuya “Junno may not be able to survive on his own but he deserved to choose how to go too. If you’d told him ahead of time that the school was going to blow up, do you think he’d have gone with you?”
Tatsuya shrugged “I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. It’s hard to tell with him. All I know now is that now that I’ve gotten him out, I’m practically responsible for him. I’ll defend and protect him with every fibre of my being.”
“Oh so you’re not dating him?” Koki blurted. He realised a moment later what he’d said and turned to Tatsuya “I’m sorry, it’s just Ryo was concerned about that!”

Tatsuya smirked “I’m not fucking him, if that’s what he was worried about,” he told Koki “Tell Ryo to stop jumping to conclusions. Junno’s just a friend.”
Koki nodded and Tatsuya added “I did fuck this other guy though, on the way here. We bumped into him and he was pretty hot.”
“Somehow, I don’t think Ryo will be very happy about that,” Koki winced, he didn’t really want to know what Tatsuya got up to.
Tatsuya shrugged “Like I said, I came here because we had nowhere else to go. I didn’t come here for him.”
“He still loves you, you know,” Koki pointed out.
“He was the one who did the leaving in the school,” Tatsuya replied, his eyes going back to scanning his area “He doesn’t have me anymore.”


When their shift was over, they were allowed to enter the mess hall for dinner. Tatsuya found Junno sitting at one of the tables and went to sit next to him with Koki.
“I cooked tonight’s dinner,” Junno announced proudly “We didn’t have much but I managed to make something creative.”
“Never had a chef before,” Koki commented as he slid down to sit on the bench next to Tatsuya “Usually there’s just someone there to hand us rations each.”
“Genji was impressed too,” Junno replied “I managed to stretch rations and still not use more than the camp already uses.”

The rest of the camp filed in, those who weren’t already on duty were free tonight to eat. Tatsuya watched Ryo come back with the watch crew on his end. Ryo made his way over to them and sat on the other side of the bench, right in front of Koki. He sighed “Good day?”
“Boring but then that’s the watch,” Koki shrugged.
The kitchen staff came out and served the plates and for once, it wasn’t just a small portion of canned corn. When Junno said he’d been creative, he hadn’t been kidding. The corn was spread thin over some dried crackers and cheese. Added to that was some very rarely seen mushrooms and sprouts Junno had somehow managed to find.

Koki’s eyes widened when he saw them “How did you get these?!” he asked, turning straight to Junno “Nobody’s seen anything natural in months!”
“You had some in supply,” Junno replied “You should see that kitchen, there was a lot of things nobody knew how to use.”
“Maybe you’re not completely useless after all,” Ryo muttered and Tatsuya glared at him but let it go.
He patted Junno’s back instead “Well done Junno,” he complimented and turned back to his food “Looks great.”

Tatsuya wasn’t the only one who thought so apparently. After dinner, everyone but Ryo seemed much, much warmer to Junno. Apparently they hadn’t had a decent cook in their camp since the entire camp began. It wasn’t much, it certainly wasn’t enough to keep everyone full but it was more than they were used to and when dinner was over, Junno had more friendly gazes than before.


They settled into a routine. Tatsuya’s roster changed frequently. He was placed on the watch with Koki, he was placed on patrol with other people, sometimes he was in charge of guarding the supply room (but never alone because Genji still didn’t trust him)
He didn’t talk to Ryo. Not much anyway. Whilst Ryo sulked and snapped sly comments at Junno every now and then, Tatsuya didn’t have enough time for him. Genji kept him busy and Ryo seemed to be the only one who hated Junno. Everyone else loved him, especially when he got more and more creative with what little food supplies they had.
At the end of the two weeks, on the very last day, Tatsuya was placed on the watch tower again with Koki. He sighed “So, after this shift, Genji is going to decide what to do with us,” he informed the other “Kick us out or keep us in.”

Koki eyed him “Which one do you want?” he asked “You still don’t seem to like it here.”
“It’s called surviving,” Tatsuya sat down and looked over his area “But it’s not living.”
Koki didn’t understand him. He’d come all the way here, brought Junno with him and even after two weeks of being here, he still didn’t like it. In fact he seemed to hate it here even more now than he had been when he first arrived.
“Junno’s doing alright,” he pointed out “He’s a natural in the kitchen. He’s saved a lot of resources with his dishes, he might even pull us through the winter.”

Surprisingly, Junno seemed to be flourishing here a lot more than Tatsuya was.

Tatsuya shook his head and watched the area. He couldn’t explain why he hated it here. He thought it would be different. He knew what Genji was, he knew he didn’t approve of the rules of this camp but somehow he’d thought it would be different here. That he’d find some answers here. Instead it was Junno who seemed to have found his calling, not Tatsuya.
The gates below opened and Tatsuya glanced down to see the hunting crew going out again. Only this time it was a different set of people and when Tatsuya saw Ryo amongst them, he stood up “Wait,” his eyes widened “Ryo’s in the hunting pack this time?”
“Hmm?” Koki stood up and leaned over Tatsuya to see the hunting group leaving into the darkness “He must be. Don’t worry about him, he can take care of himself.”
“But…” Tatsuya cut himself off. He’d actually been planning on leaving today. No matter what Genji decided, Tatsuya knew he didn’t belong here. Junno did, Junno should stay but Tatsuya wanted to leave. He’d rather survive out there, than survive in here with people like these. People who believed the answer to survival was casting out anyone too young, old or sick to take care of themselves.

It wasn’t how Tatsuya wanted to live.
But if Ryo was leaving today, he wouldn’t get to say goodbye. He wouldn’t be here to see Tatsuya leaving the camp. He would never see him again.
What if something happened? What if…

The distant sound of growling caught Tatsuya’s attention and he looked into the darkness ahead. He grabbed his torch and shone it out, trying to find anything out there.
“Did you hear that?” he asked but Koki was still watching his own area.
“Hear what?”
Tatsuya strained his ears and eyes. He was sure he’d heard a growl. He kept the flashlight out but he couldn’t see anything but bare ground and road. Finally the light shone over a figure. A dead figure. Staring right at him with its cold, dead eyes.

“Ryo,” Tatsuya gasped.
“Wha-wait! Ueda!” Koki shouted the second he noticed Tatsuya already climbing down from the watch tower.
Tatsuya moved fast. He’d taken the machete and was practically zipping down the ladder. He hit the ground and rushed towards the fence where he was stopped by the guards.
“Let me out!” Tatsuya shouted at them “Let me out!”
“Nobody but the hunting party is to leave!” the guard told him firmly “We’re not letting you endanger us-“
“Then shut the fucking gate after me! Let me out!” Tatsuya screamed.

He was starting to get attention. People nearby were looking at him but the guards looked completely bewildered. Finally one of them opened the gate and Tatsuya rushed outside despite hearing Koki’s shouting behind him.
Tatsuya ran out into the darkness outside the camp walls. He heard the gate shut firmly behind him as he ran out towards the road.
He was shivering. He was freezing cold. He had a flashlight and a machete with him as he raced onto the road, straight towards the growling he could hear. The undead had one seconds warning before Tatsuya sank the machete in its skull, cracking it as the blade broke the bone and sank into the dead brain.
Tatsuya kicked it off his machete and turned his flashlight around, looking around himself frantically. He knew there was an army coming here, they would have been drawn to the light of the camp just like they were at the school but Ryo was out here somewhere and Tatsuya felt his heart beating a thousand beats per minute at the very thought.
He wanted to say goodbye. He’d wanted to end things. He’d wanted to start something. He’d wanted….something.
That was why he’d come here. He wanted Ryo. He just couldn’t admit it. Not even to himself.

He looked around desperately “Ryo!” he screamed.
“Ueda!” Koki shouted from the watch tower as he loaded his shotgun “Get down!”
Tatsuya dropped to the ground, covering his head as Koki shot at an undead Tatsuya hadn’t been able to see yet. Koki shot again and again. Three heavy bodies thumped down around Tatsuya and the boy couldn’t breathe. The air stank of death and decay and in his head he knew that rushing out into what was potentially an army of undead was not a smart idea. But he needed to find Ryo.
“Ueda get back here!” Koki demanded “There’s more on your way!”
“Shoot them!” Tatsuya called back as he stood up “I need to find Ryo!”
“Ueda!” Koki screamed but it was too late, Tatsuya was already rushing out to the path he’d seen Ryo disappear in.

Behind him, Tatsuya could hear Koki shooting at the undead. The sounds of the gunshots were going to attract more of them and Tatsuya knew that. He rushed out, his flashlight haphazardly lighting the path for him. When he heard a growl, he saw a dead woman come out from behind the trees and Tatsuya did not hesitate before sinking his machete into the side of her head.
He kicked her off and rushed ahead, his eyes frantically scanning. Looking for any sign of life.

Before long, he heard sounds ahead of him. Gunshots. Different from Koki’s shotgun, these were from the handguns the hunters had. He rushed ahead to find the hunting crew in the middle of what was probably the biggest group of undead Tatsuya had ever seen.
It was like a sea. A mass of undead, dead moving bodies coming towards them. A few of the hunting crew were dead already and Tatsuya looked over them frantically. He spotted Ryo amongst them and rushed towards him just as Ryo fell backwards.

Ryo was already scraped and bloodied. He hadn’t expected the sudden torrent of undead and if he was being honest, nobody had believed Tatsuya when he’d warned them that they were coming. Even Ryo hadn’t believed him.
He glared at the dead girl standing over him and reached for his gun that he’d dropped. Before he could even grab it, the girl suddenly lost her head. It flew off her shoulders, spraying blood over him and when Ryo looked up, he saw a furious Ueda Tatsuya standing over him.
“What the fuck?!” Ryo spluttered, taking Tatsuya’s hand and getting up “What the hell are you doing here?!”
“Question me later and run,” Tatsuya advised.

Ryo picked up his gun and Tatsuya looked over what was left of the hunting crew “Everyone back to camp!” he ordered.
“But-“ one of the hunters shot at a dead man “But the hunt!”
“Back to camp!” Ryo shouted “Now!”
Tatsuya made sure Ryo was following before running back to the road. He and the hunters raced back to camp where they could hear not only Koki, but the other watch towers shooting out at the undead crowd slowly headed their way.
As he ran, Tatsuya heard Ryo shooting at any undead that got too close to them. Tatsuya’s hand did the work for him, slicing and attacking anything that came too close.
They were covered in blood as they reached the gates and pounded on them.

“Let us in!” Ryo shouted “Let us in! It’s us!”
The gates opened and Tatsuya practically fell inside with the others. When everyone was inside, the gates closed again and Tatsuya barely had a second to breathe before someone grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up violently.

“YOU!” Genji got in his face, his features contorted with pure fury “YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Thanks to your shouting and reckless behaviour, every undead from here to Hokkaido knows we’re here!”
“Hey!” Ryo snapped “He saved us-“
“He should have left you out there to die, the undead didn’t know we were here until he ran out screaming for you!” Genji shouted at him.

Tatsuya looked around. Every watch tower was shooting out at the crowd of countless undead walking their way. The guards at the gate were trying to push things in front of it to keep them inside. The walls and fences of the camp were strong but there was no telling how long everyone would have to wait inside.
“Everyone in the mess hall!” Genji ordered “Including the watch towers! Save your ammo. The walking dead won’t get past the walls.”
Tatsuya saw Junno coming out of the kitchens and sighed as he was dragged towards the hall with Ryo following closely behind him.

Once everyone was gathered and seated, Tatsuya found himself standing in the middle of the hall again just like he had been before. Only this time Junno wasn’t standing next to him. He saw Junno sitting next to Koki and smiled to himself, at least the other was safe.
“So the situation is as follows,” Genji finally spoke, his eyes hard and glaring at Tatsuya “The entire camp is surrounded. The count of undead banging at the gate outnumbers our camp 50 to 1.”
The camp murmured and Genji continued “Of a group of 10 hunters who left the camp earlier, we lost 4, 6 have returned.”
He glanced at Ryo, who was sitting with the rest of the hunting group.
Genji turned his hard eyes back to Tatsuya “And thanks to Ueda Tatsuya, those undead now know where we are. He abandoned his post and ran out shouting and dragging their attention, causing Tanaka Koki to shoot at a few undead to save him. The gunshots brought more of them and now we are trapped in here.”

Tatsuya could feel everyone’s eyes on him. Most of them blaming him entirely for what was happening. He sighed “Don’t I get to defend myself?”
“No you don’t,” Genji replied “What is happening now is entirely your fault and I’m tempted to force you out to the sea you created.”

“Wait hang on a second!” Ryo stood up right away “It’s not his fault. He warned us two weeks ago that they were coming, they’d have found us regardless!”
“Quiet, Nishikido,” Genji snapped “You don’t have the right to speak.”
“This is not a dictatorship!” Ryo argued “Tatsuya told us they were coming! Even if he hadn’t rushed out, they’d have found this camp! What he did was save us! If he hadn’t, we’d have all died!”
A couple of people were starting to see it that way and Tatsuya looked over Ryo.

Genji glared at him “The fact remains that his reckless actions brought their attention anyway. Now we’re trapped.”
“We’d have been trapped anyway and sending him out won’t make them go away,” Ryo moved to stand in the middle of the hall, right next to Tatsuya “What we should be doing now, is figuring out how to wait the undead out, rather than pointing fingers.”
A few more people were murmuring, agreeing with him. Tatsuya felt Ryo’s warmth next to him and couldn’t help but smile a little.

Genji was still pissed. He was still glaring at Tatsuya but he saw the logic in what Ryo was saying. He nodded “We need to save our ammunition. Shooting at them won’t make them go away.”
“They know we’re all here. They’ll wait us out,” Tatsuya pointed out “The only thing that’s going to make them go away is a better offer somewhere else.”
“Oh? And how do you propose we do that?” Genji asked “We’re a camp in the middle of nowhere, there isn’t a better offer somewhere else.”

They went silent. Everyone looking around and finally Koki slowly stood up and went to stand by Tatsuya “Well…it’s a longshot but, a distraction would do it.”
“You, Tanaka Koki, alerted the undead by firing your shotgun unnecessarily,” Genji pointed out “I’m less inclined to hear any idea coming from you.”

“Someone runs out with noise and light, attracting the undead and making them follow him,” Koki suggested “It would get them away from the camp.”
“That’s suicide,” Genji pointed out “And the only person I’d force to do that is Ueda Tatsuya.”
Ryo grabbed Tatsuya’s wrist instinctively and Genji looked over them.

“It’s a viable plan,” he admitted “But nobody would be crazy enough to-“
“I’ll do it,” Koki volunteered and Tatsuya stared at him. But Koki was determined “I’ll do it,” he said again “I was the one who fired the shotgun and practically brought the undead here, I should be the one to do it.”
“Are you insane?” Tatsuya choked “If anyone should do it, it should be me!”
“There’s no way you’re running out there alone,” Ryo pointed out “One person wouldn’t be enough anyway, not for that crowd, you’d need at least one more.”
“Fine,” Genji cut in “Fine. Three men will go. You’ll take flashlights and weapons to drag them to your location. Tanaka Koki, Ueda Tatsuya, Taguchi Junnosuke-“
“Junno stays here,” Tatsuya snapped right away “He won’t last out there-“
“No, I want to!” Junno shouted, standing up immediately, he looked at Tatsuya “If you’re going, I’m going-“
“You’re staying here!” Tatsuya snapped at him “You’re not going out there with-“
“I’m not leaving you!” Junno screamed “You go, I go-“
“Fucks sake, shut up both of you. Taguchi sit down,” Ryo cut in, he looked at Tatsuya “I’m going with you. I run faster anyway.”

“Fine, fine!” Genji rubbed his head “Fine. Tanaka, Ueda and Nishikido. Gear up, get out and don’t come back. Drag the undead away from us and pray you survive them,” he got up and glared at all three of them “I mean it. Don’t come back. We were a self-functioning camp until you came, Ueda Tatsuya. The only good thing you brought with you was your chef there.”
Junno was looking helpless and desperate but he didn’t dare say another word.

They were taken out of the mess hall and given an hour to pack their things. As Tatsuya packed what little he had, Junno approached him in the dorms.
“Please take me with you,” he pleaded “I don’t want to stay here without you.”
“Junno,” Tatsuya sighed, he zipped his bag up and glanced at Koki, who was still packing his things. Ryo had already gone to get the flashlights and weapons they would need. Tatsuya turned to Junno “You stay here. You’re safer here. I can’t find you a safer place than here. There’s walls, weapons, everything. Out there, there’s no guarantee I’ll even survive.”
Junno looked conflicted but said not a word as Ryo came back in and handed the weapons and flashlights out.

“Alright,” he sighed “Gear up everyone. They want us out. I found old iPods too,” he showed the small devices and grinned “Banned because we’re not allowed to play music here. But playing music on us would bring the undead out.”
“Brilliant,” Tatsuya looked over his iPod and frowned “What’s with the music on here though? Dr Dre? 2Pac, where did you get these?”
“People brought all sorts of things with them when they came here,” Koki laughed “But music was banned so nobody used these.”

Tatsuya pocketed his ipod. He glanced at Junno and pulled him into a hug. Junno hugged him back, his long arms coming around Tatsuya’s body and he hid his face in Tatsuya’s shoulder.
“Don’t go,” Junno begged quietly.
“I’ll keep them away from here,” Tatsuya promised “Stay and be safe. If anything goes wrong, arm yourself. You’re not useless, you hear me?”
Junno shivered but he pulled away when Ryo cleared his throat.

“Let’s go,” Ryo spoke, eyeing the two of them warily “Everyone ready?”
Tatsuya took a deep breath. He felt as ready as he ever would be for the suicide mission he was about to go on. He had weapons, a flashlight, an iPod and his own resources that he’d brought with him. If they survived this, they’d be free. All three of them. The added bonus was knowing that Junno would be safe here.
He and Koki followed Ryo to the gates where the rest of the camp was waiting for them. Genji folded his arms “Remember, get them away from here. By any means necessary.”

Ryo, Koki and Tatsuya stood at the gate. All three of them mentally preparing themselves for what they were about to do.
But before Ryo could open the gate, Junno rushed out “Wait!”
“Fucks sake Tagu…” Ryo stopped when he saw Junno rush towards Tatsuya, grab him and kiss him.
Ryo’s eyes widened, Koki snorted and the rest of the camp watched as Junno clung to Tatsuya, kissing him hard like his life depended on it. Tatsuya was just surprised, but he didn’t push him off. Rather placed his hands on Junno’s shoulders and kissed him back.

Junno pulled back, his hands clung to Tatsuya desperately but he knew Tatsuya was never going to let him leave with him. Tatsuya wanted him to stay.
“Stay alive. If anyone can do it, it’s you,” Junno breathed “Just stay alive.”
Tatsuya smiled lightly, he rubbed Junno’s hair “Stay safe,” he advised him “Maybe I’ll see you again one day.”
But it was very unlikely. They both knew that.

Junno reluctantly let him go and Tatsuya joined Ryo and Koki. They pulled out their iPods and started playing their music, turning the volume as high as it could go.
“On my count, run,” Ryo told them over the music, he turned to the guards “Shut the gate after us!”
The guards nodded and Ryo pulled the gate open. He ran out, Tatsuya followed and Koki was close behind him, the three of them racing out into the darkness as the gates shut firmly behind them.

“Evanescence?” Koki laughed when he realised the music was coming from Tatsuya’s iPod “Really?”
“Shut up Celine Dion,” Tatsuya huffed.
He could hear the undead. They were coming after them. Tatsuya shone his flashlight at them, Koki and Ryo doing the same and when the undead started running towards them, Ryo huffed.
“Split up, be as loud as you can,” Ryo told them “Meet ahead at the river, don’t die!”
Koki took the road to the left, Tatsuya to the right. He watched Ryo go ahead and rushed ahead as he heard the undead coming towards him. He didn’t have time to waste ammo, there was too many and all he could do was run. His iPod blaring the music at his side whilst he flashed his lights all around to make sure he could get as many as he could coming after him.

I tried to kill the pain
But only brought more
Swinging his machete out when one got too close, Tatsuya sent a head flying as he raced ahead as fast as his legs could take him. It was harder with a bag, his body was heavier when he was carrying something but he had to run. He had no choice. He needed to survive, he needed…
Something grabbed his arm and Tatsuya shouted as he yanked it off. He couldn’t see it, he couldn’t see anything, he was running blind and the only reason why he didn’t run into something was because the bare light he had was lighting his path for him. The rock music was dragging them all out and Tatsuya was running out of breath but he had to run.

My God, my tourniquet
Return to me salvation
Skidding into a grove, Tatsuya’s legs carried him ahead. He had an army rushing after him but they’d cleared away from the camp. Tatsuya turned the iPod off. He turned his flashlight off and dove into the thick mess of still standing trees. He ran as fast as he could until the sounds of the growling grew more and more distant.
Tatsuya felt like he’d been running for hours when he finally slowed down and listened out for the sound of the trickling river.
He’d made it.

Panting hard, Tatsuya jogged ahead. He listened out but when he heard no undead nearby, he turned his flashlight on again and looked around. He followed the sound of the river until he reached it. The water was dark, the forests were dark. Everything was dark.
“Ryo?” Tatsuya called “Koki?”
He looked around and when he heard a rustling near him, he turned his flashlight to the bushes nearby. His hand tightened on his machete, just in case the noise was an undead.

But it wasn’t. Coming out from the bushes, Ryo looked like he was out of breath and exhausted. But his eyes, wide with relief were pinned on Tatsuya as he ran right up to him, pulled him in and kissed him firmly. Tatsuya nearly dropped his machete and torch. A feeling of relief flooded right through him and he couldn’t help but kiss Ryo back.

Ryo was why he’d come back. Ryo was the only reason why he’d ever gone to that camp.
“Thank god,” Ryo whimpered, hugging Tatsuya tight. His face was buried in Tatsuya’s shoulder as his shaking arms tightened around the other “Thank god.”
“Where’s Koki?” Tatsuya asked.
“He’ll be here soon,” Ryo promised “He’ll be fine but thank god you’re here. I was so scared.”
Tatsuya wanted to think. He wanted to figure out where they should go, they had to go somewhere. They had to find shelter. They needed supplies. They needed…anything. But all he could do was kiss Ryo back when Ryo kissed him again.
Tatsuya clung to him, his fingers in Ryo’s hair as he kissed him back and he almost didn’t hear the cough behind them.

They pulled back to see Koki watching them both with a raised eyebrow.
“Nice to see you both survived,” Koki drawled “Do I get a kiss too?”
“Fuck up,” Ryo laughed, he pulled Tatsuya close and looked over Koki “You okay?”
“No bites, no harm,” Koki promised “Come on. We need to get out of here. I say we go north. I’ve heard of camps nearby, maybe we can get some more supplies.”
“Let’s go,” Tatsuya nodded.

Together, the three of them left the area and headed north. To what, they didn’t know, but when Tatsuya felt Ryo’s hand close over his, he couldn’t help but smile. They’d survive whatever came after them.


Z/N: Chapter Twelve Here

Yes, I updated two chapters because I figured I should hurry this story along ^_^ Enjoy
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