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Title: Nightfall
Author: [ profile] mazauric
Pairing: Akame/Ryoda/KameOthers
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A global epidemic of fevers, viruses and deaths has rendered the world helpless. When the sun went down and didn't come back up, the world was cast in eternal darkness. Humans react strangely to light deprivation and at night, the dead come out to play. In the midst of this, Kazuya's mission to survive and find his brothers comes with heavy decisions and even heavier costs. Especially when love is put in the mix.
Disclaimer: My life would be so much cooler if I had a hand in anything to do with these guys. But I don't, I'm a fan and everytime they release something I'm happy but poor.

Nightfall: Chapter Twelve
Akanishi Jin

Sitting in bed, Kamenashi Kazuya lifted his hand and examined the old zombie bite on his skin. It was still there but instead of getting infected and red, it had instead turned calm and a little brown. The bite marks remaining like a scar that would never go away but would forever remind him that he had lived where others had died of the same thing.

Still nobody knew why.

Turning his eyes to the blonde boy sitting at the end of Kazuya’s bed, Jin felt his stomach curl up in familiar jealousy. After the explosion, he’d thought for sure that Kazuya was dead and he’d been scared out of his mind but when he saw Tegoshi, coming out of the flames with Kazuya in his arms, he’d helped them into the van and had gotten them back home with him and Takahiro.
Now they were all gathered in the room along with Yamapi, Hiro, Haruka and Renji. All of them looking over Kazuya and wondering how he hadn’t managed to die in the explosion that had killed almost everything else.

“So,” Jin broke the awkward silence in the room and turned to the blonde “Tegoshi…Yuya, did you say?”
“I’m Tegoshi Yuya, yes,” Tegoshi grinned “And everyone here has already introduced themselves.”
“Right,” Jin’s cheeks burnt a little with slight embarrassment. He managed an awkward laugh “I’m just so bad with names.”
Everyone, including Haruka, was giving him an odd look but soon turned back to the problem at hand. Yamapi leaned in to Jin and whispered: “Liar, liar.”

“I think the thing I’d like to know first is, how are you not dead?” Takahiro spoke up, forward and upfront as always “We saw you in that science lab, it blew up. Logic says you should have died with it.”
“You almost sound disappointed that I didn’t die,” Kazuya pointed out.
“Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you lived…I’d just like to know how,” Takahiro rephrased lightly.
“First he survives the bite, then he survives the explosion,” Hiro grumbled “Isn’t it obvious? He’s a demon.”
Haruka rolled her eyes but she didn’t say anything on the matter.

Tegoshi leaned over and took Kazuya’s hand. He looked over the bite mark and ran his finger carefully over the scar tissue “Does this hurt?”
Kazuya shook his head and Jin didn’t like the way he was looking at him.
“I’m sorry,” Jin spoke up “How do you two know each other again?” he asked “Everything was so rushed before, we never really thought twice about letting you in before we even knew your name.”

Tegoshi sighed, he dropped Kazuya’s hand and looked at Jin “Tegoshi Yuya. Son of the scientist of the laboratory that just blew up. I met Kazuya here on my way down south some months ago.”
“Right,” Jin nodded but he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t like the way Kazuya smiled at Tegoshi. Like he was so relieved to see him. It seemed like a little more than just a brief meeting as they crossed paths.
“You two seem pretty close,” he commented awkwardly and Kazuya coughed, a little embarrassed.
“Yes,” Tegoshi hummed with a large smile “We had sex now can we please carry on with what matters here?”

Jin’s stomach twisted uncomfortably and he looked down. Right. That didn’t matter. What mattered here was the fact that Kazuya seemed to be invincible and nobody could figure out why. Not the fact that he and Tegoshi were intimately aware of each other or anything.
He felt jealousy tearing at his insides and bit his tongue to stop himself talking more. It wasn’t helping.

“Look, I don’t know what’s going on with me,” Kazuya finally spoke “I heard the alarm and took off. Maybe I just got out in time.”
“Not likely but I’ll take that as a temporary explanation,” Tegoshi shrugged “How are you feeling?”
“Like a bomb just went off behind me,” Kazuya shrugged “But otherwise alright.”
“And you survived a bite,” Tegoshi pointed out helpfully “That’s another thing we should probably look into. How long ago was it?”

Kazuya looked at the bite and turned to the others “When was I bitten?”
“Must be a couple of weeks now,” Takahiro chipped in “You were bitten the day we found you and we’ve all been together for about three to four weeks now.”
Renji looked at Haruka and Haruka shivered. She tried to pull her skirt further down her leg and curled her knee in. She didn’t like the way he kept looking at her. It was creepy and the only reason Renji wasn’t able to do anything was because Takahiro seemed to know about this condition of his and kept a close eye on him.

Tegoshi wasn’t impressed “Three to four weeks and nobody’s looked into why he hasn’t died?” he asked “Are you all idiots? He could be the cure to all of this!”
“Well we haven’t exactly been able to move much,” Hiro pointed out “And food was important, survival has been important. Kamenashi has been able to scavange supplies for us without dying!”
“Are you even aware that there are people out there, scientists, who are looking for an immune like him?” Tegoshi asked “Do you even know what’s going on in this country?”
“It’s not like there’s a newspaper going around telling us,” Jin pointed out “Look, Tegoshi, I don’t know where you came from but isolation is what’s going on here now. How anyone can stay informed is beyond me.”

Tegoshi looked at Kazuya and sighed “Look, I know scientists who would kill for Kamenashi. They’re looking for someone with immune blood and…” he met Kazuya’s eyes and shrugged “Baby, you’re it.”
Jin twitched. He didn’t like the pet-name Tegoshi called Kazuya and to his chagrin, Kazuya didn’t seem to mind it.
“Where are these scientists?” Kazuya asked, gently pulling his hand away from Tegoshi’s grip.
“They’re up north,” Tegoshi informed him “I found my father and he told me about them. If they can find someone with immune blood, then they might be able to make a vaccine to make everyone immune to bites. Maybe it won’t solve the sun issue and it won’t solve the walking dead but at least this way, we won’t be so vulnerable to them.”

“There’s no guarantee they can pull it off though,” Yamapi finally spoke up “I mean, do you remember what happened with the last vaccinations? They were a total fail,”
“Yes, there’s no guarantee this will work but this is science, there’s no guarantee of anything,” Tegoshi replied “I’ve seen my father fail a million times but the one thing he always told me is that if there’s even a 1% chance, it’s worth trying. What has the human race got to lose anyway?”

Nothing at this point, if the undead didn’t kill them, the darkness would.

Kazuya turned to Tegoshi “You found your father then? Is he okay?”
“He’s fine, crazy as ever,” Tegoshi shrugged carelessly.
“Did he find out what caused the darkness?” Kazuya asked “Why the sun hasn’t returned and the undead, are they connected?”
“He suspects they are but he can’t draw any connections to it yet. Everything is undoubtedly connected. Though how the condition of the human race, the undead and the solar system are connected, he can’t do it yet. But he thinks the scientists up north can.”

Yamapi shrugged “So…let’s go north then.”
“Wait, wait, wait, hold up,” Takahiro spoke up “It’s not that simple. Have you forgotten what’s out there? The undead are increasing, we’re running out of resources and it’s not going to get better. We’ll be dead before we get anywhere near the freakin’ scientists.”
“He’s got a point,” Hiro sided with Takahiro immediately “We’ve got a good setup here too. We can survive if we stay here. We have a lot of resources-“
“That is not going to stay like this forever,” Jin huffed “Especially if you keep eating the food.”
“My condition-“
“Fuck your condition!” Jin snapped “We can’t keep sending Kame out there to get more food! Pretty soon there will be no more food for him to get! This is not a permanent solution!”
“How dare you speak to me that way!” Hiro screamed at him “My condition forces me to have to eat or I get-“
“For fucks sake I’ll hit you again!” Jin threatened, he even moved to do so but Yamapi quickly grabbed him.

Tegoshi quietly turned to Kazuya “Are they always like this?”
“This is a good day,” Kazuya replied calmly.

“Look,” Yamapi held Jin’s arm down and sighed “Since Kame is the one with the bite, Kame should be the one to choose what to do with it. The rest of us can fall in after him. He’s the one who goes out to that crowd of undead anyway and we owe him his choice!”
Jin stopped, he turned to look at Kazuya on the bed. Everyone looked at him and Kazuya thought for a moment.

“I want to find my brothers first,” he decided “They’re up north anyway. After I find them, then I think going north to find the scientists would be a good idea.”
“What?” Renji frowned “But what about this place?”
“Like Akanishi said, this place is and has always been temporary,” Takahiro pointed out “We were never going to stay here long term and it’s not realistic to think that we could.”
“Why not?” Hiro looked up “We could survive here. We have someone who can walk through the zombies and get all the resources-“
“Until we run out. It is not practical to think we could stay here forever,” Takahiro argued.
“You’re all welcome to stay if you want but I need to go,” Kazuya replied “I can’t stay here when I have brothers I need to find and it was never the plan to stay here long.”

“I’m coming with you,” Jin said immediately “I don’t want to stay here either and I want to help you find them.”
“And there is a sanctuary up north,” Haruka added with a look at Jin. That had, after all, been their initial reason for being here too. They’d started on this trip, together, with the express purpose of finding the sanctuary. Along the way, that had been obscured.
Yamapi looked over the rest and shrugged “I’m with you, Kame. If there’s a chance whatever you are can save the human race, sounds like a cool thing to chase.”
“Well I’m not leaving!” Hiro proclaimed.

“Dad!” Haruka blinked “We can’t stay here!”
“Why not? There’s food, we have a roof over our heads-“ Hiro was cut off suddenly when Takahiro sighed.
“And you’ll last three days before you run out and die,” Takahiro pointed out. He turned to Kazuya “I’m coming with. But not because I want to save the human race or anything noble like that. It’s because with you, it’s easier to get supplies and I’m interested in surviving. I help you get up north, you help keep my brother and I fed,” he shrugged “Plus the van is mine anyway.”

They looked at Haruka who was watching her father desperately. It was clear that if Hiro was going to stay here, Haruka would stay as well.
“Hiro, listen to reason,” Yamapi tried “If you stay here, you won’t last. We’ll be taking resources with us.”
Jin looked at Kazuya. It was obvious that he was going to come with Kazuya. He’d follow him anywhere and keep him safe. But he was afraid of what that meant. Did his need to keep the boy safe mean something more or was it merely out of self-preservation itself? Somehow Jin knew the answer but he didn’t want to know.

“In any case, we shouldn’t leave for at least three days. The explosion attracted a lot of attention and Kame here may be immune but we sure as hell aren’t. We’re safer waiting them out and then leaving,” Tegoshi pointed out.
“Hang on,” Jin looked up “I think there’s still something you need to clear up. What the hell were you doing there and how did you survive the explosion?”
Tegoshi just smiled “Boy, that was my father’s laboratory. After I found him, I travelled back here to see if there was anything I could salvage. Then I heard the alarms and hauled ass out of there because I know every single protocol that laboratory had. Someone…” he glanced pointedly at Kazuya “…must have tripped up the alarm. My father had a lot of precautions in place, including a self destruct in case intruders appeared.”
“Helpful,” Kazuya muttered.
“It’s alright, I don’t think there was anything in there anyway,” Tegoshi shrugged “Our best bet is going up north.”
“My trusty van can get us there,” Takahiro beamed proudly before meekly adding “Well…as long as the petrol holds out.”

“Then let’s wait it out and leave in three days,” Kazuya decided “Everyone make up your minds. You’re free to stay or leave but on the third day, you have to decide.”
He looked at Hiro and half the room wouldn’t mourn him if he stayed. But nobody said it.


Tegoshi roomed with Kazuya and as he did, Jin moved into Yamapi’s room. After they’d had dinner, washed up and sorted themselves out for the night, Jin lay on his bed and groaned “Something is seriously wrong with me Pi.”
“I’ll say,” Yamapi chuckled “Did you see what Haruka was wearing during dinner? She was trying to get your attention. Instead she only got Renji’s.”
Jin tried to remember what Haruka had been wearing but in all honesty, he couldn’t. He hadn’t been paying attention to her. He’d been watching Kazuya and Tegoshi giggling with each other at the other end of the table.

“Kamenashi gets around,” Yamapi commented and Jin looked at him, slightly offended.
“What are you implying?” he asked, a little more than insulted that Yamapi would call Kazuya a slut.
“I’m just saying, it didn’t take him long to jump into bed with Takeru and by the sounds of it, it really didn’t take him long to sleep with Tegoshi either. I heard there was someone else too.”
“Kame isn’t a slut!” Jin argued.
Yamapi was just laughing “Hey, I don’t blame the guy at all. If ever there was a time to go around sleeping with people, now is the time. I’m just ashamed I didn’t go around sleeping with people when I had the chance. Maybe I should try.”

Jin growled but he let it go. What worried him right now was what was going to happen to them. What was going to happen to Kazuya?
“We’re going,” he decided and looked at Yamapi “…right?”
“I’m not staying here,” Yamapi sighed “But think about it dude, if Hiro stays, Haruka is going to stay and they’ll both die.”
“I won’t mourn Hiro,” Jin grumbled but he knew it was true. Haruka wouldn’t leave her father behind. Jin groaned at the very thought “You’re not suggesting we convince the nasty prick to come with us, are you?”
“Renji’s already coming with us and that is going to be a headache enough,” Yamapi pointed out “There’s something seriously wrong with the guy and I hope you know, he’s got Haruka square in his sights. She’s not safe around him.”
“Hiro’s looking after her,” Jin mumbled.

Yamapi groaned “Jin. Either break up with her now or act like the boyfriend you think you’re being. Hiro isn’t doing shit except looking out for himself, Haruka is not safe around Renji.”
“Takahiro wouldn’t let Renji do anything,” Jin argued but he knew it was a pointless argument. He knew he was in the wrong here. He wanted to help her more but he found himself wondering instead what he could do to help Kazuya.
“Fucks sake Jin,” Yamapi shook his head “Just break up with her and get it over with.”
“Why would I break up with her?” Jin asked and looked up when he heard a soft thump in the next room belonging to Tegoshi and Kazuya. His eyes widened “Are they getting it on?”
“Who cares? The point here is your bloody girlfriend!” Yamapi argued “If you don’t keep an eye out for her, she’s going to get hurt. Her father isn’t looking out for her and Takahiro can’t keep an eye on his brother all the time. You need to make sure she’s okay or I will.”

Jin frowned. He didn’t think he was being such a bad boyfriend but the truth was somewhere in the back of his head and he knew he was. He knew he’d lost interest in her awhile ago and somehow his interest in Kazuya had only intensified. But at the wrong possible time. Things were impossibly complicated, what with Tegoshi’s arrival, Kazuya’s unexplained immunity and the fact that Haruka probably needed Jin now more than ever.
Jin had a responsibility to her. Either cut her loose and do it cleanly or be the boyfriend he was supposed to be.
Jin didn’t want to admit it aloud. But being a boyfriend to Haruka was about as appealing as going outside to be eaten alive. He didn’t even know how this had happened, all he knew was that he couldn’t do it anymore. The timing was terrible.

“Pi,” Jin looked at his friend “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I-“
He heard a small moan from next door and stared at the wall. His stomach clenched again. Was Kazuya…?
Yamapi sighed, he got off his bed and went over to sit on Jin’s instead “What’s happened is you’ve somehow fallen under the Kamenashi spell and now you can’t stop thinking about him. As a result, you haven’t been paying attention to Haruka and if you think she hasn’t noticed, you’d be dead wrong. She’s noticed. I think she’s just waiting for you to break up with her already.”
“Pi I can’t break up with her,” Jin pointed out “I can’t. If I break up with her, it’ll hurt her.”
“More than you’re already hurting her by not even noticing how much danger she’s in every time she’s left with Renji?” Yamapi rose an eyebrow at Jin.
“But she might do something stupid like stay here, or run outside to get killed!” Jin argued “Me breaking up with her now might kill her!”
“Yeah but what you’re doing now isn’t much better,” Yamapi replied “And whatever Haruka does now is her business and her decision. But if you’re not going to look out for her, if you don’t want her, cut her loose and stop making her think that there’s a chance you might still be interested.”

Jin heard another moan and felt like he was going to be sick. He hated to admit it but Yamapi was right: Kamenashi Kazuya did get around.
“I’ll go find her now,” he decided and slowly got off his bed. He made his way out of the room and looked down the dark hallway. Takahiro and Renji shared a room at the end, Haruka shared a room with her father and Jin just had to pray that Hiro was asleep at this hour. He didn’t want to have to deal with both of them at the same time.

He made his way to Haruka’s bedroom door and knocked quietly “Haru?” he called, trying not to wake her father in the process “Haru, you awake?”
A quiet noise from inside and the door opened to reveal Haruka standing there in a white shirt and shorts. She looked at Jin, a little unimpressed and folded her arms “What do you want?”
“Is your dad asleep?” Jin asked, peering over her shoulder to look into the room “I can talk to you out here if he is.”
“Dad isn’t in bed,” Haruka shrugged “Said he wanted to go for a walk.”
Jin frowned. It was late and where the hell would Hiro walk to anyway? The front door? He looked down the hall and could hear Renji snoring, the bedroom light was on so Takahiro was still awake. Jin looked at the stairs and saw the kitchen light just barely shining into the hallway. He groaned and took off to the stairs “Takahiro!” he called as he raced down the stairs, tore into the kitchen just to see what he suspected: Hiro was in the pantry again.

“Fucks sake!” Jin stomped over to the man, he pushed him away from the supplies and firmly closed the pantry door.
“Hey!” Hiro protested, his mouth half full with the bread he’d been stealing but Jin wasn’t having it.
“We can’t afford this!” he shouted at Hiro “Stop eating the supplies, we’re not going to last the fucking week if you do this!”
“Jin!” Haruka ran into the kitchen “Leave him alone!”
“My head was-“ Hiro was cut off when Yamapi and Takahiro raced into the kitchen as well.

“You!” Takahiro glared at Hiro. He went to Jin and checked the pantry and sure enough, there was a lot less food there than there had been earlier. He kicked the door closed and turned back to Hiro “You fucking pig!”
“I am the oldest person in this house! I don’t take orders from children!” Hiro shouted at them, standing up again as Haruka took his side and glared at Jin and Takahiro.
Hiro swallowed the last of his bread and pointed at Jin “You, and you,” he pointed to Takahiro “Don’t tell an adult what to do.”
“You’re going to kill us all with this!” Takahiro screamed at him “Look at you, you fat motherfucker! There are people starving out there and here you are with fucking rolls!”
“If I have to put an alarm on your neck, I will,” Jin hissed “This can’t keep going on like this, we’ll never fucking last!”
“Leave him alone!” Haruka defended her father “I’ve told you a million times, he has a condition-“
“WE FUCKING KNOW ABOUT THE CONDITION!” Takahiro screamed “But we’re going to die because of this asshole!”

“How dare you scream at my daughter!” Hiro shouted, pushing her behind himself “We don’t take orders from you!”
He rounded on Jin “And you, my daughter is far too good for you! This will teach you to push an old man like me!”
Before Jin or Takahiro could stop it, Hiro’s strong fist connected with Jin’s jaw, flying Jin off his feet and onto the floor before he even realised what had happened. He felt Hiro’s shoe in his stomach next and gasped as the blow had winded him and knocked all the air out of his lungs.
“Daddy no!” Haruka screamed.
Takahiro jumped after the older man, knocking him to the floor and punching at his face. Haruka was screaming, Yamapi rushed to pull Takahiro off him and in all of the chaos, Jin could see Kazuya appearing at the kitchen door from where he lay on the floor.

Jin coughed out blood and Kazuya looked over the situation helplessly before rushing to help Jin up.
Yamapi yanked Takahiro off the older man just as Tegoshi strode in, grabbed Hiro and pinned him to the wall.

“Everyone stop!” Yamapi shouted, still holding onto Takahiro’s shoulders.
Jin held his stomach, it felt like it was on fire and his jaw felt worse. He felt Kazuya’s arm supporting his back and couldn’t help but lean into the younger in pain.
Haruka was crying and looking at her father, Takahiro still looked like he wanted to murder the older man. Hiro was still pinned against the wall, his face bloody and one of his eyes swollen. The only reason he was still standing at all was because Tegoshi was pinning him to the wall.
“Okay,” Tegoshi sighed “Let’s move to the living room and have this out. We might not even survive the three days we have to wait in here with each other.”

Later, Jin sat on the couch with a cold cloth pressed to his face. He glared at Hiro, who was on the other side of the room being tended to by his daughter. Takahiro was too furious to sit and so leaned against the doorframe. Kazuya was examining Jin’s abdomen and Yamapi stood in the middle of the room with Tegoshi, both of them looking over everyone.
“Where’s Renji?” Kazuya asked, his eyes turning to Takahiro.
“Asleep,” Takahiro answered “He takes sleeping pills and he’ll sleep through anything.”

“Fine,” Tegoshi decided “We’ll start then. What was the problem?”
Everyone started talking at once so Tegoshi held up his hand “One at a time, Hiro,” he turned to the older man “What happened?”
“I have a condition,” Hiro huffed “If I don’t eat frequently, I start getting migraines. The last attack was so bad I had to go to the hospital. So I have to eat more often, I have to get into the pantry more often,” he glared at Jin “We’ve had this out before. Akanishi seems to think he’s in charge but I’m the oldest. I should be in charge.”
“You’re a fucking asshole, Hiro,” Jin replied, his hand still pressing the cloth to his face as Kazuya gently pulled his shirt down.

Tegoshi frowned “I think I know that condition,” he commented “Hypoglycaemia.”
Takahiro huffed “You mean this fat fucker actually has something wrong with him?”
“Possibly,” Tegoshi shrugged “I wouldn’t rule it out. Hypoglycaemia is a condition caused by low blood sugar, there’s medication for it but these days they’re nearly impossible to find.”
“That’s not the issue here,” Jin hissed through gritted teeth, his eyes glaring at Hiro “The issue is that this man is eating out every resource we have and we might not even survive the week if he keeps doing that. Our food supply is not unlimited.”
“Yes that is a problem,” Tegoshi acknowledged, he turned his eyes to Takahiro “I know the migraines are a problem but they won’t go away if you simply keep eating. You need to exercise a lot as well.”

“It’s a real condition,” Hiro insisted “I’ve been to doctors about it. Haruka knows that as well!”
Haruka nodded and Tegoshi shrugged.
“The fact is that we don’t have an endless supply of food and if you can’t be trusted near the pantry, then we should take measures to make sure you can’t get anywhere near the food,” Tegoshi pointed out, he turned to the others “I assume this has happened before?”
“You’re new, so you’ll learn fast, but we’ve been telling Hiro the same thing over and over again, he’s not listening,” Jin supplied “And I’m of the opinion that he’s never going to listen to ‘us kids’”
Hiro sniffed and Tegoshi turned to Jin and Takahiro “So your side then, what happened? I understand you were angry about the food but why did that escalate into a fight?”
“He threw the first punch,” Jin replied but just as he did, Hiro spoke up.
“I was attacked first!” he screamed “You,” he pointed at Takahiro “Hit me first!”
“For fucks sake!” Takahiro shouted at him “You’re a fucking liar!”
“He’s telling the truth!” Haruka defended her father and Jin’s eyes widened. Haruka knew the truth, still she defended her father.
“I didn’t even hit you!” Jin screamed “You’re a fucking loose cannon!”
“That’s a lie!” Hiro stood up “You’re lying!”

“EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Yamapi shouted, louder than the others. Everyone went silent and Yamapi glared at Hiro “The fact is I know the truth too. Hiro, this can’t keep going on like this. You eating the supplies is as good as shooting us in our sleep, you’re killing us and if I catch you in there again, I’ll shoot you myself.”
Haruka’s eyes widened “You can’t-“
“Haruka, you keep an eye on your father,” Yamapi warned her “If he gets a migraine, tough shit but he can’t keep doing this. If you let him out of your sight and I catch him in the pantry when he shouldn’t be, I swear to god I will grab the shotgun and put it to his head. Am I understood?”

Haruka pushed her father behind her and faced Yamapi with tearful eyes “We’d rather be out there than in here!” she shrieked at him “This isn’t a group, this is a dictatorship! None of you are sympathetic at all!”
“Door’s right there, fuck off anytime you want,” Takahiro shrugged “Because there’s no way in hell I’m letting that fucker on my van when we leave,” he pointed at Hiro and turned around “I’m going to bed. Had enough of this shit.”
Takahiro left the room and Haruka looked at the rest of them in disbelief. She turned her eyes, at last, to Jin “Jin,” she pleaded “Are you really going to let them leave us here?”

Jin’s abdomen ached, he felt Kazuya’s warmth beside him and wanted nothing more than to curl into it. He didn’t even know where this blind want for Kazuya had come from but it was blindsiding him. He looked at the girl he called his girlfriend and sighed tiredly “I’d leave Hiro here if it were up to me,” he admitted “But I wouldn’t leave you here.”
“I won’t leave my father!” Haruka shrieked tearfully “I’ll never leave him!”
Everything ached. Jin just wanted to sleep. He’d had enough of this. Enough of fighting Hiro, of worrying about their limited supplies, of wondering why Kazuya fascinated him so. He’d had enough and he was just tired.
He shook his head and stood up painfully before looking at Haruka “Then you’ll die here with him,” he told her before limping off to his room. Yamapi caught up with him and helped him up the stairs and when Jin finally got back to his bed, he couldn’t even spare a thought for Haruka’s heartbroken face because he fell asleep immediately.


Jin dreamt he was lying on the grass. The sun was shining above him and blue skies were all he could see when he opened his eyes. Sitting up, Jin could feel the breeze brushing his hair back and when he looked around, he realised he was in a park. He could hear the children playing nearby, their shrieks and laughter reminding him everything was alright.
He turned to Haruka next to him and smiled “So, University huh?”
“Uh huh,” Haruka pulled him back and he rested his head on her legs. She played with his hair as she looked around the green park the pink cherry blossoms falling nearby indicated the season was here. It was beautiful.
“I want to study mythology,” Haruka told him, her fingers running gently through his hair “Always found it fascinating. Maybe I can be a Historian.”
“You might want to take History then,” Jin pointed out.

A cold breeze rushed over them and Jin shivered “Haru, it’s cold.”
No answer. Jin frowned and opened his eyes again “Haru?”

Haruka wasn’t there, instead it was dark. Not a star in the sky. The sun was gone, the grass was gone, the children and the cherry blossoms too were gone. Jin sat up and looked around, a helpless feeling settling in his chest “Haru? Pi? Anyone?”
A kick in his side winded him and Jin rolled over with the force. He looked up to see Haruka standing over him. She’d changed, her hair darker, her eyes filled with hatred.
“You asshole!” Haruka kicked him again “Why weren’t you there?! Why didn’t you take my side!? You should have been there!!! You should have protected me!!”
The blows hurt, they ached and Jin couldn’t fight back. He curled into a ball and shivered with the icy cold wind that rushed over him.

“I’m sorry,” he whimpered “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Then, something warm. A gentle hand rested on his cheek and Jin looked up. It was light again, but this time it was different. The sky wasn’t blue, it was orange. The world was bathed in a light orange-yellow glow and Jin wasn’t in the park anymore. He was in a room with a single bed.
He felt the hand again and looked up to see soft brown eyes looking over him. Jin recognised the curls of his hair, the soft warm body he was pressed into.
“Kazuya?” Jin breathed in disbelief.
“Shh,” Kazuya cupped his face warmly “It’ll be alright.”
“Where are we?” Jin asked, his eyes taking in the room “Where is-“
“It was just a bad dream,” Kazuya assured him with a smile “You’re here now.”
And Jin felt safe. Very safe. Here in Kazuya’s arms, he felt like nothing could touch him. Like he’d never let anything hurt Kazuya. He leaned into the other and just as their lips brushed…

“Wake up,” Yamapi whacked him in the face with a pillow.
Jin gasped, he sat up in a rush and looked around. He was in his room, he could hear someone having a shower down the hallway and Yamapi was standing over him with a pillow in his hand and a huge smile on his face.
Jin groaned and rubbed his face “You asshole.”
“You were going to sleep the entire day away,” Yamapi laughed and put the pillow down “Not that we can really tell anymore. The day is as dark as the night these days anyway.”
Jin checked the time and yawned “Did I miss breakfast?”
“It’s nearly lunchtime now,” Yamapi pointed out “I let you sleep through the morning but Takahiro’s called a meeting in the afternoon.”

“Another meeting?” Jin groaned “We’ve had too many meetings lately.”
“We need to decide what we’re going to do about Hiro,” Yamapi replied as he sat on the end of Jin’s bed “This can’t keep going on like this and we’re still stuck in here for two days. We won’t survive if we keep fighting.”
“You’re the one who threatened to kill him if he does it again,” Jin yawned, rubbing at his hair.
“I meant it,” Yamapi said, his tone a little more serious than it was before “What he’s doing is as good as killing us and if we let him carry on like this, we’ll all die. I’ll shoot him before I let that happen.”

Jin looked down and Yamapi sighed “But there’s something you have to do first,” he told the boy “If you’re not going to come out and tell Kame that he’s all you think about, fine. That’s your business. But break up with Haruka. Cut your ties with her because it’s clear you’re over this relationship.”
Jin nodded “I meant to do that last night but then…I figured out Hiro was in the kitchen.”
“So do it now,” Yamapi urged “She’s in her bedroom. Hiro is in the living room with Tegoshi.”
“She won’t want to talk to me,” Jin mumbled and Yamapi shrugged.
“The least you can do is try.”

Jin got dressed and walked out of his room. He glanced at Kazuya’s bedroom door but it was closed. He wondered if the other was inside or if he was somewhere else in the house.
Shaking his head from those thoughts, Jin noticed Haruka’s door slightly open. He peered inside and spotted her sitting on her bed.
“Haru,” he called. She looked up and Jin walked in “Can we talk?”
Haruka looked about as tired as he felt. Jin closed the door behind himself and went to sit on her bed.

Haruka had been crying. Jin could see the pinkness of her cheeks, the swollen eyes and drying tear tracks down the sides of her nose. Still she smiled at Jin and sniffed “We screwed up, didn’t we?”
“You didn’t do anything,” Jin replied “That was me…and mostly your father.”
“Jin,” Haruka sighed tiredly “Please don’t start on my father.”
“I’m not here to talk about him,” Jin assured her softly “But I am here to talk about us. You and me…we haven’t been working for awhile now and I know you’ve felt it too.”

Haruka nodded, a lone tear streaked down her cheek and she looked down “You stopped loving me,” she murmured.
“Yes, I did,” Jin admitted “We can’t keep doing this when we know it’s a lie. I know the timing couldn’t be worse, but we need to stop pretending we’re together when we’re not.”
Haruka looked like she’d seen this coming. But even if she had, that still didn’t stop the tears from coming down her cheeks anyway. Still she nodded and chuckled sadly “I was waiting for this,” she admitted “Ever since I saw the way you looked at Kamenashi-“
“This has nothing to do with him,” Jin replied firmly.
“Oh bullshit, don’t lie to me Jin! Not now!” Haruka shrieked at him “This is about Kamenashi. You were fine before he came along and now you can’t even look at me the way you look at him!”
“This is not about Kame!” Jin insisted “This is about you and me and there is no you and me! Not anymore.”

Haruka rolled her eyes and sniffed “The worst part is you don’t even see it. That’s what’s sad about this.”
“Haruka, I need to know,” Jin continued, his eyes watching her carefully “What are you going to do about your father?”
The girl looked up “What do you mean?”
“The way things are going, I don’t see Hiro coming with us when we leave,” Jin pointed out “Are you really going to stay if he does?”
“The way things are going, Takahiro will never let my father on the van,” Haruka sniffled “And yes, I will stay.”

She met Jin’s eyes and for once, her own eyes were filled with such unquestionable determination. Jin could not ever change her mind about this.
“He’s my father,” she told him “I’ll never leave him. Ever.”
Jin understood it. He didn’t want to but he did. Haruka only had one member of her family left and come hell or high water, she’d always take his side. Even when he was wrong.
He got up and moved to leave the room but before he did, Haruka looked up.

“Jin,” she spoke “If you’re really in love with Kamenashi, don’t wait. We don’t have time to wait. Not these days.”
Jin sighed “I’m not in love with Kamenashi,” he told her. He looked over her sad face and realised she deserved some truth, however small “I don’t know what I feel towards him. I just…maybe I like him. I don’t know.”
Haruka smiled, her first genuine smile in days and she shook her head “Then figure it out. Fast. That boy doesn’t stay single for long.”
Jin doubted he was single now anyway.

He left the room and when he went back into the hallway, he noticed Kazuya’s bedroom door was open now. He could see the other looking over some papers and walked over to peer into the room.
“Kame,” he spoke, causing Kazuya to look up “You alright?”
“Jin,” Kazuya smiled “Come in.”

Jin slid inside, he looked around the room and slowly went to sit on the end of Kazuya’s bed “Where’s Tegoshi?”
“Still in the living room with Hiro,” Kazuya replied, he put his papers down and looked at Jin “How are you holding up? Your jaw looks alright.”
“I’m better now,” Jin assured him “Big bruise on my abdomen but I’ll live. I just wanted to know how you’re coping with all of this.”

Kazuya shrugged, he looked as tired as anyone else in this house “It’s inevitable that people are going to start fighting when things get rough like this but Hiro’s not making it easier,” he admitted “Honestly, all I can think about is my brothers. I hope they’re alright…”
Jin thought about Koji and remembered how determined the other had been to keep both himself and Yuichiro safe. He shrugged “They’ll be fine. Koji’s pretty tough and Yuichiro can take care of himself.”
“I’m glad you met them,” Kazuya chuckled “But I need to find them myself. I need them. They’re my only family I have left.”

Jin was sharply reminded of Haruka’s loyalty to her father and thought about the only family he had left. His brother. He’d heard someone shoot Reio outside so in reality, Jin didn’t have any family left. The realisation was almost crushing.
“Sorry,” Kazuya spoke, as if he could read Jin’s mind “I know Reio’s death must have been hard.”
“I should have protected him,” Jin shook his head and met Kazuya’s eyes “But it’s in the past. What we need to do now is plan for the future and figure out how to deal with Hiro and Haruka.”
“Well, we know Haruka will follow Hiro, no matter what he does,” Kazuya supposed “So I guess the end say really goes to Hiro. If he decides to stay, we can try and convince Haruka to come with us but we can’t force her.”
Jin knew that already. He wished he didn’t understand it as well as he did.

“These days, people are lucky to have family,” Kazuya continued, watching Jin closely “Yuya was telling me that the statistics are coming to light. Deaths are more common amongst people over the age of 30 and amongst those, only 10% survive.”
“Hiro must be amongst the 10%,” Jin muttered and rubbed his face “Stubborn bastard.”
“Don’t let him get to you,” Kazuya advised with a sympathetic smile “We’ll figure out a way to deal with him that doesn’t end with you getting another black eye.”
“That would be appreciated,” Jin ran a hand through his hair and looked at Kazuya.

He wondered when these feelings began. Where they began. He hadn’t even noticed them coming but they’d been through all of the shit they endured so far together.
Was it romantic? Probably, Jin knew himself well enough to know when he was crushing on someone. Was it what caused him to break things off with Haruka? No but it hadn’t helped. Jin gently reached his hand out innocently. He settled it on the blanket, innocently brushing his finger over Kazuya’s.

It was innocent. So innocent in fact that Jin could claim he’d merely put his hand there. Kazuya met Jin’s eyes and Jin felt his own breath stop for a moment. Gently, slowly, Kazuya’s finger brushed over Jin’s. At first Jin couldn’t tell if he’d done it deliberately but on the second brush, he knew it was deliberate. He smiled and watched Kazuya’s eyes closely.
Kazuya frowned “Haruka?”
But Jin shook his head, he didn’t even need words. Everyone had been watching their relationship sink, it was really only a matter of time.
He knew Kazuya had seen it too.

Their fingers linked slightly and Jin swallowed hard. He was finding it a little harder to breathe as he looked at the younger “Tegoshi?”
Kazuya smiled and shook his head “He’s just a friend.”
Jin’s heart was beating too fast. His breathing hitched a little and his lips were getting dry at the very thought of what was going to happen. He watched Kazuya lean in and felt himself leaning in as well. Their lips, shy and quivering just brushed when a loud noise from the first floor made them both jump and pull away.

Another crash and Jin got up off the bed to investigate. Kazuya followed as they both headed downstairs and saw Takahiro manhandling Hiro onto the couch.
“Sit,” he ordered darkly “And don’t move a muscle or I’ll shoot it off, got it?”
“What happened?” Jin asked. He feared the worst already. Tegoshi was nowhere to be seen, the living room was in a mess and Hiro looked like he had something on his face.
“Caught this fucker in the pantry again,” Takahiro glared at the older man and turned to Jin “Got any rope?”
“Wait, what?!” Hiro protested.

“Where’s Tegoshi?” Kazuya asked, he looked around the living room and when he didn’t see the blonde boy, he ran into the kitchen. Jin followed and when the two of them saw Tegoshi, lying on the kitchen floor, Kazuya yelped and rushed to grab him.
“What happened?!” he asked as Jin helped him bring Tegoshi into the living room.
“That’s an interesting story, why don’t you tell them about it, Hiro?” Takahiro glanced at the older man. When Hiro glared at him, Takahiro sighed and turned back to Jin and Kazuya “HungerMax here was trying to get into the pantry again. Tegoshi stopped him. There was a fight and Tegoshi lost.”
Jin rolled his eyes and shook his head “Alright, bring the others in. We have to end this now or we’re not even going to make it to tomorrow.”

One more time they all gathered in the living room. Jin watched Kazuya patting a damp, cold cloth on Tegoshi’s forehead and wished he could understand what was going on now. It seemed ridiculous that here, in the midst of zombies knocking on their door (literally) and Hiro eating them all out of house and home, Akanishi Jin was struggling with hormones and a crush. It was such a pitifully small thing to worry about and yet when Jin looked at Kazuya, it was all he could think about.
What were they now? They nearly kissed so did Kazuya feel the same? If they became something, would Kazuya stop fucking every guy he passed? Jin bloody well hoped so because he wasn’t one for sharing.

“Alright, let’s solve this,” Takahiro decided once he’d tied Hiro up.
Haruka’s eye twitched “Is that really necessary?” she pointed to the rope wound around Hiro, binding his arms down to his sides. It was tied from his chest down to his waist and left absolutely no wiggle room.
“For this glutton, we might need more rope,” Takahiro answered before turning back to the rest of the group “We’re leaving in two days and if Hiro here, keeps getting access to the pantry, we’re not going to make it.”
“It’s not that…” Haruka began to protest but when she saw the identical glares from the other people in the room, she stopped and looked down.

“Clearly putting someone in charge of watching him didn’t work,” Yamapi nodded to the unconscious Tegoshi “So if we can’t stop Hiro himself, then we should just move the food.”
“Where?” Renji frowned “We’re stuck in one house and there’s no locks. It’s not like we can just hide it all in a safe.”
“I’m right here,” Hiro huffed “I can hear you just fine.”
“And if you want to keep it that way, you’ll shut your mouth,” Takahiro threatened sweetly. He turned to the rest “Look, Pi is right. Keeping an eye on Hiro didn’t work, so the only solution is to move the food.”
“So move what we’re taking with us and leave enough for the two days remaining,” Kazuya suggested “We take the stuff we’re going to take, out to the van and leave the things we’re going to need for the next two days, with someone who can be trusted. Haruka,” he turned to the girl “You keep an eye on your father, 24/7. If he eats any more food, we’ll stop feeding him completely. He can eat his share but that’s it. We can’t afford this.”
“Then I’ll give him mine!” Haruka glared at them all.
“Have it your way,” Takahiro rolled his eyes and made his way to the kitchen “Kamenashi, Akanishi, help me move the food out to the van. Yamashita, take the remaining to a hiding spot only you know about. Renji, keep an eye on Tegoshi, Haruka, if you untie your father, I’ll tie you up too.”

Jin glanced at the girl he could now call his ex-girlfriend, she was fairly angry and still fuming as she sat next to her father. Jin got up and followed Kazuya and Takahiro out to the kitchen to load the remainder of their supplies into boxes and move them out to the van in the backyard.
Packing the food into the boxes was the easy part, the hard part was moving the boxes out into the van. Whilst the backyard was fairly safe since it was locked off from the front and nobody could get into it without first going through the house, the fact remained that it was still cold out there and they were still surrounded by the walking undead.
If they made too much noise, the undead might just choose to jump the fence if they had the limbs to do so.

Jin helped carry the boxes to the door but when they were ready, he waited at the door and looked at Kazuya and Takahiro.
“I’ll unlock the van and we do this fast and quietly,” Takahiro decided, he looked at the two of them “You ready?”
They both nodded and when Takahiro opened the door, a gust of ice cold wind made them all shiver. Jin picked up as many boxes as he could carry and followed Takahiro out to the van. They opened the back and loaded the boxes inside.

It was freezing, it was dark and they could hear the groans and scratches of the undead hounding at the fence that protected them all.
“There’s three left,” Kazuya whispered as Takahiro put his last box inside. Jin was sorting the ones at the back, packing them in tightly so there would be space. Kazuya glanced back at Jin and turned to Takahiro “I’ll bring the last three in, Jin and I will sort out the boxes. You go back inside and keep an eye on Hiro.”
Takahiro nodded and headed back inside. Kazuya went back to grab the last three boxes before taking them back to the van and loading them inside. He then climbed in and closed the door behind himself to keep them both safely in.
“We’ve lost a lot of food,” Jin muttered, packing the boxes safely at the back of the van. He had a flashlight in the corner, lighting up what he needed to see as he grabbed another box and packed it in. The van was so dark, he could barely see Kazuya, let alone the boxes.
“Yes well, Hiro has the keys to the van so hopefully now, Hiro can’t get to these,” Kazuya shrugged. He made his way towards Jin, having to walk over the boxes to get to him.

Jin picked up a box and packed it on top of another. He took a deep breath and turned to say something, but before he could, he felt Kazuya’s lips blocking his.
For a moment, Jin just froze. His brain couldn’t even comprehend what was happening, was Kazuya kissing him? Why? Was this a continuation of what they could have done in the bedroom? Why was he kissing him now? Did this mean they were exclusive, or was Kazuya still going to screw Tegoshi?
Kazuya pulled back and Jin looked at him. He could barely see him in the darkness but he could see Kazuya’s lips pulling into a small smile.
“I told Takahiro to let us sort the rest,” Kazuya whispered and Jin could feel his own hands taking Kazuya’s small waist.
Jin swallowed hard “I um…I keep thinking. Like…I know we have other things to worry about, there’s a zombie apocalypse, the sun may never rise again, we’ll probably all die when the resources dry up and in light of all that stuff, this is really insignificant but…but if we do this, are we…you know…us?”
Kazuya looked confused “You’ve lost me.”
“I mean we are…dating?” Jin asked, his cheeks were burning with embarrassment and he was just thankful it was too dark to really see him.

Kazuya chuckled “I don’t think anyone dates these days,” he giggled and leaned into Jin “But yes, if you want to. We’ll do that.”
“I mean,” Jin gritted his teeth and dropped his pride for a moment “I mean will you only be mine? Stop sleeping with Tegoshi?”
Kazuya laughed and nodded “Yes, okay, I’ll stop sleeping with Tegoshi,” he promised.
Jin felt a little better. Albeit very, very childish for worrying about such trivial matters in the midst of an apocalypse that would most likely kill them all. Still, he felt better. It was the little things he could concentrate on now. Big things…well they could wait another two days.

Kazuya kissed him again and Jin’s eyes closed. His arms tightened around Kazuya’s waist, bringing the smaller boy closer to him until they were snug against each other. Kazuya’s hands slid into Jin’s hair and Jin slowly sank against the boxes until they were sitting on the floor of the van, wrapped up in each other.
They wouldn’t do anything more than kissing tonight and they had to get back inside soon and deal with the internal storm brewing in their house. But if there was one thing this apocalypse had taught them, it was that their lives were hideously short these days. They had to enjoy what little pleasures they had left. There was no time for hesitation. Not anymore.


North Pacific Ocean
Just outside of Ibaraki, Japan

The boat rocked violently, tossing its unfortunate passengers around. Named the Swing-Cruise, the boat wasn’t a large one, but comfortable and small enough to have seven passengers at most. It was hardy, well used and broken in some areas. For instance the rudder could use some maintenance; it had holes in certain parts of the floor and every single creak and shudder made the passengers afraid that this would finally be the day it would sink and take them all with it.
But it hadn’t done that yet.

The ship rocked again, causing Fujigaya Taisuke to rush to the side of the ship. As he hurled, the boy sitting right beside him, rolled his eyes.
“Honestly,” Yabu Kota huffed as he got up and patted Fujigaya’s back, he helped hold his hair back and listened to him retching “Thank god I didn’t want to eat.”

Another boy came up from the cabin, pausing when he saw Fujigaya bent over the side of the ship “Is he hurling again?”
“Leave him be, Hikaru,” Yabu sighed and rubbed Fujigaya’s back “He’s not used to the sea.”
“Why did we take him with us again?” Yaotome Hikaru took the magazine Yabu had been reading and sat down to read it.

Yabu waited until Fujigaya was done before sitting him down and wandering off to get him some water from their reserve canister. He came back with a small amount in a plastic cup “We’re running out of water, we need to dock for supplies soon.”
“Tell that to the captain, not me,” Hikaru tapped at the small outdoor lamp they had before turning the page of his magazine.
Yabu looked over Fujigaya before turning to Hikaru “Is he up yet?”
“Don’t know,” Hikaru shrugged “But he’ll be up soon. No doubt with a plan of some sort.”
Yabu got the feeling Hikaru didn’t really trust their Captain but decided not to bring it up. Hikaru already seemed annoyed and really, they were stuck on a boat in the middle of the sea. Getting into fights here was not wise.

“Sorry,” Fujigaya rasped and shivered “It’s the movement.”
“I know,” Yabu rubbed his shoulder “You’ll get used to it. Besides, it’s safer out here than it is on land. Zombies may be able to survive underwater but they’ve got other predators to worry about in the water. They can’t get to us.”
“The only problem with being stuck on a boat is that we’re safe, but we’re away from every single supply on land,” Hikaru added “We run out of food, water and medicine much faster and god knows how long we’ll have to be stuck out here.”

Yabu’s eye twitched but he decided not to argue. Hikaru was just poking because he was annoyed and again, getting into a fight in the middle of the ocean was not wise.
“We’ll see what the Captain decides, maybe you can stretch your legs on land when we go to find some more food,” Yabu promised Fujigaya.
“Yeah,” Hikaru looked up from his magazine and smirked “How about some chicken? Or maybe some shrimp?”

Fujigaya went pale as he raced back to the side and threw up again. Yabu rolled his eyes and was going to help him when he saw the cabin door open again. He blinked “Captain, you’re up! Good, um, we’re running out of food and water, Fujigaya is sick again and I’m pretty sure we’re sailing close to Ibaraki. What are your orders?”

Stepping out and stopping in front of the steering wheel, Akanishi Reio looked over the endless darkness ahead and sighed. No sun. No moon. How they navigated and didn’t crash was only a miracle.
“Set a course for Ibaraki,” Reio ordered Hikaru “Navigate slowly, there’s some rocks ahead if memory serves correctly. We’ll see what we can scavenge from the outlying towns. Tell the others to get ready. Yabu, do a count of what we’re going to need and Fujigaya…” he leaned over to watch the other retching “When you’re done there, check on the sails.”
The boys did as they were told and when they were gone, Reio turned his eyes back to the sea.

It was so dark, nothing in sight. Reio’s hand felt the small scar on his right temple and took a deep breath. If Jin could see him now. Talking and in charge of a crew on a ship of all places. But logically it just made sense, out on the sea, the zombies had a lessened chance of getting them. It seemed safer.
For now at least.
But the longer Reio was out here, the more he thought about his brother and what he was doing right now. Was he still stuck in the warehouse? Had he managed to escape? Reio didn’t know. He had no way of knowing and that was what was killing him.

Reio’s eyes scanned the distance as far as he could see (which, admittedly, wasn’t that far) before turning back and patting Fujigaya’s back as he went. He could spare no second thought for his brother. He had a crew to look after and they had to survive. That was all that mattered now.


Z/N: Hellllooooo hello hello hello people!
I'm currently in my second week of holidays and aside from freaking out about upcoming assignments due RIGHT when I get back and other things to lose my head over, I've had it fairly easy lately. Sleeping in, going to work, writing, catching up on stuff and annoying Jen with New Zealand's new obsession with PokemonGO. There are varied opinions on it and mine is just one in a million but for my part, I like the game. I walk around and while I'm catching virtual animals, I'm spending a lot of time thinking and exercising at the same time.

Anyway, that was Nightfall. There is more to come later but as I'm catching up on my long lost Multichapters (And I'm sorry, most of you might have had to read chapter ten just to get a recap on what was going on in this story since it's been SO long since I updated it) this is just one in about four...I think. I'm going to catch up on the other multichapters too. Probably tackling Son of the Signs next.

Anyway, I should sleep...and ignore the Jigglypuff right outside my bedroom window XD
Night all! Love you!

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