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Hey guys, welcome back to Zara's brain.

At the moment, considering I am the owner of said brain and I need a map to navigate it, I reckon it would be nearly impossible for anyone else to understand what's going on in there and why (except for maybe a few individuals who seem to have a backstage pass to it...namely [ profile] jennie_annie and [ profile] rikachi)
Anyway, whilst getting lost in writing projects and game projects and basically surfing Youtube out of boredom (Read: Doing absolutely everything humanly possible to avoid doing what I really have to do, which is my literature review) I came across an interesting article written by somebody who was obviously born in the 1990's. It both laments and congratulates both 90s and millenium children on the world they've been born into and affected. Songs, pop culture, TV shows and such change with each generation and there's no doubt that in the millenium (2000 onwards), things are getting faster and faster and faster. I'm pretty sure the same thing has been said by every generation ever and even saying it now makes me feel somewhat old. Nevermind.

For instance, if I had access to a thing called Pokemon GO and an iPhone when I was 8 years old or something like that, my childhood would have looked VERY different. Instead, when I was 8, I was getting in trouble for jumping on the furniture because the floor was lava.

But since I'm procrastinating here and since this is a blog that people occasionally read (mostly they come for the stories though) I thought I might break down about 10 songs that basically made up my childhood in the 90's. I'm a 90's child, I grew up with parents who listened to everything stretching as far back as the 50's. But these ten songs were the songs that turned up a shitload of the time. Note, this doesn't mean I personally listened to them, sometimes they were just on the radio where I couldn't reach to change the station. But they were there and when I hear them, I know where they came from.

So welcome back to the 1990's in New Zealand.

10. Nena - 99 Luftballons (1983)

This is not a song from the 90's, but it played a lot in the 90's. (How ironic that I begin my list with a song that actually isn't from the 90's!) Enough for me to recognise it word for word despite it being in German. Considering there is an English version that was released to England (and by extension, New Zealand) you'd think I'd remember the English version more but actually I don't. I didn't actually hear the English version until long after I'd memorised the German one. Here my parents are trying to teach me how to sing about birds in Maori and I'm singing about 99 balloons in German. #languagefail

9. Bomfunk MC - Freestyler (1999)

A song that became way popular in the 90's, there was absolutely no way I could avoid it. I think one memory I have that stands out above the rest is lounging on the floor on a Saturday, I was thinking about doing something but I was too lazy to actually get up and do it so I just stayed there. On the TV they kept playing this as number one on the countdown charts. I squirmed on my back from the living room to the hallway using the beat as my took me awhile to get to the door and even longer to reach the doorknob because I wasn't getting up to do that.

8. Sash! Ecuador (1997)

Not that I really paid attention to this song but it screams 90's. Everything about it screams 90's to me. My father got this compilation CD of songs that were popular (at the time) and this was on the tracklist. I think it had 18 songs and he only bought the CD for one song (oh ye days when you couldn't just easily download the one song you wanted without having to go through a ton of shit to get to it)
Back then I had no idea what Ecuador was, i just remember wondering why this guy was screaming 'Ecuador' all the time.

7. Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (1998)

You know, despite the easy to hear lyrics, I don't remember actually paying any attention to them. Of this entire list, this is also the one song I never saw the musc video to because it was always playing on the radio instead of the countdowns. But did I boogie to this one? You can pretty much guarantee that I was in the backseat of the car bouncing and generally making a nuisance of myself. I liked club-like songs even then. (Which must have been a warning of things to come really...*glances at Jin*)

6. TLC - No Scrubs (1999)

My mother was a huge TLC fan. She had the CD and would play it all the time. I don't just mean she'd play it at home, no, no, no, she'd play the CD. On Repeat. In her car. And since I was in her car every single day because she was either taking me to and from school or other places in the weekend, you can bet your ass I know the words to this one. It could have been worse. She could have been a fan of Kate Bush...

5. Iio - Rapture (2001)

Again, not a 90's song but I was still a ratbag then anyway. This counts as childhood. Quite like 'Better off alone' this song ended up on high rotation and thus, belongs to the part of my mind that associates it to 'The Ratbag Era', in which I was a horrible child and did everything my parents told me not to do. Considering the timing, this song was probably playing in the background as I was doing something like apple-pie-ing my sisters bed. (In which you fold the sheets and tuck them in in such a way that the bed looks made but when you try and get in, the sheets won't let you.)
Interesting fact, a poll looking into the background music for porn videos placed this song at number one!

4. Guns'n'Roses - Sweet Child of Mine (1988)

I think you get by now that not everything on this list is exactly limited to the 1990's. Before TLC, my mother also had a huge thing for Guns'n'Roses. She used tapes (the kind you rewind manually in the car) and it only had two songs. 'November Rain' and 'Sweet Child'. So this made up a lot of my preschool years. My sister and I paid less attention to Barney, Hi 5 and Teletubbies and we paid way more attention to this song. Did that make us weird in preschool?.....maybe. I don't remember. Everyone was weird back then anyway. Who's normal?

3. Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (1995)

Ah, the story of a white teacher who ends up in a downtown highschool to teach underprivileged delinquents who get in trouble with the law all the time...I never saw the movie, but I know the song. I've got no idea where this song came from really, I suppose it spent about 5 weeks at number one on the countdown charts before they finally let it rest...then it turned up on the radio all the time. So really, there was no avoiding it. In New Zealand, it was popular and I don't know anyone over here who doesn't know that song...unless they were born after 2005....

2. Spice Girls - Wannabe (1996)

Let's put it this way, if you were alive around this time, chances are you've heard of them. And I'd be kidding myself if they didn't make this list at some point. What fascinates me is how big they became, like everyone knew them, and then when everything fell apart and they ceased to be, everyone denied ever liking them. In my group of friends, I was always Baby Spice (because I was younger than all of them) so when we went to each others houses, I'd have to wear baby blue or white. It wasn't that I didn't like the role, but when my friend decided we were all going to be Spice Girls, my role was the fastest one chosen simply because I was the youngest. *mutters* good thing I was blonde and smaller than all of them back then hindsight, there was no other role I could have ever fit. At the time that Spice Girls was popular, my group of friends and I consisted of exactly 5 people so actually it was perfect.

1. Eiffel 65 - Blue (1999)

If I'd seen the lyrics to this song back then, that would have silenced so many arguments! My friends and I never agreed on what the actual lyrics of this song were. The following five suggestions of the main chorus were what my friends and I could never ever agree on. Each one of us had a different interpretation and we were all wrong.

"I'm blue, and I was the other guy, I was the other guy"
"I'm blue and I'd beat off a guy, and I'd beat off a guy"
"I'm blue and indeed I'm a guy, and indeed I'm a guy"
"I'm blue and I bleed on a guy, and I bleed on a guy"
"I'm blue and I'd beat up a guy, and I'd beat up a guy"
One of my friends was 10 years old at the time she suggested that interpretation and had no idea what 'beat off a guy' meant...then again neither did most of us. The only one of us who kept laughing at that suggestion was a girl named Ashleigh...who probably knew exactly what it meant but she never told us. This was a song that got stuck in everyone's heads.

OKAY, enough procrastinating. Back to doing what I'm supposed to be doing....pfft. I'm probably just going to distract myself with something else. See you guys next time I post another chapter!
(and if you've read this far, I'm impressed and a little flattered but...don't you have anything better to do? >_<)

Love, Zara
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