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Title: PV Series: Don't U Ever Stop
Authors: [ profile] mazauric
Pairing: Akame
Rating: R
Summary: This job was supposed to be easy. Get in, kill the target and get out again. Kazuya wasn't really counting on having to work with Akanishi Jin to get out alive again. (Inspired from 5 cans of Raizin, 2 hours of sleep and 3 runthroughs of Don't U Ever Stop whilst I procrastinated not writing my assignments)
Disclaimer: If I got money from writing these, it would become my fulltime job. Sadly, I can't claim rights over anything but the plot.

The waitress has a smile too wide as she sets down the bacon and eggs in front of Kazuya. She lingers a little too long, waiting to see if he’s going to say anything to her and makes no effort to hide her disappointment when he doesn’t. He flicks her off with a wave of his hand and turns back to his benefactor when she’s out of hearing distance.

His benefactor, Makino, is a man in his late forties. He’s sleazy, fatter than is probably healthy and couldn’t run to save his life but he’s never let Kazuya down for ten years. Regardless of the fact that nobody with a grain of sense would trust him, he somehow manages to get the most interesting information.

He pushes a paper towards Kazuya and leans back to sip his tea.

“I’ve got a beautiful one for you today,” he grins. Kazuya can see the sugar from his donut staining his top lip.

Kazuya reaches for the envelope and pulls it open. Inside is a single photo, taken from afar. A woman with blonde hair and a slender figure. Kazuya can only see the side of her face but she’s not Japanese. He spots the slight bump of her nose, her pale skin and a small dot on the side of her chin. He flicks the photo over to see a single name scribbled in the corner ‘Grace’.

He snorts and puts the photo down “Grace? What’s this?”

“That is ten billion dollars, American, walking in high heels,” Makino says “And she’s got a huge price on her head.”

“Dead or alive?” Kazuya asks, biting into a piece of toast.

“Dead,” Makino smiles “She’s a naughty little girl. Got herself in bed with the wrong people here.”

“What did she do to warrant an assassin coming after her?” Kazuya raises an eyebrow at the man “Did she sleep with a yakuza lord and stiff him? What?”

“I’m afraid the situation runs a little deeper and certainly more complicated than that,” Makino sighs “But those details most certainly don’t concern you.”

“If she has a price on her head, I’m assuming I’m not the only assassin coming after her ass,” Kazuya pushes away the rest of his food “Especially that amount of money.”

“Smart, that’s why I like you,” Makino beams.

He takes Kazuya’s leftover barely-touched food and starts wolfing it down “Yes, a target with that amount on her head will attract others. That’s why this has a time limit on it. If you get her first and bring her to the people who want her, you get the prize first.”

“I don’t do well in races,” Kazuya huffs, unimpressed “Assassins don’t work well together. They get in each other's way and I don’t particularly feel like a repeat of the Kuromachi incident.”

That had been a particularly memorable incident in which Kazuya had been after a target, Kuromachi Ken. The problem was, he hadn’t been the only one and he’d gotten in the way of another assassin who almost shot him in the head.

“Ah yes,” Makino sighs, almost reluctantly “Well...there is a chance that Akanishi Jin will be there too.”

“Price that high? Yes he will be there,” Kazuya rolls his eyes “Must I remind you the mess we got into the last time we were after the same target? Kuromachi got away because-”

“Because you and Akanishi were busy fighting and he used your distraction to get away, yes I remember,” Makino sighs “But a target with a price this big cannot be ignored. It’s up to you, take the job or leave it but that amount of money is nothing to be sniffed at. You’re one of the best assassins I know, you can get the job done. Don’t let one bad incident put you off. You can do this one, otherwise I wouldn’t have told you about it.”

Kazuya thinks about it, he picks up the photo and turns it over between his fingers. There’s not much to this girl. Skinny American in heels, blonde hair, slender figure, she’s bait. But Kazuya knows better than to underestimate his targets. They’ve surprised him before and if this girl has a price that large on her head, she did something impressive enough for someone to want her dead.

“What did she do?” he can’t help but ask, his light eyes flicking up to Makino who has now eaten at least 90% of his food “A ten billion price on her head? She did something big.”

“Ten billion at least,” Makino corrects him “Look I don’t know details. You know I don’t do details. More often than not, the less we know, the safer we are. These jobs, our jobs are just to kill the target and bring them back without getting in any shit that ‘ain’t got nothin’ to do with us.”

Kazuya watches him and Makino relents. He gestures Kazuya to come in closer and Kazuya reluctantly leans in. It’s not like anyone’s listening, it’s a morning diner for fucks sake, most of the people in here this early in the morning are hungover. But then Makino has always been more careful than necessary.

“That girl broke the wrong heart,” Makino says in a quiet voice “She’s far sneakier than she appears.”

Kazuya barks a laugh and leans back again “Fucking kidding me,” he chuckles “This is about love?”

It’s ridiculous when Kazuya thinks about it. Hurricanes, natural disasters, starving people, war, all the things going wrong in the world and the people who have enough money to make a significant difference are busy spending that money on killing dumb bitches who cheat on them.

Not that Kazuya’s an advocate, he kills people for a living but at least he’s fairly certain that if someone breaks his heart, he’s going to kill the fucker himself.

“No, this isn’t about love...not anymore anyway,” Makino shakes his head “It’s revenge.”

“A price that high, you can’t expect me to believe it was just something like she cheated on him or she ran off with his money,” Kazuya taps the photo on the table and shrugs. He reaches for his hat “Where is she?”

“She’ll be in a club tonight, that’s what my sources say anyway,” Makino says and produces a small business card from his pocket. It’s black, sleek and in electric blue writing it says ‘ELECTROLITE’

Kazuya nods, he pockets the card and puts the bill on the table “Thanks for breakfast.”


Meanwhile, in another part of town, Akanishi Jin scoffs at the photo and puts it down.

“No fucking way,” he laughs at his benefactor, a woman who is looking rather pissed on the other side of the table.

“Jin-” she tries, her voice just on the tone of exasperation and it is obvious to anyone who watches this, that she has been through this before with Akanishi Jin “We need that money.”

“A job that hot is going to attract extra heat and that didn’t end well last time,” Jin reminds her as he takes a sip of his morning coffee. He leans back in the booth seat and shakes his head “Go get one of your juniors to do it instead.”

“Jin, you’re the one who can get this job done cleanly,” the woman, Aya, reminds him “You’re one of my best. Don’t go wimping out on me now all because of fucking Kamenashi Kazuya.”

“He shot me in the ass!” Jin points out, almost dropping his coffee in the process.

He leans back in his seat and shakes his head. The last time he’d run in with Kamenashi Kazuya, his target had gotten away. That was the one and only time Akanishi Jin had ever lost a client and he knew better than anyone that a job with this much cash on its head was going to attract heat. Namely Kamenashi Kazuya.

“The bullet grazed your ass,” Aya reminds him “and besides, getting nearly shot is an occupational hazard for guys like you!” she snaps “Now look, we are chin-deep in debt here-”

“Not my problem,” Jin reminds her “You. Benefactor. Me. Assassin. Your shit is not my shit. You get me to kill people and take a 10% commission, but your shit is still not my shit.”

“It’ll become your shit when I’m taken out by loan sharks and you suddenly lose all your jobs,” Aya reminds him in an icy tone.

Jin wonders if he should have ordered vodka instead.

“Now look. The price on this girls head is over ten billion,” Aya tells him “She got in bed with the wrong people and now they’re after her blood. This job isn’t a retrieve, it’s a kill.”

Jin looks at the photo again. Long legs, blonde hair, foreign, pretty. She’s bait.

“She didn’t just fuck over some yakuza patsy and get a ten billion dollar price put on her head,” Jin surmises as he flicks the photo over and sees the name scribbled on the back “She did something else.”

“I don’t do details, you know that,” Aya sighs, irritated “Just get in there and kill her before anyone else does. Bring the body back and we’re all set up for life.”

Jin takes a deep breath. He looks over the photo again and shakes his head. Normally, a target with long legs, blonde hair and a pretty face comes with it’s fair share of problems. But if the price is low enough, no other assassin would touch it. This one is different and he knows better than to hope that Kamenashi Kazuya won’t already be hunting her down.

He feels a familiar feeling of competition boiling his blood and knows he can’t let Kamenashi win this one.

“Fine, send me the details,” he relents and finishes his coffee before heading out. He really should have ordered the vodka.


The club is already at near-full capacity when Kazuya walks in. He’s dressed appropriately at least. Purple hat, silver shiny clothing that shines when the light hits it right, he’s dressed like a guy who intends to dance the night away. Or have his end away. Either or.

Pulling the purple hat down a little, he saunters to the bar and orders something light to start off with. As the bartender nods and heads off, Kazuya turns around and lazily leans against the bar, his eyes scanning the area. The club isn’t small. There’s the ground floor and the upper floor where people are dancing near the railing. He spots some red curtains on the far end of the room, the VIP section where people are more permitted to sit and look privileged, rather than dance.

He takes a breath. From what he knows, a job this hot is going to attract attention from more than just himself and Akanishi Jin. There are others in the area who would fly towards this target like a bee to honey. From what Kazuya knows about them, they’re dangerous but they’re not necessarily his style.

There’s Taguchi Junnosuke, who - if he was here tonight - would be with the dancers. It makes sense after all, it’s a club, people are dancing and this chick isn’t going to suspect an attack from someone grinding up against another to the music.

Kazuya scans the room and hums to himself. Ueda Tatsuya would be here too but Kazuya would never be able to pick him out in this crowd. It’s not that he’s a master of disguise, but that he’s fast. Too fast.

Tanaka Koki would be here too and Kazuya had brushed with him before. Not in a job, he’d been drinking once and the man tried to get him drunk and get in his pants. Kazuya only found out he was an assassin after his benefactor came in screaming at him to get his job done and stop chasing ass.

Finally, Kazuya bites his lip, Nakamaru Yuichi. Clubs like these were not his style at all but the man would be here for the money. Underestimating his easily-missable figure would be the last mistake anyone can make.

The music pounds in Kazuya’s ears and he turns around to take his drink from the bar. He takes only one sip before someone sidles up next to him and drapes an arm around his waist. Kazuya smiles and puts his drink down “Evening, Koki.”

“Kame-chan,” Koki purrs “I take it you’re here for the same reason I’m here?”

“What reason would that be?” Kazuya hums, feigning innocence.

“A blonde with killer legs and a stunning ass?” Koki grins, his hand sneaks down just a little to smack Kazuya’s “Of course between you and me, your ass is better.”

Kazuya shakes his head but he honestly doesn’t mind Koki. Koki didn’t manage to get him in bed last time and he probably won’t this time either. Kazuya has a job to do and not even Koki is going to beat him to it.

“Well you’re out of luck baby,” Koki tells him “I haven’t spotted her.”

“That doesn’t mean she’s not here,” Kazuya sees the door open and growls when he sees Akanishi Jin’s figure waltz in.

He hands Koki his drink “Here,” he says “Finish it for me.”

Kazuya ditches Koki at the bar and disappears into the dancing crowd. If he’s going to beat Akanishi Jin to that girl, he has to start looking for her now.

At the door, Jin blows a bubble with his gum that pops cleanly. He sucks in the gum before it sticks to his lips and looks around. The club is packed tight, people are grinding against each other for lack of room to dance and the music isn’t bad either. He’d chosen an outfit to match the evening and although he knows his hair extensions probably won’t fool Kamenashi Kazuya, it might fool the other assassins he knows are here tonight.

They’re long, they feel like rope and they’re pulling his head and giving him a headache but he looks good and he knows he looks good tonight. With any luck, this Grace will see him, want to fuck him and she’ll just come to him.

It’s worked on his targets before.

He saunters through the room, brushing past people, some who try and stop him so they can dance with him. Jin brushes them off and makes his way into the middle of the room to scan quickly. Bar. Dance floor. Second floor. Balcony. VIP section.

He spots Tanaka Koki at the bar, Taguchi Junnosuke is dancing on the balcony and lord knows where the others are. If he were a foreign blonde girl with a hefty price on his head, he’d be in the VIP section.

Actually he wouldn’t be here at all. This chick has to be dumb as fuck to party when she’s got a price on her head but Jin hopes her stupidity will come in handy tonight. An easy job would be nice. If he kills her before midnight, he might just be able to get back home in time to watch The Great British Bakeoff.

He saunters close to the VIP section and looks over his options. Naturally, this section is barred. One either has to have a lot of cash or a lot of influence to get their names on that list and Jin has neither of those things working for him right now. The bouncers in front of the area are the typical stoic, strong type in black clothes and sunglasses inside. Jin’s dealt with them before but taking them out will cause a scene and if Grace sees that someone is after her, she might bolt and disappear before Jin has a chance to nab her. No. If he’s going to get this girl, she can’t see it coming. He can’t afford to have her running out on him and getting killed by someone else.

He heads to the bar and orders a whiskey. He messes his hair up a little, pulls his shirt open and messes with the necklaces he has draped over himself. Finally, he takes a couple of shots, takes the whiskey in hand and starts stumbling towards the bouncers.

He stumbles right into the least intimidating one on the left and spills a bit of whiskey on the man.

“Whoops! Sorry,” Jin chuckles drunkenly.

The bouncer looks unimpressed but has a hand on Jin’s shoulder to keep him upright “Watch where you’re going,” he huffs.

“Hey this is a cool section, I haven’t been here before,” Jin slurs and takes a giant swig of his whiskey. He hands the empty glass to the other bouncer and looks at what he can past the curtains “How come I never saw this section before?”

“This is the VIP section, sir,” the bouncer explains, his hand still on Jin’s shoulder “You can’t go in there.”

Jin can’t see much from where he’s practically leaning on the bouncer to get a decent look in the VIP section. It’s just as packed as the outside area but he sees a couple of foreigners. Finally, he spots his girl way in the back, sipping on a glowing blue drink and watching the crowd, as if she’s watching just like him. He wonders if she already knows someone’s coming for her.

“Sir,” the bouncer finally pulls Jin back and sets him on his feet again “You’re not allowed in there.”

“Okay, okay,” Jin slurs and pats the man on the shoulder “Can I just tell you that you have beautiful eyes?”

The bouncer looks equal parts confused and horrified before someone grabs Jin’s shoulder and pulls him back.

“There you are” Kazuya smiles wide and pulls in closer, his hand on Jin’s shoulder is practically digging into his skin as he reels him in and smiles at the bouncers “Sorry about him. I take my eyes off him for one second and he’s already trying to get himself in trouble.”

“Hey,” Jin tries to wrench him off but Kazuya is surprisingly strong for such a little weed.

“Just a night out, you know?” he grins at the bouncers “Is it always this crowded? I’m a little worried I’m going to lose him again.”

“Is he your…” the other bouncer looks between them and Kazuya, for all his ad-libbing, doesn’t want to pretend he’s Jin’s anything, especially not his lover.

Kazuya grins “I’m his caretaker,” he explains easily “He’s a little mentally retarded, I’m supposed to watch him tonight. But we’re celebrating. This is the first day he’s gone 24 hours without shitting himself.”

Jin grits his teeth. He has two options now, either to play along with Kazuya or bust his cover right away which would get them both in trouble and probably kicked out if he makes a big enough fuss. He contemplates shitting himself just to embarrass Kazuya but these pants cost way too much for that, not to mention his original plan was to seduce Grace to him. There’s something about a guy with shit on his pants that just turns off a girl.

“There you are,” he leans into Kazuya and spills a bit of whiskey on his shiny clothes. Jin’s face bumps a little into Kazuya’s cheek and he notes the other actually smells kind of nice. He didn’t get this close to him last night to figure that out.

“Here, here, Jin,” Kazuya takes his glass and hands it back to the bouncer “Come on, let's get you to a bathroom just in case.”

The bouncers stare as Jin stumbles off with Kazuya. When the assassins are far enough that they’re not seen, Jin immediately shoves himself off Kazuya and rounds on him.

“I had that under control, I didn’t need your help,” he hisses.

“Oh yeah you were about to get your ass manhandled out of there,” Kazuya folds his arms “Nice plan with the acting drunk, it’s not like they haven’t seen that trick a million times.”

“Got a better idea?!” Jin holds out his arms in exasperation.

Before Kazuya can answer, Ueda Tatsuya appears beside him. Kazuya doesn’t even see where he came from but he’s there, brown locks hanging adorably over his seemingly harmless face and eyes blazing.

“Hate to break up this love fest,” Ueda says “But this isn’t the best place to talk.”

“Take it somewhere else, little league,” Jin huffs and turns his attention to Kazuya “And you, back off. This one is my job, you owe me after Kuromachi.”

“I owe you?!” Kazuya splutters “You little shit, you’re lucky you only got out of there with a bruise on your left asscheek. Because of you, he got away!”

“Me?!” Jin snaps “Me?! You’re the one who was trying to fuck him!”

“Oh and you’ve never seduced a target?!” Kazuya yells.

“Hey!” Ueda snaps and glares at them both “This is not the time and place and there is something bigger going on here! Follow me.”

“Yeah right,” Jin huffs “I know better than to follow an assassin into a dark room.”

Ueda glares at him and groans before disappearing again into the crowd. He comes back with Nakamaru who goes right up to Jin and grabs his ear.

“OW!” Jin howls as Nakamaru reaches over and grabs Kazuya’s as well.

The two of them stumble after him, Ueda following behind them towards the back rooms.

They’re thrown inside and when Kazuya looks up, he sees Taguchi and Koki already inside, both of them watching the two of them like they’re idiots.

“What is this?” Kazuya asks, turning around to see Ueda closing the door and locking them all inside. Kazuya huffs “What, you’re going to kill us?!”

“Relax,” Nakamaru sighs, he pinches the bridge of his nose and tries to ward off a headache “If I wanted you dead, I’d send someone else to get their ass kicked by you two.”

Still, Kazuya and Jin are stuck in a room with four other assassins, it’s not exactly the most ideal situation considering any one of them would kill the other for money.

“This is a set-up,” Nakamaru explains tiredly “I thought it was suspicious that a girl would have this much cash on her head, so I looked into the details.”

You don’t bother with the details,” the others say in unison.

“Not bothering with details is what gets assassins killed and we’re going to be next if you don’t shut up and listen to me,” Nakamaru snaps. The others shut their mouths and Nakamaru checks his watch “Okay, we have an hour at best before some really bad people come in here and pick us off. We’ve been sold out.”

“Sold out?” Jin frowns “By who?”

“Our benefactors. Who else?” Nakamaru explains, now exasperated “They’ve been paid off to send us into a trap and...for gods sake we all walked into it.”

“Wait, wait,” Taguchi holds out his hands “My benefactor would never sell me out!”

“He did, and from what I’ve found out, you were the cheapest,” Nakamaru tells him with an almost sympathetic nod.

Taguchi looks floored for a moment before he grits his teeth “Motherfucker.”

“Wait, so Grace isn’t even the target?” Jin frowns and looks at the picture he still has in his pocket.

“Oh no, Grace is the target,” Nakamaru chuckles “But she’s the one who put the price on her head. She’s the head of a very powerful family in America, they’re pissed off that an assassin here took out her husband, Daniel Medici.”

All heads turn to Jin and the man in question shrinks a little “I didn’t know that girl belonged to him! He tried to kill me when he walked in on us.”

“Fucking hell, Jin,” Kazuya groans “Trust you to get us all in the shit because you fuck the wrong person.”

“Does she know her husband was cheating on her?” Jin holds out his arms “I’m not the bad guy here!”

“No, you just shot a very powerful man and put us all in the shit because his piece-of-shit blonde wife paid our benefactors out to sell us out here,” Taguchi drawls “No biggie.”

“Shut up all of you,” Nakamaru groans “The doors are locked. The second Akanishi came in, they locked the doors and they’re waiting on the Kimura family to come in and pick us off. We need to come up with a plan before they do that.”

“A plan?” Jin huffs “Fuck that. Grace is our biggest asset here, I say we hold her hostage.”

“And how do you plan on getting to her? She’s guarded and we’re outnumbered,” Ueda frowns “That’s no ordinary VIP section she’s sitting in. She’s surrounded by guards from the Kimura Group.”

“Then why don’t they just take us out?” Kazuya frowns “We’re all here, why are they waiting?”

“They don’t trust that the 10 guys in there are able to take out six assassins,” Nakamaru replies “They’re waiting on the rest because then they’ll really out-number us. Until they come, it’s a waiting game.”

“So we are able to deal with the crowd in the VIP section,” Kazuya surmises “Ten guys against six. Those aren’t bad odds.”

“For you two maybe,” Koki folds his arms “I may be an assassin but I don’t take on armed crowds like you two do.”

“Told you, little league,” Jin rolls his eyes “We go in, take out the guards, grab the girl and when the rest of those fuckers come, we deal with them too. Then we take care of the piece of shit benefactors who put us in here.”

“It’s not that simple,” Nakamaru looks like he’s trying to talk to a child “That woman is not unarmed, she’s the head of the Medici clan. We do NOT want to get in a war with them.”

“The alternative is we all sit here and wait for the Kimura Group to get here and kill us,” Kazuya points out “I’m rarely on Jin’s side, but this time he’s making sense. The Medici clan may not be a war we want to get into but our options are fairly limited at this point. It’s kill or be killed and you’re all assassins too.”

Koki takes a breath and holds up his hand “I’m with Kame on this one,” he admits.

“You’re biased,” Taguchi points out.

“Yeah maybe but still,” Koki shrugs and looks at Nakamaru “We don’t have a choice. We’re locked in a club, waiting on a bigger crowd to come and kill us and I don’t know about you guys but I don’t really want to wait for them.”

“Neither,” Ueda mutters “Once the rest of the Kimura’s get here, we’ll have to deal with all of them and I don’t want to wait for that.”

“What about the crowd?” Nakamaru asks “They’re innocents.”

“It’s simple,” Jin shrugs “Once someone fires a gun in the air, everyone who has nothing to do with this will scramble for cover and clear the way for us.”

“That sounds like the simplest way to get someone killed,” Nakamaru’s eye twitches but even he has to admit that they’re short of options here.

It’s either wait for the rest of the group to come and kill them or take matters into their own hands. Their target is a sitting duck in the VIP room and sure, she may be guarded now but they were at a slight stalemate.

Jin shrugs and heads to the door first, the others following after him. The music pumps through the walls, ringing in their ears as they approach the crowd and glance at the VIP section. Without hesitation, Jin pulls out a gun and fires two shots into the ceiling. Immediately people start screaming and rushing for the door. When they realise it’s locked, they panic more and start running anywhere so long as it’s away from Jin and the crew behind him.

The six of them walk into the middle of the empty dance floor, watching as the guards from the VIP section come out. As they do, Ueda and Taguchi immediately rush for the second floor, Koki ducks towards the bar and Nakamaru takes the entrance area, leaving Jin and Kazuya in the middle.

Jin points his gun at the first guard he sees and grins “Now boys,” he purrs “If you give me the girl, this doesn’t need to turn into a total bloodbath.”

“Idiot,” the big gruff man to his left huffs as the rest of the Kimura group comes out from the VIP section. Ten of them, five on either side of the head guards who had been in front of the door. The man laughs at Jin “You’re outnumbered twelve to two.”

Ueda fires a shot, hitting the guy closest to Kazuya and Jin smiles.

“And now it’s eleven to six,” he purrs and fires a shot at the guard.

“GET THEM!” the other guard screams and Kazuya just barely has enough time to duck behind an upturned table as the entire room explodes in a hail of gunshots.

“Fucking hell Akanishi,” Kazuya hisses at the guy as he jumps in beside him and starts firing from around the table. Kazuya glares at him and starts doing the same. They’re not shooting blindly but a shootout has never been a clean affair. They have to get past the initial panic before they can start assessing which side is winning.

“What?” Jin laughs, shooting a perfect shot between the eyes of one of the Kimura guys “I thought you were on my side here.”

“I’m never on your side,” Kazuya kicks him and contemplates throwing him out from behind cover just to be an asshole. He resists the temptation.

Soon enough they figure out that hiding behind a wooden table is not going to save them from bullets. Kazuya crawls towards the bar, barely noticing Jin, who is stealing the gun of a fallen Kimura member and firing rounds back at them.

Kazuya leans up against the bar table, ignoring the glass flying everywhere as the bullets hit the bottles stacked behind them. Next to him, Koki looks pissed as he’s loading his gun “Is this a normal thing for you?!” he asks and grabs a glass bottle, he stuffs a rag inside and looks for something to light it with.

“Actually no,” Kazuya grunts and tries to ignore the bullet that scraped shoulder “Just when Jin is involved.”

Koki finds a lighter under the bench and quickly lights the end of the rag sitting in the glass bottle. He throws it over to the centre of the room where it explodes in a hiss of glass and alcohol.

Kazuya peeks over, he does a quick count and sits back down on the floor “Two left.”

Taguchi fires a round and when they hear someone scream, Kazuya nods to himself “One left.”

He’s just about to get up and finish the job himself when he hears a feminine voice calling out over the flames and the screams.


Nakamaru peeks out from where he’s hidden and groans when he sees Grace, their blonde target, standing in the middle of the room. She’s holding a terrified looking girl in her arms and holding a knife at her throat.

“Cease fire. Now!” Grace demands.

Jin looks at the situation as well and grits his teeth. He gets up first and comes out from where he was hiding. Sauntering up to Grace, Jin makes a show of dropping his gun and glares at her “We’re not police,” he reminds Grace “We’re assassins. Innocents can die on our account.”

“That may be so, but I will not be taken out by the same monsters who took my husband,” Grace presses the knife a little harder into the girls throat “All six of you. Come out now!”

Jin looks up at the second floor where Ueda and Taguchi are clearly trying to assess whether they should come out now or take the risk and shoot Grace in the head. He shakes his head. He hates hostage situations but where he can, he does try not to let innocents die on his account.

Reluctantly, Ueda and Taguchi come out from where they were hiding. From behind the bar, Kazuya reaches over for Koki’s hand and turns to look at him.

“Sorry baby,” he says and hits Koki hard in the head with the back of his gun, knocking him out fast. He sighs and comes out to join the others, Nakamaru does as well.

The five of them gather in the middle of the floor, glaring at Grace as they reluctantly let go of their weapons.

Grace holds the girl tight and looks around “What about the sixth? Where’s the sixth?!”

“Your boys shot him,” Kazuya tells her calmly “Now what the fuck do you want?”

Grace glares at them all but none of them budge. She holds her hostage close and ignores her whimpering “What I want...what I want is revenge,” she tells them “You shot my husband.”

“I was fucking his mistress,” Jin tells her with a shrug “He came at me and I had no choice.”

“You shot my husband!” Grace screams at them “You’ve been a blight on our radar for a long time. Fucking hired assassins and now you’ve crossed the line. Your benefactors so easily sold you out. The Medici Family gives you a green light and when they make their decision, you’ll die on this dirty floor like the scumbags you are.”

The five of them look down at the dance floor and turn their eyes back up to Grace.

“You’re outnumbered,” Jin reminds her “You have two options now. Either you let that girl go and one of us shoots you. Or one of us shoots you regardless of the girl. Either way, you’re not leaving this room alive.”

Grace laughs “If you kill me, you start a war with the Medici family and you REALLY don’t want to do that. We will hunt you down and pick you off one by one.”

“Which you should have actually done first,” Ueda drawls “Whose dumb idea was it to draw out six assassins to the same area and guard you with only ten guards? If this is the kind of intelligence I can expect from the Medici clan, excuse me if I don’t shit myself at the concept of a war with them.”

Grace looks insulted at first but when they hear the click of the door behind them, her smile widens. She holds her hostage tight as the doors burst open. Kazuya groans in annoyance when he sees the rest of the Kimura Group coming in. All fifty of them.

“Finally, here at last,” Grace smirks as the five assassins turn to face the Kimura Group.

“Tie them up,” she tells them “Take them into the back room whilst I contact my family. The Medici’s will want to deal with these five themselves.”

Kazuya contemplates fighting but he knows better. On a good day, he can take a lot by himself but it’s fifty to five. The odds are ten to one and he knows better. He lets them manhandle him into the backroom where his hands are tied behind his back and he’s thrown onto the floor. Jin lands shortly after him, followed by Ueda, Nakamaru and Taguchi.

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