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The door shuts and locks them in. When the guards are gone, Ueda turns to Kazuya “Did they really shoot Koki?”

“No, but when he comes to he’s going to have a massive headache,” Kazuya fidgets with the ropes at his hands but they’re too tight for him to wiggle much. He rolls onto his side and grimaces when he sees Jin right next to him.

He makes a point of rolling away and Jin pouts “Oi! What’s up with that, Kamenashi?!”

“Saw your face and felt nauseous,” Kazuya mutters with a kick to Jin’s shin.

Jin squeals and kicks back, much to the headache of the other three in the room who are just trying to come up with another plan to survive.

“There’s fifty out there, Koki is unconscious somewhere and we’re all tied up,” Taguchi hums “Anybody got a plan?”

“I’ve got several but none of them involve any of you getting out alive with me,” Ueda mutters darkly and fidgets with his ropes.

Kazuya figures that he can’t get himself out of his ropes. They’re tied too tightly and in any case, his fingers can’t move enough to get himself out, let alone get someone else out. He rolls onto his back and looks at the ceiling, trying to come up with a Plan B.

Plan A is that Koki wakes up and somehow manages to get past fifty guards and free them all. It’s a flimsy plan at best but it’s better than all six of them being tied up in here and it holds the element of surprise since Grace thinks he’s dead.

Nakamaru looks at Jin and Kazuya, the two are still squirming away from each other and he frowns “What happened with the Kuromachi job?”

“You want to talk about this now?!” Kazuya huffs, squirming away from Jin’s admittedly pathetic kicking.

Nakamaru shrugs “Well we haven’t got anything better to do.”

“This asshole,” Jin kicks Kazuya’s lower back and the younger glares at him “Blew my cover. He got in the way just as I was going to shoot the guy in the head.”

“Oh yeah, that was all my fault,” Kazuya aims a kick back at Jin’s shin, this time hard enough to bruise and the older man curls away with a pained groan.

“That idiot was trying to fire a gun in the middle of a crowded room and he blew my cover too,” Kazuya wanted to kick him again but Jin was rolling away from him “I nearly had Kuromachi too.”

“Nearly had him,” Jin chuckles in pain “Yeah you nearly had him. You nearly had him in bed, you whore.”

“All I had to do was get him alone in a room, shoot two rounds in his head and that would have been a finished job but ooohhh no,” Kazuya hisses at Jin “Captain Wow just had to come in and fuck that up for me.”

“You look gorgeous in a dress, too bad about the face,” Jin snips back.

“Wait,” Taguchi chokes and looks at Kazuya “You were crossdressing?!”

“Well the man wasn’t gay!” Kazuya justifies himself “And besides, after he’d had a bit to drink, he totally didn’t mind that my boobs were just water balloons.”

“Slut,” Jin comments.

“Oh and you’re a saint,” Kazuya huffs.

“So,” Nakamaru interrupts before they can get into another pointless argument “What happened? Kuromachi got away but what did you two do?”

For once, Jin and Kazuya fall silent. They look at each other and Kazuya feels a familiar sense of horror as he remembers the events of that night. The truth was that Kazuya had managed to drag Kuromachi into a room. The problem was that Jin had been in there with them. Whilst the assassins had been arguing, a drunk Kuromachi managed to get away from them and disappear into the night.

The catch for this was that both Jin and Kazuya weren’t exactly sober either. The heated and almost violent argument had somehow ended in one of them kissing the other and a night of unmentionable activity that neither of them wanted to talk about ever again.

Thankfully neither of them have to tell the others that because the door then opens and Grace walks in. Her stiletto heels click on the wooden floor as she stands in front of all of them and looks over each of them one by one before pointing to Nakamaru.

“Hey, what?!” Nakamaru struggles as a guard comes to pick him up.

They drag him out and Kazuya sits up “What’s your angle here, Medici?” he asks “Just kill us now.”

“That is ultimately not my decision,” Grace tells him “Just lie there and look pretty for me.”

She leaves the room and Ueda looks up as the door closes and leaves them alone again.

“What are they going to do to Nakamaru?” Ueda asks. If he’s worried, it's for his own sake.

“Probably going to kill him,” Jin surmises “Realistically speaking.”

“We really need to get out of here,” Taguchi pulls against his ropes “I’m not going to die here! I’m going to die on a beach I own, surrounded by girls and money!”

“Surrounded by a bunch of gold-diggers is more like it,” Ueda snorts “Will they be calling you their hero as well?”

“Fuck up Ueda,” Taguchi snarls.

Kazuya looks around from where he’s lying. The windows are too high to escape out of and there’s nothing in the room they can use, it’s a bare room. He fidgets again with his restraints but they’re tighter than he can manage to mess with.

Before long, the guards come again and take Taguchi, who fusses and kicks but he’s dragged out all the same. The door slams behind them and Ueda groans.

“Great,” he sighs “This is not how I envisioned my death.”

“How did you think you were going to die?” Kazuya can’t help but ask. They’re assassins, as such their life span is rather short to begin with.

“Not like this,” Ueda admits with a small chuckle “I didn’t think I was going to die at the hands of some bitch in cheap heels.”

Kazuya feels eyes on him and rolls over to see Jin, still lying on his side, hands behind his back and looking meaningfully at Kazuya. He frowns and looks up when the door opens again and they drag Ueda out. Ueda doesn’t fight, but he does look immensely pissed off.

The door slams shut and Kazuya turns back to Jin “What?” he asks.

“Come here,” Jin says and Kazuya feels his face go hot before he can control himself.

“I-I’m not dumb enough to fall for that again,” he stammers “That didn’t end well last time.”

“Ended pretty well from what I remember,” Jin purrs “Come on, come here. It’s not like I’ve got my hands to touch you anyway.”

He’s got a point and at some point, a guard is going to come in and drag one of them away. The least they can do is not lie there and wait for it.

Kazuya squirms over to Jin and when he gets close enough, Jin leans in to take his lips hard. Moaning against him, Kazuya tilts his head and squirms as close as he can get.

Jin’s right. This didn’t end that badly last time. It had been fun actually. The only thing that kept Kazuya and Jin from doing this on a regular basis was the fact that they absolutely could not stand each other when they talked. Jin always said something dumb or Kazuya said something logical that got up Jin’s back.

Jin pulls back and smiles against Kazuya’s lips “This could almost be kinky-”

“Shut up,” Kazuya groans, kissing him again before Jin can ruin the mood like he did last time.

They make out for a good minute or two and Kazuya’s almost completely lost to Jin’s talented lips before he realises Jin’s hands are on his waist. He pulls back with a gasp and looks down. Sure enough, Jin has made it out of his restraints and is holding his waist.

“What the fuck?!” he splutters to Jin’s laughter “You fucker! Untie me!”

“I was waiting for you to notice,” Jin giggles and rolls Kazuya onto his other side so he can get at his binds.

He pulls Kazuya free and the two get up onto their feet. Kazuya rubs his wrists and glances at the door. Someone’s going to come in any second now and he doesn’t want to be a sitting duck when they do.

The guard opens the door and wanders into the room. He looks around but when he sees an empty room, he frowns in confusion. Before he can call for help, he’s jumped by both Jin and Kazuya.

Jin closes the door and turns around to watch as Kazuya starts undressing the guard. He raises his eyebrow “You’re going to fuck him?”

Kazuya glares at him and starts pulling at his own shirt “Sometimes, Akanishi, I wonder how you’re still alive.”

Meanwhile, out in the main area, Grace is waiting. The hostages are all rounded up in the VIP room. Unfortunate dancers who chose the wrong night to go clubbing and are now fearing for their lives. Her fifty guards are surrounding her and tied up behind her are Nakamaru, Ueda and Taguchi. Each in varying states of annoyance.

She looks up when a guard brings Akanishi Jin to her and smiles as he’s placed in front of her. The guard bows slightly and stays close in case Akanishi tries anything.

“Akanashi Jim, I presume,” she purrs.

“Akanishi Jin,” Jin corrects her “Lady, if you’re going to kill me, at least get my name right.”

“Nobody cares anyway,” Grace waves an elegant hand at him “The Medici family have spoken to me and come up with a rather interesting arrangement for revenge of my husbands death...of which I assume you are the sole cause for.”

“You assume nothing,” Jin snorts at her “I told you.”

Grace’s eye twitches and she turns to look at a guard who immediately slaps Nakamaru in the face. She turns back to Jin and Jin laughs.

“Was that supposed to be threatening?” he giggles “Kill him for all I care, we’re not friends.”

As they’re talking, Kazuya, who is standing behind Jin in the guards uniform, is watching Koki’s frame disappearing into the VIP section. He silently takes out the guard who is watching over the hostages and promptly steals his clothes as well. Kazuya keeps his face unaffected and turns back to Grace.

“The arrangement is simple,” Grace continues, her eyes on Jin “My husband was the leader and the heir of the Medici Group. Now that he is gone, I have to step into his shoes. A role I am wholly not prepared for. I came to Japan to look for his killer and now I see him. A pretty boy who is completely under my mercy.”

“You’d like that,” Jin huffed “What do you want? If you’re going to spend the next hour talking my ear off, I’d rather you shoot me now.”

“What I wanted was revenge,” Grace hisses at him “But seeing you now, the Medici Family have other plans. Your skills could be useful on our side and with my husband gone, I need a man in my bed again.”

Jin chokes and even Kazuya looks a little surprised.

“You’re a bigger idiot than I originally thought if you want to marry Jin,” Ueda blurts.

“I am the woman with the gun, the guards and the power here!” Grace screams “I’m in charge here!”

Over her shoulder, Kazuya watches Koki quietly getting the hostages out the back door. When they’re all gone, Koki silently heads towards the stairs. Kazuya wonders what he has planned for the remaining guards. No matter what, they’re still outnumbered here.

“Marry me,” Grace tells Jin “The Medici Family can give you power and money. Your skills must be good, since you killed my husband, the Medici Family has taken note of that.”

“You could at least buy me a drink first,” Jin exclaims, his voice a little high.

Grace turns to Kazuya and he makes a point of tilting his head down a little. To any outsider it looks like respect but actually he’s just trying to make sure she doesn’t see his face properly.

“Bring in the last one,” she tells him and Kazuya nods. He heads out of the main room and the second he’s out of sight, he ducks around the back and meets up with Koki near the stairs.

“Plan?” he asks.

“Well we could just leave the others to rot and you finally let me make sweet love to you,” Koki purrs, he chuckles at the half-annoyed look on Kazuya’s face and relents “The hostages are out. There’s 48 guards and us.”

“Weapons?” Kazuya looks around.

“They didn’t leave us much,” Koki huffs “But I did find the backroom where the DJ goes. Even if we somehow manage to free the others, Kame, we are six against almost fifty. We’re not going to be able to take them all out.”

Kazuya nods and pats Koki’s shoulder “Follow my lead then.”

“You so owe me sex after this,” Koki huffs.

“Akanishi owes me way more after this,” Kazuya adds under his breath as the two disappear into the DJ section.

Meanwhile Jin, who has been standing alone surrounded by guards and Grace, looks up when he hears the music start up again. Koki’s loud voice booms over the loudspeakers “J-O-K-E-R BITCHES!”

The lights turn off and the room turns pitch black. Jin hears Grace screaming and the panic of the other guards as he shrugs off his ropes which Kazuya had very loosely tied around his hands. Jin can’t see in the dark but he blindly stumbles his way to the direction of the bar, ducking down just as the laser lights turn on, shining the room in brief glimpses of blue, red and purple.

“GET THEM!” Grace screams, enraged.

Jin peeks up and sees the guards fumbling around, from what little he can see, he spots Ueda, Nakamaru and Taguchi being led away by a small figure he can only assume is Kazuya. Jin rolls his eyes and ducks back behind the bar, fumbling around for a weapon.

Just as he finds a glass bottle, he hears the tear of gunshots again and covers his head just as the bullets rain down on the glass bottles lining the bar wall, hailing glass down on Jin’s head.

“Don’t shoot in the dark!” Grace screams at the guards “Where are the hostages!?”

“Can’t see shit!” someone shouts, followed by another round of shots that blindly hit the dark.

Jin looks up when he feels someone near him, he gets ready to attack but a hand covers his wrist.

“It’s me,” Kazuya says in the dark “Come on, move your ass.”

Jin stumbles after him, the two keeping their heads down as the panic in the dark club ensues. Kazuya has just a small light from a cellphone to guide his way around the back and towards the rear exit where the others are waiting. As soon as Jin and Kazuya make it out, Koki shuts the door and bars it.

“That is not going to keep them all in,” Nakamaru points out.

“They’re a bunch of morons shooting at each other in the dark,” Ueda adds “Chances are, when someone finally does get out, there aren’t going to be many of them left.”

“Either way I don’t want to be around when that happens,” Kazuya brushes the last of the glass from his shoulders and turns to the others “This is the part where we run.”

“We’re running away?” Jin exclaims.

“Jin, the job was a set-up,” Kazuya stares at him like he’s grown another head “There’s nothing to go back to in there. Even if we do go in there and shoot the Medici bitch in the head, her family is going to come after us. At least this way we get to keep our heads.”

Jin groans and looks at the door as someone bangs against it from the inside. He shrugs “Fine. But my benefactor is going to get a visit from me.”

“Same here,” Taguchi huffs angrily “It’s time my benefactor and I parted ways.”

“Aww, I thought what you and your benefactor had was special. He’ll be heartbroken to hear you’re going solo without him.” Ueda comments snidely.

“Fuck you, Ueda!” Taguchi huffs and walks off “I’m leaving.”

Ueda looks after him and smirks to himself before leaving as well. Nakamaru looks at Koki, Kazuya and Jin and shakes his head “Don’t take this the wrong way or anything but I really hope I never see you guys again.”

He leaves and when he’s gone, Koki turns to Kazuya “Well,” he says “I think you owe me a drink.”

“Is that a euphemism?” Kazuya raises an eyebrow “Because I have some business to take care of first.”

“Oh excuses, excuses, you’re going to run out of them one day sweetheart,” Koki grins winningly at him and runs a finger down Kazuya’s cheek “One day you’ll come to my wily charms.”

Kazuya smiles at him “Until that day comes, you’re just going to have to imagine me instead.”

“Tease,” Koki nudges him and turns around, all swagger and saunter as he disappears down the road.

When he’s gone, Jin turns to Kazuya “He doesn’t know, does he?”

“No, and I’m never going to tell anyone,” Kazuya decides and starts walking down the street too.

Jin follows behind “Hey,” he calls, falling into step beside Kazuya “You know, now that we don’t have benefactors, we should help each other out.”

“I wouldn’t trust you with changing my lightbulb, let alone organising my jobs,” Kazuya huffs, unimpressed as they step into the subway station and head towards the nearest gate that’ll take them away from this area.

“You can’t say you hated all of it,” Jin purrs, getting close to Kazuya’s back. His hand brushes over Kazuya’s waist for a moment “In fact I think you loved it.”

Kazuya bats him off and takes out his card to swipe his way through the gate. Jin does the same and follows him to the platform where they wait for the next train.

Kazuya thinks about it for a moment and turns back to Jin “I’ve got some shit to sort out first,” he tells him. His eyes soften a little against his will when he sees Jin’s stupidly beautiful face and he sighs “I’ll meet you later.”

Jin beams “You can’t resist me can you?”

“Don’t say something that’ll make me regret agreeing to meet up with you,” Kazuya warns and turns back to the queue as the train pulls up “This is a one-time only deal too. After that, we go back to doing our own thing.”

“Sure,” Jin purrs, satisfied as he follows Kazuya onto the train “Whatever you say.”


When Makino hears about the scrap that happened in Electrolite, he assumes the worst. The worst being that his assassin had made it out alive, figured out that Makino had set him up and was now coming after his ass.

Makino could not pack fast enough. He’s stumbling, rushing around his apartment, trying to pack his belongings into his bags as fast as he can.

His clothes, his towels, his money, his cat.

The door bangs open and Makino nearly shits himself when Kazuya appears in the doorway. The benefactor drops to his knees at the sight. Usually seeing Kazuya is normal for him, the guy works for him, but Makino has never seen anything more terrifying than an assassin who has come to finish him off.

“I’m so sorry! Don’t kill me!” Makino begs “She offered too much money and she’d have killed me if I didn’t sell you out!”

“Makino, you piece of shit,” Kazuya hisses at him “You nearly got me killed!”

“I-I didn’t though!” Makino tries “Look! You’re still alive! I knew you’d survive that!”

“Bullshit,” Kazuya aims a gun at his head “You sold me out. If I don’t kill you, the others sure as hell will.”

Makino pales and Kazuya glares at him. He looks so pathetic there with his suitcase and his cat and Kazuya can’t help but remember that the man is a coward. It would not have taken Grace much to scare him into submitting and selling Kazuya out for money and the security of not getting killed then and there.

He sighs tiredly and puts his gun away, instead he holds out his hand “Give me the money,” he tells him “I won’t kill you, but you’ve got to give me what you sold me for.”

Makino breaks into a sweat of relief and rushes off to grab a brown envelope from his drawer. He looks at the money in the envelope and turns hesitantly to Kazuya “I...kind of need this money too.”

“Don’t give a fuck what you need, give it,” Kazuya demands.

Makino hands him the cash and Kazuya quickly counts it. It’s enough to live comfortably for a while but certainly not enough to set someone up for life. He digs out enough for a plane ticket and hands it to Makino.

“Get out,” he tells him “If I ever see you again, I’ll kill you and take your cat.”

Makino nearly cries as he thanks Kazuya profusely, grabs his suitcase and his cat before rushing out of the apartment and into the elevator. Kazuya watches him leave and rolls his eyes. He counts the money he has leftover and puts it in his jacket pocket. It’s enough to help him lie low too whilst the Medici problem is being sorted out.

The others will probably do the same.

His phone buzzes and Kazuya checks to see a message from an unknown number.

Cum in my room

He rolls his eyes and taps a message back as he heads out of the apartment block.

Whatever, I’m in charge this time

As he heads onto the train again, he gets another message and smiles when he sees it.

I’ll do whatever u do

Flicking his phone shut, Kazuya smiles to himself. He’ll screw Jin, shower, find a place to hide and wait out the Medici’s. Then he’ll probably have to find himself another benefactor, or do the job himself.

The life of the assassin is never an easy one, but at least, Kazuya notes as he thinks of tying Jin to the bed this time and maybe duct taping his mouth to stop him opening his stupid mouth and talking, it’s got it’s perks.


Z/N: Hey guys

Turns out that five weeks of internship help you forget what a bitch studying really is. I know I said I was going to stay away until December, and I actually am but tomorrow (actually, about 7 hours) my first day back at school begins and that is when I'm going to be buried under so many deadline assignments, presentations and exams, I will come out of this looking 100 years old.

So, before I go back and before I disappear off the radar completely for a little bit I wanted to write this. As I stated in the summary, this story was brought about by an unhealthy amount of Raizin, not nearly enough sleep and repeated viewings of Don't U Ever Stop. I've been missing KAT-TUN lately and they are part of how I managed to survive my degree course over four years.

I need sleep. I need to finish my assignments. I need to stop looking for an escape from my workload but for now, I wanted to let you guys know that I miss you all, reading your comments really is the highlight of my year. It's gotten me through this degree, more than you'll ever know I've been hanging onto everything that makes me happy and determined, at least, to attend one more class.

Now I'm so close to the end and all I want to do is sleep and somehow get enough money to get my ass to Japan and stay there.
But for now, this connection to you hyphens will do just fine :) I wonder if any other PV's will bring out weird oneshots...

See you all later,

A very tired and still in recharge mode Zara.

Date: 2016-10-16 09:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you, thank you and thank you Zara!
This oneshot based on "don't you ever stop" was great! It reminds me how much I miss the guys (I really hope that we will have some happy news from KAT-TUN soon ^^)
Take care and read you soon!

Date: 2016-10-18 01:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think there's a lot of 'missing' KAT-TUN going around. I know it hasn't been that long yet, but dammit I miss them too. So I had to write this just once, before the horror that is my school life happens (it's happening now and it's awful)
Thanks for reading and thank you, thank you thank you for commenting!

Date: 2016-10-17 05:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you~~~~
Surely Jin's hair extention And akame dance in dues look hot 😂
It's one of my fav pv beside lips and one drop so once again thanks...

Date: 2016-10-18 01:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I've always loved that hair extension too. It's amazing how well he suited it too!
Lips and One Drop eh? Maybe when this hell is over, I can write something for those two as well :)
Thank you for reading and a special thank you for commenting!

Date: 2016-10-17 05:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
this is awesomeee~!!!! it's been a while i watched DUES PV.....this fic definitely makes me want to watch it now! LOL.

aaaaaaaa....i love akame encounter!!! hahahahaha. why jin is sooo cutee?? LOL. and i love how you describe all members' characters for each of them.
btw, when ueda mentioned 'hero' to junno, are u implying about his upcoming single? sorry if i'm wrong. huhuhu

anyway, thank youu!!!

as for your upcoming class, good luck to you and please spend at least one day per week basis to compensate your sleep. (usually i sleep like a log on saturday....hehehe). stay healthy! ^__^
Edited Date: 2016-10-17 05:56 pm (UTC)

Date: 2016-10-18 01:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't know, somehow I got the idea of assassins from the PV...but actually the real story of the PV was that nobody in the club was dancing and getting excited like they should be because of the blonde. Or something to that effect anyway.

Jin is adorable!!! I just hope I captured some essence of that adorableness, even a little. And yes, when Ueda was saying 'hero' and 'solo' he was referencing Junno. Well that was me jabbing at Junno's current situation through Ueda but you get it.

Thank you so much for reading and really thank you for commenting! As I said, these comments are my lifeline, especially when things get really rough. I usually sleep Saturdays too (and walk on Sundays to get my head back into a thinking mode!)

Date: 2016-10-17 05:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
<3 pure love

hang in there ^^

Date: 2016-10-18 01:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much! I'll do my best and come back for more writing!

Date: 2016-10-18 06:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you for the new fic.
Badass KAT-TUN, I like it so much~ I miss reading a fic with 6-nin KAT-TUN when they work together and always quarrel, like in this fic.
Trust akame to be able making out in that kind of situation. My OTP is always the best (lol).
I agree with a comment above. Ueda's words to taguchi about 'hero' and 'going solo'. I laughed a bit reading that.
Once again, 10Ks! and good luck for your real life!

Date: 2016-10-18 01:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I miss 6-nin KAT-TUN quite a bit as well...but it's mostly because KAT-TUN have been a good motivation over the last four years and now they're not there for me to use as motivation :(
But hey, it's not forever.

Badass KAT-TUN is always fun to write, especially when Akame are being simultaneously irritating to each other and making out in totally inappropriate situations.
As for Ueda and Taguchi, yes he was (well I was) jabbing at Taguchi's upcoming single and his going solo.

Thank you for reading and thank you a LOT for commenting!

Date: 2016-10-18 01:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Dang. Still waiting for some Akame action until the end. Those hints made me want more.
Goodluck with your studies! Come back to us soon!

Date: 2016-10-18 01:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I did ponder about writing akame action but it didn't seem to suit the story. It'll probably suit the next one though. For now it's just banter and some making out ;)
Thank you for reading and REALLY thank you so much for commenting! I will come back as soon as this hell is over.

Date: 2016-10-23 02:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aaah~ Now I'm really excited for that next one.
No, thank YOU for writing this. You really filled my craving for more Akame love. Akame will look over you while you're going through that.

Date: 2016-10-20 12:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Excellent inspiration, I liked how you became the history of PV in a fic ....
That brought me back to see the PV and making ... ..the guys so extravagant, cute, fashion and so cool ......
And the song: sticky, danceable and great for the antrum, I loveeeeee
Thanks for the fic!!!!!!!! thanks Sara for signs of life in this recharge >.< !!!!!
Jajajajaja what causes drinking so much Raizin and see PV's Kat-tun.....
Good luck in your studies!!!!!
I also want to live in Japan, but in my case, the problem is more complicated, for the moment I'm just happy that my friends can be there >.

Date: 2016-10-29 07:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Ah I really miss KAT-TUN, and DUES is still one of my fave MV 'till now~

Thanks for writing this fic and good luck for your upcoming class ^^!

Date: 2016-10-29 11:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This " Jin grits his teeth. He has two options now, either to play along with Kazuya or bust his cover right away which would get them both in trouble and probably kicked out if he makes a big enough fuss. He contemplates shitting himself just to embarrass Kazuya but these pants cost way too much for that, not to mention his original plan was to seduce Grace to him. There’s something about a guy with shit on his pants that just turns off a girl" I was laughing so hard, awwwww bakanishi is so funny.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with the school.

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