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Jin was pushed in a wheelchair and watched as the elevator doors opened and he was led into what looked like a large hospital ward. It was a large, open spaced room with wide windows that led to what looked like a secluded but beautifully decorated garden. Beds, dressers and things lined both walls and every woman in the room, though their conditions varied, was pregnant.
“Welcome to The Bridleway,” Anna spoke “A collection of women ready to put their babies on the line for what will be the greatest success in the history of man.”
“You’re awfully sure of yourself,” Jin huffed as he looked over the women “How many are there?”
“Twelve, including myself,” Anna told him and steered him into the room “Ladies. I’d like you to meet our Whitecap Widow.”

In an instant, every single woman was up on her feet and crowding around Jin. All joyful and happy to see him as they shook his hands, asked him how he was, asked him what he did and one even commented about how handsome he was.
“Ladies, ladies you’re crowding him,” Anna laughed as the women stepped back to let Jin breathe “I have struck up an agreement and he has agreed to help in exchange for a few things.”
“A few things that I expect you to come through with,” Jin reminded her quietly before he turned to the women, he looked at their bellies and winced “You…all of you women do realise what you’re walking into here right? This isn’t a light experiment, many babies died in my trials.”
“The Whitecap Widow trials were a failure in some ways but in others, they were a success,” Anna reminded him “You were born. And this trial isn’t going to end like Whitecap did. On my honour, I know exactly how to avoid the same disaster happening this time.”

“It’s a tremendous honour,” one of the women told Jin “We’re going to be birthing the future soldier of the world and if he’s as handsome as you…well that’s just a plus.”
She blushed and the woman next to her carried on “We’re all committed to this and we have faith that Anna knows what she’s doing. She’s the daughter of a former Whitecap Scientist after all. She knows the mistakes they made and she won’t make them again.”
The rest of the women seemed pretty confident in Anna’s skills and Jin could already see there was no talking them out of it. They were committed.

He looked at them “So…who’s furthest along?”
“Josephine is furthest along at 7 months,” one of the women pointed to Josephine who was holding her bulging stomach “But that doesn’t matter.”
Jin rose his eyebrow “It doesn’t?”
“I only need a week to put the Whitecap essence in,” Anna assured him “We’re good on time. When the time comes, I’ll put these women in a sedated sleep and insert the Whitecap essence. It’ll be easy.”
Jin doubted it would really be that easy but he kept his mouth shut. He had a deal with Anna after all and he really wanted to get Hitoshi out of the lives of his friends and lover.

Anna pushed him along and showed him the rest of the facility. The building, which was named the Bridleway, was specifically built for this experiment. The ward was where all the women slept and would eventually be sedated and next to it was a large bathroom with all the facilities necessary to cater to eleven women. There was a large communal kitchen and the building itself had guards on the outside.
The second floor housed Anna and now Jin and it too was stocked with bathrooms and a mini kitchen. There was a fresh air space outside for the women to walk around in and an entertainment lounge complete with games and a TV.

Anna was taking Jin back upstairs when he looked over his shoulder at her “Tell me truthfully, how are you going to get the Whitecap into all those women?”
“When the time comes, they’ll all be put into a sedated sleep,” Anna sighed “While they sleep, the Whitecap essence will be injected into their wombs. It’s a painful procedure and it’s better off that they’re asleep for it. They’ll be unconscious so long as the IV drip is connected to them so I’ll keep them unconscious for a week to let the Whitecap settle in. When they wake, they’ll be pregnant with twins. The Whitecap doesn’t need nine months to grow.”

Jin frowned “And…what about you?”
Anna sighed “I’ll have to be awake for the procedure. I’ll also do it first so I’m not administering something untested to those women.”
She was looking after them. Like really looking after them. Jin was impressed. Concerned but impressed.
She took him back to his room and helped him back onto the bed. Jin was still weak from the procedure. He groaned as he sat on his bed and winced “How long am I going to be like this?”
“Not long,” Anna promised “It’s just that your body is still recharging. You’re better off getting some sleep.”
Jin lay down and sighed “Anna. If you can’t get Kame and Pi out of there, at least find out how they’re doing.”
“Fine,” Anna shrugged “But you can find out yourself. You may not have the full ability to control Hitoshi yet but you can still see through his eyes.”

She left the room and Jin closed his eyes. He clutched his pillow close and concentrated. Hitoshi was ruining his life…among others.


Meanwhile, back in Japan, Kazuya gasped as he sat straight up in bed. Next to him, Hitoshi cracked an eye open, watching as Kazuya rubbed his face and tried to stop himself from shaking.
Hitoshi figured Jin would probably be all caring and ask him what was wrong. It would be off if he didn’t so, reluctantly, Hitoshi sat up and wrapped an arm around Kazuya “Nightmare?” he asked, refraining from adding ‘wuss’
“Same nightmare,” Kazuya rubbed at his face “Every time.”
Hitoshi tried not to make a face “…wanna talk about it?” Please don’t.
“I just…” Kazuya shrugged “It’s about that night. The one back at the lab. I see it over and over again, I shot Hitoshi right in the head.”

That made Hitoshi stop. He knew Kazuya had shot him but he never thought the other had nightmares about it. He blinked “You uh…did what was right.”
No he didn’t and if Hitoshi had his way, he’d shoot Kazuya in the head to make them even.
“I know,” Kazuya sighed “But he had your face Jin…. it’s just…I dream about it and it’s not him I’m shooting, it’s you.”
Hitoshi paused. Kazuya’s nightmare wasn’t him shooting Hitoshi, it was him shooting Jin because Hitoshi looked like Jin. He frowned “Well…it’s over now anyway,” he coaxed “Try to go back to sleep.”
“I’m glad I shot him,” Kazuya muttered, his eyes flashing with hatred so rarely seen with Kazuya. But Kazuya had all right to hate him, after all Hitoshi had tortured him and Jin. He was a massive threat to them all. Kazuya thought he was dead…not sitting right next to him.

Hitoshi fought the urge to strangle the little bitch and cleared his throat instead, he got up “You know what, I’ll make you some tea. That’ll help you sleep.”
Kazuya glanced at the clock and sighed “No point. I’m supposed to get up in five minutes anyway.”
“I’ll make you a drink anyway,” Hitoshi promised and headed out to the kitchen.

He heard Kazuya go to the bathroom and whilst the other was showering, Hitoshi boiled the water. He added a teabag to the mug and poured the water. He then searched the medicine cabinet and found a box of Jin’s painkillers. Pretty strong ones too.
Hitoshi took seven pills and crushed them to dust. He then added that to the tea and mixed it with lemon to mask the taste. When Kazuya came out of the shower, Hitoshi smiled and handed him the drink.
“Thanks,” Kazuya smiled and kissed his lips before drinking the tea. He grabbed his keys “I can’t stay for breakfast, I have an interview.”
“That’s fine,” Hitoshi smiled “Do what you need to do.”

He stepped back and watched as Kazuya grabbed an apple and hastily finished off his tea. He placed the mug in the sink and kissed Hitoshi again before heading out “See you later,” he waved and when he was gone, Hitoshi smiled.
“Choke on your vomit, asshole,” he huffed as he turned around and went back to bed for some blissful, uninterrupted sleep.

Visiting hours in the prison wasn’t until midday but for Kazuya, they made a special exception. The lawyer was waiting in the room and watched as Moriyama finally appeared and took a seat opposite him.
Kazuya wasn’t feeling well. He felt his stomach churn a little and frowned, figuring it was probably just the lack of breakfast or maybe even the nightmare that was putting him off. He took out his notebook and tried not to think about the ache as he turned to the prisoner.
“Moriyama, I believe,” Kazuya smiled “I’m Kamenashi Kazuya. The prosecution for your case.”
Moriyama didn’t even look at him. He was looking at his knees and swaying slightly in his seat. Kazuya glanced at the guard but the guard shook his head. Obviously Moriyama was always like this.

Well. He was clinically insane.
“Mr Moriyama, I’d like to talk to you about your case,” Kazuya tried anyway “You have been accused of kidnapping three children and we’re all desperate to know where they are.”
“Not guilty…not guilty…” Moriyama muttered under his breath, his hands were under the table and Kazuya couldn’t see what he was doing.
“Mr Moriyama, the evidence against you is enough to put you here,” Kazuya reminded him and ignored the twinge his stomach made. He put his hand on his stomach and soldiered on “I realise you have been officially declared clinically insane but I need an answer.”
“Not guilty…not guilty…” Moriyama muttered obsessively.

Kazuya frowned, he took three pictures out of his suitcase and slammed them on the table. They were the pictures of the three missing children.
“Look here,” he barked “Do they look familiar?!”
Moriyama looked at the photos, he was still swaying in his seat and under the table, his hands started moving. Kazuya couldn’t see what he was doing but it soon became very obvious he was playing with himself because the guard yelled “Oi! Keep your hands on the table, you filthy pervert!”
Disturbed, Kazuya quickly took the pictures back and watched as the guard made Moriyama keep his hands where everyone could see them.

Kazuya’s stomach lurched again and this time it was painful. It was like someone was stabbing him and it was all he could do not to hiss in pain. He gritted his teeth and ignored the sweat slowly gathering on his forehead.
“Mr Moriyama,” he continued “Where are they?”
Moriyama looked at him and Kazuya glared “Don’t you dare say ‘not guilty’. The fact that you just played with yourself whilst looking at their pictures IS going to be brought up in court.”
Moriyama blinked and leaned forwards a bit “I used to go playing when I was a kid too,” he told Kazuya “My mum…she’d take me to the beach and we’d play….we’d play…”
Kazuya huffed, they were getting nowhere with this. He looked over his files instead and ignored the rising urge to vomit “According to one of the witnesses, you were spotted near Yoyogi park at 10:14am last Thursday,” he looked at Moriyama “What were you doing there?”
“Not guilty,” Moriyama muttered. He went back to rocking back and forth and Kazuya figured he wasn’t going to get much more out of him. He felt too ill to even try.

He got up and the guard escorted him out. When they were out of the visitors room, Kazuya wiped at his forehead. He was drenched in sweat now.
“Mr Kamenashi, are you alright?” the guard asked “You’re radiating heat.”
“Actually I feel like shit,” Kazuya sighed “Tell me. Does that man have a relative I can talk to?”
“Only his mother,” the guard huffed “She’s in a rest home. I can give you her details?”
“Please,” Kazuya leaned against the wall and tried not to collapse like he wanted to.

The guard hurried back with her details and was kind enough to walk Kazuya out. Kazuya stumbled back to his car and by the time he got in, he was shaking, he was sweating profusely and he felt awful.
With shaking hands, he grabbed his phone and called the first person he could think to call. Jin. But he didn’t answer his phone and Kazuya whined. He couldn’t drive in this condition, he could barely focus. He called the second name in his contact list and sighed in relief when he answered.
“I need you to come get me right away,” he begged “I’m not feeling well and I don’t’ think I can drive.”
“I’m in the middle of a client,” Yamapi huffed and looked down at the client underneath him “Literally.”
“Pi,” Kazuya gritted his teeth “Take me to the hospital. Something’s wrong.”
Yamapi sighed and nodded “Alright. Where are you?”

Kazuya’s vision went white and his head ached so bad that he couldn’t help a pained sob. He stumbled out of his car, it was so hot inside but when he stumbled outside it was even worse. He clutched his phone to his ear and his legs were shaking “Pi help…”
“Where are you?” Yamapi demanded.
“I’m…I’m….” Kazuya looked around. Everything was white, he couldn’t see anything. His stomach heaved and he thought he was going to throw up. Instead he dropped his phone and fainted, his head hitting the hard concrete as Yamapi’s voice called through his phone.
“Kame? Kame!”


Kazuya woke up to the sound of the heart monitor beeping away next to him. As his vision cleared, he saw Yamapi sitting next to his bed reading a magazine. Kazuya groaned and Yamapi looked up “Ah, you’re awake.”
“What happened?” Kazuya sat up, he looked at the lines attached to his arm and winced “What’s wrong with me?”
“Thank god for GPS on your phone,” Yamapi sighed “I found you right away. The guards found you on the ground, you’d hit your head falling down or something,” he closed the magazine and set it aside “As for what’s wrong with you, doctors reckon an overdose. You had an insane amount of painkillers in your system. Couple more pills and you’d have died.”
“Pills?” Kazuya frowned “I didn’t take any pills.”
“Whatever it was, it was in your system and now you’re being flushed out,” Yamapi pointed at the IV drip “Hence that.”

Kazuya didn’t understand. How the hell had he managed to get painkillers in his system when he didn’t take any?
He shook his head and decided to focus on something he could actually work on “Thanks for coming.”
“You gave me a fright,” Yamapi admitted “Never had someone faint on me whilst on the phone.”
Kazuya looked over the other. Yamapi was dressed like a hustler. Complete with leather, chains, boots and dark makeup lining his eyes. His hair was a mess and he looked gorgeous but a little more expensive than the average prostitute. Which was probably the point.
“Now isn’t a good time to be in here,” Kazuya admitted “I have a case to prosecute and not much time to do it.”

“Tough shit, you’re in here for at least two days,” Yamapi told him “I tried calling Jin but the asshole isn’t answering his phone. What’s up with him?”
“I don’t know,” Kazuya admitted “First he quits being a lawyer and now I don’t know where he is all day. He never answers his phone and he doesn’t talk to me,” he looked at Yamapi “I was actually hoping he talked to you, if not me.”
“Nada,” Yamapi shook his head “Haven’t heard from Jin in ages.”
Another thing to worry about. Kazuya shook his head “Right now I need to do this case.”
“You’re stuck here and I’m going to put my foot down here too,” Yamapi leaned in “You nearly died. You’re not getting up.”

“Fine,” Kazuya sighed “Then Yamapi, you can visit Mrs Moriyama.”
Yamapi frowned “Why me?”
“If I can’t do it, then you can. She’s an old lady who is living in a rest home. I need someone to ask her questions about her son. Bring Tatsuya with you.”
Yamapi groaned. This felt familiar. Only instead of Jin asking him to help him out with his case, it was Kazuya. The very opposite side of the court.
“Only on the condition that you stay right here in bed,” Yamapi eyed him “Stay.”
“I’ll stay if you go,” Kazuya promised “I need to find out everything I can in order to prosecute Moriyama.”
Yamapi sighed. He didn’t want to do this but it was the only way to keep Kazuya in his hospital bed “Fine,” he huffed.
It was like Jin all over again.


Jin quickly found out that the women of the Bridleway were happy living their lives out in the facility. Every day they’d chat to each other, play badminton, cook together, laugh together. It was like a mini-community and the only reason they were all there was because of Jin. Because he had something they wanted.
It was strange that they were all there for him but Jin came around to the idea faster than he expected he would.

He’d mainly keep to himself in his quarters on the second floor. Since agreeing to the trial, Anna had let up on him and allowed him to have his free reign of the facility. Without the eyes of guards, Jin was allowed to go anywhere so long as he stayed in the massive building that was the Bridleway.
Sometimes he’d see Anna downstairs with the women, laughing with them about pregnancy woes. The on-site doctors would keep an eye on them but they were all just waiting for the trial to begin.

Jin wondered what Natsuki would think of all this. Natsuki had died before she’d ever found out her prodigy was a clone but Jin had a feeling Natsuki wouldn’t have treated him any differently even if she knew. She was that kind of woman who treated everyone like the human beings they were. That was that part that Jin had loved about her the most.
He found himself missing her on the third night. Inexplicably, he missed the way she was so shameless about her body around him as she’d long since figured out that Jin didn’t see her in any sexual way whatsoever. He missed the way she was so harsh with him when he was learning how to be a lawyer and yet she’d gladly swoop in and save him if he was really drowning. She had, in her own way, looked after him and raised him better than his own parents ever had. She’d been his mentor and he knew almost everything about her.
He knew that she actually hated spiders, so much so that she’d refuse to enter a building if she knew there was a spider somewhere in plain sight. He knew she loved cake and hated vegetables. He knew that when she was depressed she used to listen to Roy Orbison’s ‘In Dreams’ so loud that it was a miracle she still could hear.

Jin was curled up on his bed when Anna found him and leaned against the doorframe “How are you feeling?”
“Nostalgic,” Jin mumbled, he looked at Anna “I’m suddenly finding myself missing people who aren’t here anymore.”
Anna nodded “I meant with your recovery since the recharging.”
Jin shrugged, he didn’t know what he was supposed to be feeling. He could walk just fine now and he didn’t feel nearly as weak as he had the day after he came out of that cursed vat but he didn’t know what ‘recharged’ was supposed to feel like. The only clue he had that it had happened at all was the fact that his eyes were blue now instead of the normal brown. Blue like an electric field working behind his eyes and he preferred not to think of himself as a walking computer but his eyes certainly made him look like one.

Anna walked into his room and sat on the side of his bed “The scientists are eager to start up on the trials. They suggested we give you some stimulation pills to start up your abilities…like the ability to control Hitoshi.”
“Last time I tried that, I managed to get him to run all the way downstairs before I lost control of him,” Jin reminded her “And controlling him for just a few seconds sucked all the energy out of me.”
“But you’ve been recharged now, you’ll be able to handle a longer amount of time,” Anna assured him “It’ll still suck energy and don’t be surprised if you have a headache when you come back, but you should be able to control him for a longer period of time now.”
“How do I get him out of my life?” Jin asked “From the looks of it, everyone thinks he’s me.”

Anna sighed “We need to bring him here. Or at least into the hands of people who can bring him to us without you needing to control him the whole way.”
Jin thought of Hitoshi touching Kazuya and grimaced “I could just make him walk in front of a car.”
“You don’t want to do that,” Anna warned and Jin looked at her.
“Why not?” he questioned “He’s ruined my life. He’s touched my lover, he’s fucking around with everything and he’s tried killing all of us too. Why shouldn’t I kill him?”
Anna looked a little reluctant and Jin sat up “What?” he asked “Why should I keep that little shit alive?”

Anna still looked reluctant but she nodded “Because you need him.”
Jin blinked, confused and Anna continued “You and Hitoshi…you’re linked by more than just blood and brains, you’re linked by every fibre of your being. Sure, you’re the clone and you can control him but you also need him.”
Jin frowned “How? My body isn’t his body. I have my own heart, my own lungs-“
“Yes but you need him,” Anna replied firmly “The biggest reason why the Whitecap Trials failed was because so many of the babies involved died. They all died and when they died, their clones did too.”
“I won’t die if Hitoshi dies,” Jin replied, fairly certain he was independent enough not to need Hitoshi.
“True, but the consequences of you losing your host…” Anna sighed “It’s complicated and very scientific but long story short, you are better off with Hitoshi being alive. If he dies, something will happen to you. I don’t know what, it’s not like any other clones survived but the Whitecap scientist manuals were fairly certain that the clone would need his host and vice versa.”

Jin didn’t understand but he had a feeling he wasn’t going to. He sighed “Fine, no killing him. The problem is, the number of people who know Hitoshi exists, let alone is still alive, is very small.”
“That means we need him to be in one spot and transferred here,” Anna nodded “I have a contact in Tokyo who can bring Hitoshi to us. You just need to control Hitoshi and bring him there, then my contact can do the rest and I’ll send out messages to Yamashita and Kamenashi to bring them here.”
It sounded simple enough but Jin had a sinking feeling it wasn’t going to be nearly as simple as Anna made it out to be.

Things involving Hitoshi invariably never turned out as easy as it should have been.

Anna patted his leg “If that’s all, I’ll tell the scientists to start you on the pills,” she promised and she was just on her way out of the room when Jin looked up.
“Anna,” he called. She stopped to look at him and Jin met her eyes “I’ve been thinking a lot about my mentor. She died awhile ago and lately I’ve been thinking about her a lot. Is that a side effect of the recharging?”
To that, the woman hummed “It’s hard to tell. You’re the only clone in the world so you’re the only one who will experience these side effects. But I won’t say it’s impossible. Your entire body is restarting and awakening to your true nature. It makes sense that a bit of your past will resurface in your mind as well. Especially people who left a great impression on you.”
As Natsuki had.

Jin nodded and Anna smiled at him before heading out of the room. When she was gone, Jin fidgeted a bit and closed his eyes. He remembered Natsuki’s favourite song as clearly in his brain as if he’d only heard it seconds ago.
“A candy-coloured clown they call the sandman…tiptoes to my room every night…” he sang to himself as he lay down again “Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper: ‘Go to sleep. Everything is alright’…”
The last time he’d heard that song had been the night he held Natsuki in his arms when she was dying. The reminder made him curl up a little. He missed her like a child missed its parent and here he was all alone in the Bridleway and she was long gone.


Mrs Moriyama, the mother of the convicted, had her own little room in Golden Resthome – a retreat for the elderly.
Yamapi and Tatsuya stood in the doorway, watching as a nurse walked ahead of them to tell the elderly woman that she had company.

Mrs Moriyama was around about 83 years old. She was a fragile little thing who sat near the windowsill holding a rose between her aged, elegant fingers. The rose, had long since died. Her long silver hair was tied back in a half-up ponytail, leaving tresses curling down the sides of her face.
She looked like she was stunningly beautiful when she was young.

“Mrs Moriyama,” the nurse spoke, getting her attention “These men are here to see you.”
The elderly woman looked at Tatsuya, then at Yamapi, she smiled and nodded to the nurse who hurried away. When she was gone, Mrs Moriyama got up and faced the two of them “What can I do for you today?”
“Thank you for letting us see you on such short notice,” Tatsuya bowed a little “Please sit, we only need to ask you some questions about your son.”
“Oh, my Mirai?” Mrs Moriyama sat down and gestured to the armchairs and bed nearby. Yamapi closed the door behind himself and leaned on the wall whilst Tatsuya took the more friendly approach and sat down on the armchair to face her properly. Mrs Moriyama looked over them both “How is my son?”

Tatsuya glanced at Yamapi. By the tone of her voice, the woman obviously had no idea her son was being convicted of suspected kidnapping. He cleared his throat “I’m afraid your son is in some trouble.”
“Oh dear,” Mrs Moriyama looked a little alarmed “Nothing dangerous I hope?”
“We were hoping you could shed some light on him as we can’t get answers out of him ourselves,” Tatsuya continued carefully “We need some information.”
“Anything I can do to help?” Mrs Moriyama blinked at them both and Tatsuya didn’t even know how to approach it. But she was the only lead they had.

“Mrs Moriyama. Has your son had a history with mental illness of any sort?” he began.
“Oh no, of course not,” Mrs Moriyama looked a little shocked “My Mirai has always been intelligent. Smart young man.”
“Yes but has he ever shown signs of…some sort of mental illness?” Tatsuya asked again “When was the last time you saw him?”
“Last time I saw my Mirai was a long time ago,” Mrs Moriyama sighed “He’s so busy, dear boy, too busy to visit his mother. But he put me in here to make sure I was comfortable.”

Yamapi looked around. Golden Resthome wasn’t a shithole, he’d give it that, but he’d rather die than end up in a place like this. It smelt of old people.
Tatsuya sighed. He could rule out anything recent then. He continued “Can you tell us a little bit about what he was like when he was younger?”
“Oh Mirai and I used to be close,” Mrs Moriyama hummed “We used to be the best of friends…”

Yamapi sighed. They weren’t going to get much out of this lady either. Where her son was too insane to answer questions, she was simply too biased and too old. He glanced at the window in the door to see one of the nurses hanging around in the hallway outside. She looked at him and when she smiled, Yamapi suddenly knew how he was going to get his answers.
He quietly excused himself and headed out of the room as Mrs Moriyama continued to Tatsuya.
“His father walked out on us when he was very young and so Mirai became the man of the house,” she explained “We lived in peace and quiet. Just the two of us. In the summer, we used to go to the batch near the beach. Spend long nights there and play in the sand by daytime…we were such good friends.”

Tatsuya nodded and smiled “You were pretty close with your son then?”
“Oh yes,” Mrs Moriyama nodded “We were very close. Just the two of us. If I could have only one wish I’d wish for one more Summer with him at the batch. It was a beautiful place…far away from everyone. It was like our own little world…”

By the time Tatsuya came out of the room, he concluded that Mrs Moriyama was not a good trial witness. She hadn’t seen her son in years and she loved him too much to say anything that would get him convicted.
He stepped out of her room and looked around to see Yamapi leaning on the wall in the hallway. Tatsuya sighed “No good. That woman loves her son too much.”
Yamapi snorted “Yes she does love her son. She loves him way too much.”

Tatsuya spotted a nurse down the hallway. She blushed at the sight of Yamapi and fluttered off. Tatsuya paled and turned back to Yamapi “You didn’t…”
“I did,” Yamapi dangled a 10,000 yen note in front of him.
“Dammit Pi!” Tatsuya gritted his teeth “You’re supposed to help me, not fuck the nurses!”
“How do you think I get information?” Yamapi pulled a file out from his jacket and handed it to Tatsuya. He then led the way out of the resthome and as they walked, Tatsuya looked over the file. His eyes widened.
“Oh my god.”
“Yep,” Yamapi hummed “Mrs Haruka Moriyama, never convicted because there was never any evidence, but accused several times of molesting her only son.”
“How the hell did you get this?” Tatsuya looked over the file “There’s police reports and everything!”
“I told you, being a hooker is a powerful position sometimes,” Yamapi smirked as they stepped out of the resthome and made their way to the car “Turns out that when our little lady there said that she was close to her son, she was telling the truth. Nurses speculated that when her husband left, she sort of snapped and replaced him with her son. Treating her son the same way a wife would treat a husband.”
“Eww,” Tatsuya winced.
“That explains why he’s a little mad though,” Yamapi turned to Tatsuya “Also explains why he stuck her in there.”

Tatsuya closed the file and sighed “All that proves is that there is a reason why Moriyama is insane. Given the circumstantial evidence, we have enough to prosecute him and two witnesses should help with burying him.”
Yamapi chuckled “Oh right. You’re prosecution. You know, when I helped Jin with his cases it was all about finding their innocence. You guys are actually working to find the guilt.”
“It’s always hard with things like this because the case has no actual heavy evidence,” Tatsuya hummed and put the file away in his bag “Circumstantial evidence is shaky. It can either be smashed down by the defence, or it can smudge and make the entire case a grey area. In which case everything relies on the judgement of the jury.”
“Sounds like a mess actually,” Yamapi lit himself a cigarette and leaned on the car “So what now? Your star lawyer is stuck in the hospital and the trial is soon.”
“Kazuya still runs the show, I have to give this to him,” Tatsuya patted his bag and eyed Yamapi “Just out of curiosity, did you always fuck people to get your information for Jin?”

Yamapi just laughed and let Tatsuya in the car “My legs are open but my lips are sealed.”


If Hitoshi had had things his way, Jin would have been the one left at the laboratory when they were infants. He would have grown up with his parents, he’d have been a master of his own destiny and he’d have been a successful somebody by now.

As he sat in Shirota Yu’s bed, Hitoshi lit himself a cigarette and pondered over things. There were things he liked about this life now and things he had to change to make it more his own and less…Jin.
He liked that Jin had money. It was his money now and he could get whatever he wanted with minimal effort on his part. He didn’t like Jin’s career as a lawyer. Talk about boring. But he’d changed that.
He liked sex. He liked being able to compare Kamenashi Kazuya and Shirota Yu. Kamenashi Kazuya was an animal in bed. He scratched, he bit, he cursed and he was good to Hitoshi. So good that Hitoshi almost managed to forget that Kazuya thought he was someone else.
Shirota Yu was good too but in a different way. It was the desperation Hitoshi could feel pouring off him. The poor, pitiful man who was so in love with Akanishi Jin and so damn desperate for him that he’d take anything. He was too blind to even realise that he wasn’t with Jin at all, he was with Hitoshi. Hitoshi liked the way Shirota wanted him. Years and years and years of being in a one sided love had almost turned him insane and he let it out on Hitoshi in the most pleasurable of ways.

But what did he really want to do with his life? Now that he had one. Hitoshi had to admit that he’d never really given it a hell of a lot of thought. Maybe because he never really had a life. He’d spent so much of his life on revenge and on getting rid of everyone who’d ever wronged him that he’d never really thought about what he would do if he had his own life.
Now he did and what would he do with it?

The truth was, he didn’t know. He knew he couldn’t keep going on like this. Someone would catch onto the fact that he wasn’t Akanishi Jin and knowing the guy, it was probably going to be Kamenashi Kazuya. The man was an animal in bed and Hitoshi really loved it but he was also the most likely person in the world to figure it out.
First thing he needed to do was take Jin’s life and make it into his own. He’d already changed his career, he’d have to change his home, probably get out of this city and away from all of Jin’s friends.
He’d start afresh. Start anew. Start getting used to calling himself Akanishi Jin and assume the identity that was always supposed to belong to him.

Beside him on the bed, Shirota made a sleepy noise and Hitoshi glanced at him. Shirota Yu. The reason Hitoshi kept coming back to him more than Kamenashi was simply because Shirota would never figure it out. He was too desperate, too blind to notice anything.
Hitoshi hummed. He wondered if, when he disappeared for his new life, if he could bring Shirota with him.

It’s not like he was getting attached to the man. No. Hitoshi just liked sex. He also liked the way Shirota looked sad whenever he knew that Hitoshi was never going to give him what he so desperately wanted.

Part 3

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