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Ashtray Heart: Chapter Four (1/2)

Title: Ashtray Heart
Author: [ profile] mazauric
Pairing: Akame
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kazuya is a cold, hard assassin. They pay, he gets the job done. But when a flash from his past makes him hesitate for the first time in his life, all his regrets and mistakes start collapsing everything around him until there’s nothing left but him and Jin.
Disclaimer: I’d be a lot richer if I wasn’t such a raging fangirl who makes absolutely nothing from this writing.

Chapter Four: Accelerator
It was early morning when Kazuya opened his eyes. He could feel the truck bumping, the pillows underneath him shifting with each turn and bump and turned his head to see Jin had passed out somewhere near him.
They were still driving.
Sitting up, Kazuya stretched his arms out and yawned. He painstakingly crawled towards the window between the storage area and the cab and knocked until Yamapi opened it.
“Where are we?” Kazuya asked, his eyes itching with sleep.
“Morning sleepyhead,” Yamapi chirped “Did you have a good sleep? You two have been out for three hours already.”
Kazuya glanced back at Jin still sleeping in the mountain of pillows and turned his eyes to Maya, who was looking over a map. Ahead of them was only empty, dark road. He turned to Yamapi “Where are we?”
“It’s safer for all of us if you don’t know that,” Maya hummed.
Kazuya frowned “Didn’t I already prove I’m on your side?”
“You have. But it’s still safer if you don’t know, we’ll be there in another couple of hours anyway,” Maya closed her map and looked at him “You might want to get some more rest.”
Kazuya looked at the road but in this darkness it was impossible to tell whether they were on open road fields or in the forests. He closed the window and went back to the pillows. The storage area was dark as he climbed into the fortress of pillows and sank in his original spot.

“Trust them,” Jin’s voice sounded and Kazuya looked up to see the other lying near him, his eyes were open and the only way Kazuya could tell in this darkness was how the little light seeping in through the doors lit up Jin’s eyes.
Kazuya huffed, he curled into the pillows “I just jumped out of my balcony and into a truck. I’ve just run away from the most powerful man in Japan…probably in Asia. If they don’t think I trust them by now, they’re idiots.”
“But you don’t trust them,” Jin breathed knowingly, he smiled “You trust me.”
Kazuya didn’t even bother looking at Jin. He wouldn’t see much in this darkness anyway. He curled up and tried to think about it instead. This was a dangerous position he’d put himself in. He’d just pulled a runner on the most important and dangerous man in Asia, he’d just run from an agency that nobody would be able to escape. If he was found – especially with Jin and Maya – he’d be forever labelled a traitor and he’d probably be very quietly disposed of.
That’s what happened to people who crossed the agency. Usually they were people who deserved it, who were too dangerous to society.
…or so he thought until he realised he was on that list too.

He felt the pillows sinking in around him and opened his eyes to see Jin had moved closer to him and was now hovering above him, one hand on either side of Kazuya’s head. The pillows sunk them deeper in and neither noticed much as they were too busy looking at each other.
Jin’s eyes were darker in this truck and Kazuya wondered what breathing felt like because he’d stopped the second he saw Jin was too close again.
“I’m glad you’re on our side,” Jin breathed.
“You don’t even know what this is,” Kazuya replied quietly, he reached a hand up and placed it on Jin’s cheek. His thumb smoothed along the skin and he shook his head “You have no idea what kind of war you’re walking into and if I had the choice, I’d keep you out of this life.”
“I was brought into this world the second I got shot,” Jin pointed out, he paused and added “Actually…I was brought into this world much earlier than that wasn’t I?”
Kazuya looked confused and Jin continued “When you joined the agency, you joined for me. To protect me. Since then they’ve always known I’m someone important to you. That’s why they sent someone after me. They know I’m your weak point.”

He had a point but Kazuya still didn’t like it. He didn’t want Jin in this world, that was the last thing he wanted. He moved his thumb gently along Jin’s cheek, smoothing it over his lips once and shook his head. He still didn’t want Jin in this world but he knew better. Jin was already in and getting him out now was impossible. Now that the agency knew he must be involved with both of them. They’d seen him being kidnapped by Maya, they’d connect Kazuya’s disappearance to his and in a few hours, a manhunt would start for all of them.
They’d be too dangerous to keep alive, they knew too much. They’d all be killed quietly if they were found and getting Jin out now wasn’t a possibility.

Kazuya distinctly remembered how Jin had blown up on him the night before he got shot. He still remembered Jin’s words, echoing in his ears as if Jin had only just said them in that desperate, heartbroken voice “You don’t get it, you just don’t get it” he’d cried “I never got over you.”

Kazuya felt a particular kind of vulnerability take over him as he noticed Jin had to know he was his weakness. Jin knew everything now, somehow he’d found out and he’d accepted it and taken it all on as his own. He was involved now and he knew why Kazuya had gotten into this in the first place.
The idea made Kazuya feel so naked.

“I never meant for it to end up like this,” he breathed and shook his head “For us to be on the run like this…”
“I know,” Jin kissed his hand.
“You know if they find us, you know what’ll happen…”
“I know,” Jin whispered, leaning down to kiss Kazuya’s head.
“They’re faster than us, they have more resources than us, our chances are slim to non-“
Jin kissed Kazuya’s lips and Kazuya shut up. He wrapped his arms around Jin’s shoulders and dragged him down until they were pressed flush against each other. Jin’s kisses were so soothing, they calmed Kazuya right down and when he pulled back for air, he only kissed Jin more, all over his face.
“Goddammit Jin,” he breathed and Jin kissed his mouth again.

But they weren’t alone long. After a minute, a bump in the side of the truck made them both fall with the pillows. The truck swayed dangerously to the left and Kazuya had to grab Jin to make sure he didn’t fall right to the bottom of the truck. He scrambled his way to the cabin as another bump made the truck sway again.
“Birdie at 2!” Maya called “Get down!”
“They found us already?” Jin huffed and Kazuya grabbed his head.
“Of course they did,” he growled and started digging into the pillows. Jin didn’t know how to fight, at least not from what Kazuya knew, so he pushed Jin into the pillows first.
“Get down and surround yourself, if we crash, the pillows might save you,” he ordered.
“Kazuya what are you-“ Jin whimpered but Kazuya was already climbing towards the cab. He opened the window and let Yamapi into the back with the pillows before climbing through the window to the passenger seat that Yamapi vacated.
“Tell me where,” he spoke, taking a gun from Maya.

Something crashed into the left and Maya groaned as she struggled to keep the truck from veering off the road.
“Three on the left, four on the right,” she saw a motorcycle in her rear view mirror and suddenly drove the truck into it. Kazuya looked out the window as he heard a scream and watched the motorcycle fall off the road and down the cliff they were driving on.
Maya sighed “Two on the left, four on the right.”

Kazuya opened the window and leaned out. It was dark and because they were driving on a cliff, there were so many trees in the way. Kazuya squinted and extended his arm out. They were definitely agency chasers, they were smart enough to drive behind the truck and only come out when they had the opportunity.
Kazuya saw one light come out and immediately shot. He heard a scream and shot again until the light fell off the road.
“They’re catching on!” Maya yelled, pulling Kazuya back into the truck as she rammed the truck into her right, ramming another cyclist off the road.
The cyclists, realising that they were being shot at, started shooting at the truck and Kazuya opened the cab window to look into the pillow fortress “Heads down, arms covering your heads!” he ordered.
“What’s going on out there!?” Jin yelped but Kazuya didn’t have time to answer him. He closed the cab window again and looked at the rear view mirror. When he saw another light, he leaned out the window and shot.

Maya whistled “No wonder they called you the Angel of Death,” she whooped “Now get your ass back in before you fall out the window.”
Kazuya climbed back in just in time to see a bullet smash through the window, Maya screamed as it hit her hand on the wheel. She swore and the truck veered dangerously close to the edge. Kazuya leapt over to save it, allowing Maya to pull her hand back and assess the damage.
“You okay?” Kazuya asked, half leaning over the console to make sure the truck stayed on the road.
“Asshole hit my hand, give me that gun!” Maya snatched the gun from Kazuya and leaned out her window to shoot the remaining attackers. All the while her foot was on the accelerator and it was all Kazuya could do to make sure the truck stayed on the damn road. They were going too fast and with each turn, the truck was swaying left and right so dangerously that they could fall off at any minute.

When Maya came back in, she looked a little more satisfied. She took the wheel again and Kazuya fell back into his seat as the cab window opened. Yamapi and Jin appeared looking quite worried “Are they gone?” Yamapi asked.
“They’re gone,” Maya sighed “Though when we get a chance, I really need to fix my hand up.”
“How did they know where we’d be?” Jin asked and Maya looked at Kazuya. That made Yamapi and Jin look at him too.

For a moment Kazuya was confused, until he remembered, with a rush of horror, that there was a tracking device on him.
“Oh shit…”
“There’s needles, gauze, tweezers and bandages in my bag,” Maya told him “I suggest you do this in the back with the pillows.”
“Do what?” Jin looked worried “Do what?”
“Just…drive steadily,” Kazuya requested, grabbing Maya’s bag “I don’t want to lose an arm over this.”

He climbed into the back with Yamapi and Jin and climbed around the pillows until he found the best spot to work. He turned to Yamapi “Use your light on your phone, flash it on my left arm.”
Yamapi did as he was told and when Kazuya took out the needles, Jin paled.
“Kazu what are you doing?!” he asked.
“Jin, just…don’t make a noise, I need to concentrate,” Kazuya instructed.
Jin bit his lip and when Kazuya took out a blade and started cutting into his arm, he whimpered as the blood came out. Jin scrambled to get a pillow and hold it under Kazuya’s arm as Kazuya kept cutting deeper and deeper and deeper.
It hurt. It hurt like hell but when Kazuya had started out in this agency, the first thing they’d done was put trackers in him. If he still had those trackers in, they’d find him no matter how far he ran.

When he’d cut deep enough, he took out the tweezers and started carefully searching around. He was careful to avoid his veins but the longer he searched, the more painful it became, the more blood fell onto the pillow underneath.
They’d hidden the trackers deep in his arm on purpose. If an agent ever ran, they’d have a harder time getting the tracker out if it was deep, rather than if it was shallow.
Kazuya searched and he could see both Yamapi and Jin getting pale next to him. Finally, his tweezers found a silver chip and he pulled it out with some difficulty. He sighed in relief as he placed the chip on the pillow and grabbed a bandage and gauze to fix his arm.

“Was that it?” Jin asked, eyeing the chip warily.
Kazuya shook his head “No,” he sighed “Three more.”

By the time Kazuya had finished digging out all the pieces, he’d lost so much blood he was near passing out. Yamapi took the chips and threw them out the window before Maya took another route to get to their destination. Jin wrapped his arms around Kazuya and snuggled him into fresh new pillows that didn’t have Kazuya’s blood all over them.
“Are you okay?” Jin asked, brushing Kazuya’s hair back “Was that all of them?”
“All that I know of anyway, I’m fairly certain they didn’t put any more in,” Kazuya pressed on the bandage around his thigh and looked at Jin “I really wish you weren’t involved in this,” he confessed “Because our chances of getting out of this alive are very slim.”
“I’ve got you,” Jin breathed, his hand brushing gently through Kazuya’s hair “I don’t want anything more than that.”


When the truck finally reached its destination, the morning light was only just cracking through the skies. The truck bumped to its stop and when Kazuya finally climbed out of the back, he found himself face to face with a tiny shack. He heard the roar of the beach not far behind and looked around. There was nothing for miles, only ocean, sand and a stretch of patched grass and eventual dirt road.
He turned to Maya “Where the hell are we?”
Jin and Yamapi climbed out of the truck as well and Maya held out her arms “Welcome to Maya’s Castle. My hell away from home. The most secure place to hide.”
“It’s a shack,” Yamapi pointed out dully and Maya tsked him.
“So fast to judge,” she closed the back doors of the truck and nodded to the shack “I’ll have you know that when I was down on my luck and hiding from both my own agency and a rival agency, this was the only place that kept me safe from both.”

Kazuya sneezed and Jin looked at him “Well, whatever it is, can we get inside?”
Maya nodded and led them to the shack. It didn’t look big enough to have more than one room but surprisingly enough, the door had an actual lock on it. Maya put the key in and opened it and inside, there really wasn’t much to it. It was dark, had one light dangling from the ceiling and it had dusty shelves with tools leaning against the walls. Jin, Yamapi and Kazuya followed her inside and when she closed the door and locked it again, she flicked on the light and Jin coughed, waving his hand in front of his face as he looked around.
“You hid here?!” he balked “It really is just a shack.”
Kazuya instinctively looked down. The shack appeared to be just that but he didn’t have normal instincts and he never had. Whilst it was designed to look like an abandoned toolshed, Kazuya spotted the hatch hidden underneath the rug and smirked “Clever.”
“Knew you’d catch it,” Maya pulled back the rug and undid the lock for the hatch. She pulled it open to reveal a flight of stairs that led all the way down to another room. She stepped back and smiled at Kazuya “After you.”

Kazuya glanced at Jin but Jin didn’t seem worried. He looked back at Maya, who rose an eyebrow at him.
“If I wanted to kill you, I’d have done it long before I got you here,” she pointed out.
“Forgive me for not being able to trust anyone,” Kazuya muttered but he made his way down the stairs first with Jin following close behind. Yamapi and Maya after them.
The stairs led down to a narrow hallway where a door at the end finally led Kazuya to what appeared to be a very warm, very nicely decorated lounge. The room itself was shaped like a hexagon. It housed a nice brown carpet with a crimson rug on the floor. Two sofas, a glass coffee table and bookcases lining one half of the room. Rich wooden doors led to two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

“There are only two bedrooms so we’re going to have to share,” Maya announced “But the bathroom is fully functional, I stocked the kitchen with enough groceries to last at least three weeks earlier and electricity is fully functional here.”
“I was wondering why there were power lines connected to a shack,” Yamapi muttered.
“This area is fairly remote and far away from a lot of things,” Maya explained as she put her bag down and looked around the room. She turned to the three of them “But it’s safe here. We’ll have enough time at least to regroup and figure out what we’re going to do. For now, I suggest we all rest and reconvene later.”

Kazuya knew what was going on. They were at war. They were all in danger and as safe as this place was, the agency was not going to stop looking for them. One way or another, they’d find them eventually. But he was also aware that he’d lost a lot of blood and he was sick. Nobody knew that.
He needed rest. He sighed “Point me to a bed. Any bed. And I’ll sleep.”
“You’re sleeping in my room,” Jin announced, he turned to Maya “Sorry but after what happened, I’m not letting him out of my sight.”
“After what happened, I’m not comfortable with letting you out of my sight,” Yamapi announced and nodded to Kazuya “Especially with him.”
Jin opened his mouth to protest and Kazuya held up his hand.

“Look. I’m tired, I’ve lost blood, my head is now on the most wanted list and I’ve been sleeping in a moving truck for the last couple of hours. You two can have your little scrap about who trusts me and who doesn’t without me. I’m going to bed. I don’t care who comes with me.”
He headed to the nearest bedroom and slammed the door behind him. Perhaps it was harsh and perhaps he should have at least taken Jin with him as it was clear only Jin was 100% on his side but right now, he didn’t want to do anything more than sleep.
He managed to pull off his shoes before collapsing on the first bed he found. Face down. He fell asleep immediately.

Outside the room, Jin looked at the bedroom door and turned to Yamapi “After all he’s been through, you still don’t trust him?”
“No, I don’t,” Yamapi folded his arms “And why should I? Before I even met him, I learnt about him from you. He broke your heart, Jin. When I met you, it took you years to trust anyone!”
“That’s ancient history, he’s changed now, he’s on our side!” Jin argued.
“He’s been living a completely different life all these years. He’s been assassinating people and doing god only knows what else! How can you possibly trust a man like him Jin? You don’t even know who he is anymore!” Yamapi argued.
“I know exactly who he is!” Jin snapped “He is Kamenashi Kazuya and yes, he’s lived a double life. He’s been an agent and we’ll probably never ever find out everything he’s been up to but the one thing I know for certain is him. I know what he’s like and he’s on our side.”

The two fumed at each other and finally, Maya spoke up from where she was sitting on the couch “The fact of the matter is, there are only two sides that matter. Our side and the agency. Kamenashi is on our side, he has no choice anymore.”
Yamapi looked at her and Maya continued “The second he took Jin’s hand and fell out of that window with him, he signed his death warrant and he knows it. We are all in a lot of danger and the only person in this shack who knows just how much danger, is sleeping in that room.”
She pointed to the room Kazuya was in and turned to Jin and Yamapi “You two are in danger too and he knows that. There’s no point in questioning his loyalties. For better or worse, he’s stuck with us now and it’s just as well he chose to. I suggest we all sleep and figure out a plan tomorrow. None of us are 100% right now and I’m tired too.”

“Maya, come down on a choice here for us,” Yamapi sighed “Who’s sleeping in that room with Kamenashi?”
“Considering your contempt for him, I’d say it’s probably better if Jin sleeps in there with him,” Maya replied. She saw the sour look on Yamapi’s face and sighed “Don’t worry. I trust Kamenashi knows better than to hurt Jin.”
“He’d never hurt me,” Jin muttered.
“He shot you,” Yamapi pointed out but he stalked off to the other room instead.
Maya shrugged and turned to Jin “Goodnight Jin.”

She shuffled off to her room, but before she could leave, Jin spoke up “Maya.”
Maya turned around and Jin bit his lip “Just…how much danger are we in?”
Maya’s face softened. Jin and Yamapi were not from the agency. They weren’t from their world, they didn’t realise what they were up against but there was no helping it. Now that they were both involved, they had no choice. If Maya simply dropped them off back home and pretended they had nothing to do with this, the agency would find them both and kill them for knowing too much.
“Rest easy tonight, they won’t find us,” she promised Jin “We just stole their best agent. We stand a chance. But you need to sleep.”
Jin nodded and Maya kissed his cheek “Goodnight Jin.”

She went to her room with Yamapi and Jin turned to his shared room with Kazuya. He quietly let himself in, pausing when he saw Kazuya slumped face down and still clothed on the bed.
Jin chuckled to himself. He closed the door behind him and got to work on pulling Kazuya’s jeans and shirt off. He moved the sleeping agent around so he was at least lying properly on his bed and proceeded to pull the blankets and sheets over him to keep him warm.
Kazuya didn’t wake at all. He was completely out to it. Dead to the world.

There were two beds in the room and technically Jin was supposed to sleep on his own but he couldn’t help himself. He climbed onto Kazuya’s bed and snuggled into his side. All the while, Jin watched his face.
He didn’t want to ever let go of Kazuya again. He didn’t want to ever experience Kazuya walking away from him again. They were in danger now and Jin wasn’t dumb enough to hope that their odds of surviving this were good. He knew it was bad. He knew there was a high chance they’d die but right now, he had Kazuya back in his arms and he didn’t want to see him leave again.
“Be on my side,” Jin whispered to the sleeping man, he stroked Kazuya’s hair out of his face “Be with me. We were always on the same side…weren’t we?”
Kazuya didn’t wake and Jin kissed his cheek. He snuggled into Kazuya’s side, his arms tight around the other. Yamapi was right, there was a lot about Kazuya he did not know and there was a lot he didn’t want to know but the one thing Jin knew for sure was that this was his Kazuya. Kazuya loved him. That, Jin could not doubt.
Jin loved him too. He snuggled into Kazuya’s side and closed his eyes but sleep would not come for hours and hours.


When Kazuya woke up again, it was night. They’d all slept through the entire day. He turned his head and felt Jin’s arm heavy on his back. The other was asleep, still curled up next to him and Kazuya had to gently peel his hand back so he could escape without waking Jin.
He yawned. He needed food. And a shower. And probably more sleep. He felt a little weak and when he looked at his arms and saw the bloody bandages, he was sorely reminded why.
He walked out of his bedroom and the first thing that attacked his nose was the scent of eggs and bacon. Kazuya groaned “Please tell me you can feed me.”

“Take a seat,” Maya called “I’ve made enough to feed an army. I’m willing to bet that Jin and Yamapi can eat a horse each.”
Kazuya slumped onto the couch, barely capable of looking up when Maya swooped in and handed him a steaming plate. He didn’t even care what was on it, he could eat anything and be fine.
Maya watched as he downed two eggs, bread, rice, bacon and when he was about halfway through, he stopped suddenly. His stomach lurched and Kazuya went pale right away.
“Yeah, you probably shouldn’t eat so fast,” Maya observed “You’re still recovering from the blood loss after all.”

Kazuya put the plate down and forced himself to swallow his last mouthful. He felt sick, he could feel the queasiness shooting right through him. He took a deep breath and covered his face with his hands.
He had the sinking feeling that this illness wasn’t just about his blood loss. He’d yet to tell them that he was damaged from the poisoning and dying from it too. Given the fact that they were all in danger and probably about to die, he didn’t see the point in telling them either.
“Bathroom’s over there,” Maya told him “Shower up, throw up and come out when you’re ready. Given how much blood you lost, you do need to take it easy.”
“Yeah…thanks,” Kazuya muttered as he got up and wandered off to the bathroom. He was going to need way more than rest to get better. But he was the only one who knew that.

After everyone was awake, fed and cleaned, they gathered in the living room. Kazuya curled up on the armchair, watching as Maya pulled out the files she’d gathered and laid them out on the glass table. Yamapi and Jin glanced at each other and turned to Maya as she began.
“Okay,” she sighed “First of all, let’s recap. All four of us are currently being hunted by the most dangerous agency the Japanese Government owns. Because I am an ex-agent who stole state secrets and Kazuya is an agent who knows far too much. Because of that, we are all hiding here. Is that about right?”
Jin and Yamapi nodded but Kazuya looked up “Let’s not forget that you’re also being hunted by more than one agency,” he pointed out “You’re hiding from not only my agency but also the United States.”
Maya’s eyes widened “How did you know about that?”
“My information is hard to find,” Kazuya clarified in a dull voice “But yours isn’t. You were deployed on a mission to kill an agent but instead you fell in love with him. That’s why you stole the secrets from the agency. But when he double crossed you, you ran with the secrets and you’ve been hiding from not only my agency but also his because they sent him to kill you and steal secrets.”

Jin looked at Maya. He knew some of that as well but only because she’d told him.
Maya sighed “It’s true, the US is after me. But they’re only after me, Jin and Yamapi are probably safe from them…” she looked at Kazuya “You…not so much. Even the States know how dangerous you are. If they found you and had the opportunity to eliminate you, I doubt they’d hesitate.”
“I killed a couple of their politicians, I don’t blame them,” Kazuya shrugged.
“Anyway, because of the situation we’re in, we have two options,” Maya turned to them “Option one: We stay here and eventually one of the two agencies will find us and kill us all.”
“I’m not a fan of that option,” Yamapi voiced.
“Option two,” Maya continued “We find something that will stop both agencies from killing us.”
“Like what? More secrets?” Jin asked.
“Yes because that worked so well last time,” Kazuya drawled and turned to the rest of them “The only way to get an agency to back off is by proving you’re not a threat. Since the threat they fear is in what we know, and we can’t forget what we know, we can’t actually do anything to stop them coming after us.”

A silence drew over them and finally Yamapi presented the third option “Well…we could just fight back.”
Maya and Kazuya stared at him and Yamapi shrugged “Look, I don’t dig the option of sitting on my ass and waiting for them to execute me and since stealing secrets obviously doesn’t work, there’s really only two options. Kill or be killed.”
“We don’t stand a chance against them,” Maya replied “The agency is more than just a collection of stuffed shirt politicians and assassins. It’s a heavily organised and heavily funded collection of stuffed shirt politicians and assassins.”
“We stole their best agent,” Yamapi pointed at Kazuya and looked at him “You gave up your life in order to be an agent and they’re scared of what you know. Surely you can use that against them.”

Kazuya glanced at Jin and as much as he hated to admit it, Yamapi was right. Their limited options were kill or be killed and it went against his pride to just sit back and wait for them.
“Secrets don’t work,” he determined “The agency have plenty of them but if you go around revealing them, you’ll get more than an angry agency up your ass.”
He glanced at Maya and continued “The way to derail the agency…or at least cause them a fuckload of pain, is by taking away what they care about.”
“And what’s that?” Jin questioned.
“Money,” Kazuya replied simply “It’s all about money. It’s never been about anything else. Take away their money, then you piss them off.”

“So…the government funding?” Yamapi rose an eyebrow and Maya shook her head.
“Our agency doesn’t just get its funding from the government,” she clarified “Tax-payers would notice if a large amount of their money went to a thing they didn’t know exists, so the agency has to get its funding through other means. Investors. Political players. Millionaires. These investors pay the agency to keep it afloat and in return, the agency does favours. They can kill rivals, they can mess with stock markets, make things disappear…it’s a mutual relationship and these investors are protected by the agency.”
“There are three major investors in our agency,” Kazuya continued “If we stop them, we can cause some major damage to the agency.”

“I like this plan,” Yamapi grinned.
“Yeah but it won’t be easy,” Maya added with a wince “As I said before, those investors are very heavily guarded. Getting to one will be a suicide mission but three…”

“Not to mention that we will hurt the agency by taking away their investors but that holds the probability of simply making them more determined to kill us,” Kazuya pointed out. He glanced at Jin “But since they’re going to kill us anyway, we might as well hurt them back.”
Jin blinked, he didn’t say a word. It was a strange feeling, knowing he was in so much danger and yet somehow, the reality of it hadn’t really hit him. It didn’t feel like the most dangerous assassins in Japan were after him. Not while he was here anyway.

“We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t,” Yamapi hummed “So we might as well fight them back. I choose option two: hurt the investors.”
Kill the investors,” Kazuya corrected them. He saw Jin’s eyes widen and sighed “There’s no use in sugarcoating it, it’s kill or be killed. Be prepared to kill.”
Maya nodded “Option two sounds better than waiting to die,” she spoke and looked at Kazuya “You wouldn’t happen to know about the investors personally would you?”
“No, that would be too easy,” Kazuya sighed “Agents have no business knowing about the investors. But I know how to find out. It’ll involve infiltrating the agency and we’ll have to do it fast. The only way to get in is with a pass and I might still have clearance…at least for the next 24 hours.”
“Wait,” Jin finally spoke up “You want to go back into the agency? Are you crazy? They’ll annihilate you.”
“It’s the only way to get the information and it’s not like I have many friends who are willing to risk their lives and get it for me,” Kazuya pointed out “And, at least for now, the only person with a possible chance for clearance is me.”

Jin didn’t like it. He couldn’t argue against it because unfortunately Kazuya was right but he didn’t like it.
“This is definitely not the time to play it safe,” Maya agreed reluctantly “Are you sure you can get the information?”
“I know where the database is,” Kazuya shrugged “The problem is getting there and getting out alive. By now the agency will know I’m not on their side and they’ll be working to get my clearance revoked so if we’re going to make a move, it has to be fast.”
“Get the investor information and work on eliminating them before the agency eliminates us,” Yamapi hummed “So if you’re the one going in and being all brave, what do we do?”
Kazuya glanced at Jin, he hummed to himself “You two are going to have to train. Or at least be taught to defend yourselves. Given what we’re up against, you two are not capable to go up against what we’re up against. I’m not saying you’ll be at agent level in the short time we have, but we can at least make sure you two know how to hold a gun.”
“What if you don’t have clearance anymore?” Jin questioned “What if you get there and you can’t get in and then they have you?”
“I’ll improvise,” Kazuya promised. He turned to Maya “Does that sound like a plan?”

Maya sighed “I don’t like it but it sounds like the only viable plan we have available to us.”
She pulled the truck keys from her pocket and chucked them to Kazuya “You know what to do.”
“Wait…what?” Jin turned to Kazuya to see the other was already getting up. He followed Kazuya to the bedroom where he saw the other getting his shoes. Jin bit his lip “You’re going now?”
“We don’t have time to wait,” Kazuya announced, he pushed past Jin and turned to Maya “Weapons? Tell me you brought something.”
“In my room, red bag,” Maya pointed to her door and Kazuya went there.

Again Jin followed him. He watched as Kauya sifted through the red bag before zipping it shut and hauling it over his shoulder. He followed as Kazuya went back out to the main room and sighed “Okay. Try not to get killed while I’m gone.”
“We should be saying the same to you,” Maya muttered.
Kazuya headed to the door and Jin watched after him. He didn’t like this. In fact he hated this. He’d vowed not to let Kazuya out of his sight and yet here Kazuya was, getting out of his sight.
The door closed, Jin listened to the others footsteps fading on the stairs and he closed his eyes. Praying that Kazuya returned to him in one piece.

Kazuya made his way through the hatch and made sure it was well hidden when he set it down again. He hitched the bag up on his back as he headed out of the hut and went to the truck which was still sitting where Maya had parked it last night.
Kazuya climbed in. He chucked the weapons bag onto the passenger seat and closed the front door before taking a deep breath.
Jin. He was doing this for Jin. If he didn’t risk his life by going back there, then the only other option he had was to wait for the agency to find him and kill them all. Kazuya could not allow that. The whole reason he’d become an agent in the first place was to protect Jin. His entire being revolved around protecting Jin and here he had no choice but to do this.
He’d changed alliances and there was no looking back now.

Turning the key in the ignition, Kazuya pulled the truck back out onto the dirt road and took off as fast as he could make the truck go. He didn’t have much time and he’d rather he found them before they find him…or Jin.

Back in the hideout, Yamapi turned to Maya “What’s Kamenashi’s story? What do we know about him?”
“We don’t know much. He wasn’t lying when he said that finding information about him is hard,” Maya sighed “But what I do know is that he doesn’t have a choice now. He’s on our side. Jin is the biggest reason he’ll do anything.”
Yamapi nodded and it was right then when he looked up and realised Jin wasn’t in the room with them.
“Jin?” he called.
Maya looked up as well, her eyes widening as she got up and went to check the kitchen. Yamapi checked the bedroom, then the bathroom.
“Jin?” he called again. No answer.

Down on the street, the pillow truck bumped quietly down the road. As Kazuya drove as fast as he could back to the agency, Jin looked up from where he was hiding amongst the pillows in the back. He smiled at the sight of Kazuya’s head through the window and went back to hiding under the blankets.
Like hell he’d let Kazuya out of his sight again.

Part 2